Indonesia: Sumatra earthquake 13 Sep 2007

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A 7.9 Richter scale earthquake struck West Sumatra with the epicenter located 150 kilometers south west Bengkulu, Wednesday, 12 September 2007 at 6.10 PM local time. This earthquake also raised an alert of tsunami waves in the Sumatra west coast, but after two hours the alert was lifted by the Indonesia government officials. Hundreds of aftershocks occurred and 12 of them are felt throughout the night in Sumatra; the officials predicted that the aftershocks will still be felt until the next 51 days. These aftershocks lead people to stay outside of houses and buildings, forced to leave and took shelter in various public places such as schools and public open field. The most affected area is in Bengkulu Utara.

By Wednesday afternoon local time, death toll had reached 9 people with tenths of injured people that flooded the only hospital in Bengkulu which also severely damaged because of the earthquake. All of the treatment room in M. Yunus Public Hospital in Bengkulu are severely damaged and forced to treat patients outdoor.

YEU Response

YEU immediately contacted local doctors in Bengkulu to get the latest information and conduct assessment mostly in health sector. Assessment team is also being sent to Bengkulu in Thursday afternoon. YEU also participated in sending medical team from Baker 118 (cooperation of emergency medical personnel of Yogyakarta) that are requested by the Bengkulu Utara district officials to help in the medical services to the affected people.

Based on the latest information, medical services are the most imminent needs of the survivors since the only hospital in Bengkulu province are severely damaged. Medical teams, medicine and also large tent are needed to assemble an emergency field hospital and clinics, mostly in remote areas as Bengkulu Utara district that are now can only be accessed with motorcycles.

YEU also maintains intensive coordination with the other 2 ACT members in Indonesia, Yayasan Tanggul bencana Indonesia (YTBI) and Church World Service (CWS) through ACT Forum Indonesia.

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