Indonesia Province Infographic Book (27 Nov 2014)



Indonesia has witnessed an increasing impact of natural disasters to the population in the past years. In the efforts to improving decision making process to avoid the negative impact of natural disasters becoming man-made disasters, information management plays a pivotal role. Various relevant stakeholders need to be more prepared on managing data and information. Well managed data and information will help calibrate the response and coordinate the influx of aid to ensure timely and efficiency of assistance to those who need help most.

The province infographic is developed to contribute a better understanding of the condition of provinces through their baseline data information/population datasets. It provides cluster/sectoral summaries of basic information related to the province and the available data. With all the data visualized on maps and graphics, stakeholders will be able to have more clarity and understanding of the situation in the field as well as understand the resources of data and information to be accessed.

We hope this book will help stakeholders in increasing their awareness and preparedness and at the same time contribute to more initiatives and way forward on how we use the data and information for a better response and facilitate decision making processes.


UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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