Indonesia: Simpang Ulim people can eat rice again

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East Aceh, Indonesia-Relief -- At last people of Kuala Simpang Ulim could cook rice again. Right on time, Deakonie Emergency Aid (DEA) of Germany sent 54 sacks of rice, 15 kg each, to the refugees currently living in their neighboring village of Bantayan, subdistrict of Simpang Ulim, East Aceh.

''DEA bring the rice on Thursday, the day we no longer have any rice to feed 746 people in this camp,'' said Basri Saleh, Head of Kuala Simpang Ulim told Aceh Kita on Friday. He added that the rice is the second supply from DEA. In May 25, they have also provided 899 kg of rice. Two days later, another Germany NGO, GTZ, also provided 6 tons of rice.

As reported last week, June 15 is the last day people in Kuala Simpang Ulim have rice to cook. About 742 people or 153 families don't know what to eat that day, because it is the day when rice donated by DEA and GTZ reach its end.

Basri said his people thanks DEA for the rice. His people has to ask for rice donation for any parties, because there is no government agencies or NGO want to guarantee food supplies to his people.

Basri admitted that he and his people feel embarrassed for continuously asking for help, but they have to do it because they still have no jobs.

''If we have jobs and can freely return home, we don't have to beg for foods,'' said one of the refugees.

People of Kuala Simpang Ulim didn't return home; rebuild their village, and recreating source of income; because their village has been accused as supporter of GAM, Aceh separatist. © che