Indonesia – Sunda Strait Tsunami and Gunung Anak Krakatau Volcanic Activity (DG ECHO, BNPB, Media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 27 December 2018)

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According to the latest report from BNPB 430 people have died, 148 people remain missing and further 1 485 people have sustained injuries, while more than 16 000 people have still been displaced.

The BNPB, Indonesian Army, various local government bodies and the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) are leading the response operations. Evacuation, search and rescue of victims continue. Joint forces with volunteers and the community began to clean the environment from the tsunami debris.

The volcanic activity is still ongoing, namely in the form of Strombolian eruptions accompanied by throws of incandescent lava and hot clouds. For this reason the authorities have upgraded the volcano status to Alert level (Level 3, second highest level), with the danger zone extended to 5 km. Dominant winds lead to the south-west so that volcanic ash spreads south-west to the sea.

Heavy rain made search and rescue operations more difficult. More than 1 650 people of Banten province, who had been hit by the tsunami, have been affected by the floods caused by Cikalumpang River overflowing its banks on 26 December.

Although the Indonesian government has not requested the external assistance many international partners expressed their readiness to help. The tsunami stricken population has been lacking of provisions of temporary shelter, water and sanitation.

DG ECHO has deployed a humanitarian expert to the affected area in order to assess the situation.

ERCC has activated the Copernicus rapid satellite mapping service in order to assess the damage caused by the tsunami.