Indonesia: Plan 2009 - 2010 (MAAID002)

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Executive summary

The International Federation will continue to work with the Indonesian Red Cross (Palang Merah Indonesia/PMI) on harmonizing the PMI across the country and delivering integrated services to strengthen the resilience of communities to hazards and to reduce vulnerability.

The country office's plan in general supports the PMI's strategic plan. It contributes to the International Federation Global Agenda Goals, which further contributes to the UN Millennium Development Goals.

Integral to the success of the community-based programmes is a strong and cohesive national society. Placed in the centre of the development framework by the International Federation, the priority remains in supporting a stronger legal base for the national society and modernizing the institutional systems.

Supporting all members operating in Indonesia to work within the cooperation agreement strategy (CAS) is an International Federation priority, as is facilitating a networking partnership with all partner national societies in Indonesia. Four years after the tsunami disaster, the recovery programme still continues, supported by many partner national societies, and is documented in the tsunami plan of action.

Key priorities of PMI are:

- Risk reduction - integrated community-based risk reduction; climate change

- Response - disaster response, emergency health

- Institutional strengthening - harmonization of the PMI approach across the country and a stronger legal base.

The total budget for 2009 is CHF 2,478,500 (USD 2,265,539 or EUR 1,578,662) and for 2010 is CHF 3,351,979 (USD 3,063,966 or EUR 2,135,018).