Indonesia, Storm and Drought in Lanny Jaya Regency (Papua) (3 Aug 2022)

Papua, Indonesia

Event Date : Wed, 03 Aug 2022

AHADID : AHA-ST-2022-000825-IDN | GLIDE Number :

Impact Update Date : Wed, 03 Aug 2022 20:00:00


Lanny Jaya


Extreme Weather and Drought in Kab. Lanny Jaya, Prov. Papua

Chronology: Triggered by extreme weather since June 2022 which resulted in a drought that began with frost and hail. This condition resulted in crop failure of the plants that became their staple food (tubers).

- According to the Regent of Lanny Jaya's information that the incident could last ± 5 months
- This is based on the experience of a previous similar incident that last occurred in 2016

Location :
• Distrik Kwiyawagi
- Kp. Luarem
- Kp. Jugu Nomba
- Kp. Uwome
- Kp. Tumbubur

• 548 households/2,740 people affected
• 4 deaths

Further Info / Handling Efforts:
1. Emergency Management
• Provision of food logistics assistance, health checks, determination of disaster emergency response status & establishment of the PDB . Command Post
2. Education
• There isn't any
3. Health
• Community inspection and water sample inspection
4. Evacuation and Protection
• There isn't any
5. Search and Rescue
• There isn't any
6. Logistics
• Food & clothing assistance
7. Infrastructure / Material Losses
• ± 56 Ha Damaged plantation land
8. Economy
• There isn't any
9. Early Recovery
• There isn't any
10. Public Communication
• Limited communication & internet signal
11. Security

Effort :
• Assistance that has been distributed by the Provincial Government of Papua & Kab. Lanny Jaya in collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs in the form of:
- Rice 3,000 kg
- Blanket 1000 sheets
- 1000 packs of ready-to-eat meals
- 500 packs of children's food
- 500 packages of basic food
- Adult clothes 250 pcs
- 250 pcs children's clothes
• The Health Office is checking water samples at the health laboratory in Jayapura
• District government will work on food supplies for local residents until October
• The BNPB Rapid Response Team (TRC) arrived in Tiom, the capital of Kab. Lanny Jaya on the date. 03 August 2022, then coordinate with the Regent and his staff
• The Regent has established a Command Post (Posko) for the Emergency Handling of Frost and Hail Disasters in Kab. Lanny Jaya through Decree No. 197 Year 2022
• Regent Lanny Jaya submitted a request for DSP assistance of Rp. 1.788.550.000 (One Billion Seven Hundred Eighty Eight Five Hundred Fifty Thousand Rupiah)
• On date. On August 4, 2022, 11 health workers (among them 1 doctor) were sent to the disaster site by air transportation via Wamena led by Ka. Lanny Jaya Health Office for health services and surveillance
• Meeting for the establishment of Command Post and Coordination of Emergency Management for Frost and Hail Disasters Kab. Lanny Jaya on August 4, 2022 which was attended by the Regent, Dandim Jayawijaya, Kab. Lanny Jaya, Lanny Jaya Kodim Preparation Headquarters, District Secretary. Lanny Jaya, BNPB Team, BPBD Prov. Papua, BPBD Kab. Lanny Jaya, BPBD Kab. Jaya Wijaya, District Public Works Department. Lanny Jaya and KNPI Deputy Lanny Jaya
• The local government plans to encourage food assistance for disaster-affected residents to meet their food needs until October 2022 in the form of rice and local staple foods such as taro, sweet potatoes and vegetables.

Status :
• Based on the Decree of the Regent of Kab. Lanny Jaya No. 100/157/BUP regarding the determination of Emergency Response Status tmt 24 July 2022 to 30 August 2022

Latest Condition : 05 August 2022
• Prepare Tiom airport for PDB Post activities
• Disaster Emergency Management evaluation meeting
• The latest report from the team assigned to the location informs that the number of affected people and the affected location has not changed the data

Urgent needs :
• staple food for the population for 3 months (August, September & October)

Field Constraints:
• Access to the location is a bit difficult as far as 40 km from the Regency Capital (20 km can be reached by 4 wheels, the remaining 20 km must be reached by foot or using a small plane from Wamena) including weather problems that are often foggy & safety factors
• The telecommunications network in the affected areas is non-existent, while the telecommunications network (cellular) in Tiom (the district capital) is limited as well as in the nearest city, namely Wamena, which is often disrupted
• The stock of rice in the dolog warehouse is limited so that the plan to use the government's rice reserves (CBP) has not been realized. Based on calculations for 3 months of operation, 53.4 tons of rice are still needed

Source: BPBD Prov. Papua & BNPB D.3 Team

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