Indonesia - OCHA consolidated situation report No. 60

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 25 Jan 2002
18 - 25 January 2002

The Jakarta Post reported on Thursday (24 Jan.) that floods swept through several cities across Java since Tuesday (22 Jan.), leaving at least one person dead and thousands of others homeless. The towns most affected by the flooding included Subang and Karawang in West Java, Semarang in Central Java, and Mojokerto in East Java.

An earthquake measuring at 5.8 on the Richter scale occurred off the West Coast of North Sumatra at 3.55N and 95.60E, with a depth of 33km on Thursday (24 Jan.) at 17.52 Universal Time, as reported by the USGS National Earthquake Information Centre. The city nearest the epicentre is Banda Aceh, NAD Province, 135 miles south of the earthquake location. UNRC Aceh did not report any tremors of the earthquake.

2. ACEH (Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam)

General Situation

10 members of GAM were reported killed during the week in the province.

Days after Aceh Governor Abdullah Puteh invited GAM members for peace talks - which were rejected by the latter - GAM's Military Commander, Abdullah Syafei'i was killed along with his wife, Aisyah, and five of his guards during a raid by security forces in Sarah Panyah hills of Jiem-jiem forests, Bandar Baru sub-district, Pidie (some 135 kilometres from Banda Aceh) on Tuesday (22 Jan.) at 09.30 hours. TNI commander, Djali Yusuf confirmed that Syafei'i was shot after a 30-minute clash that involved 20 TNI troops. Thousands of local settlers crowded Sigli hospital on Wednesday (23/1) to ascertain the identity of the body of the separatist leader after it was evacuated by the local Red Cross volunteers. GAM spokesperson, Sofyan Daud, stated that Muzakkir Manaf, current Vice commander of GAM's Military wing, would replace Abdullah Syafei'i, while explaining that the death of their leader would not become a step back for their independent struggle for a free Aceh. Daud also accused the Indonesian government for "trapping" Abdullah Syafei'i by planting a microchip in the invitation handed out to Syafei'i for a dialogue with the governor of Aceh. The Governor later rejected the accusation.

Population Movements

Oxfam conducted a mission to visit IDP camps in West and South Aceh from 21 to 26 January to collect data and assess the current humanitarian situation and the needs of IDPs from the two district. No humanitarian assistance was distributed during this mission.


Waspada reported on 23 January that widespread diarrhoea killed 5 people within the last two weeks in the area of Sungai Pauh village, East Langsa sub-district, East Aceh. Head of the village of Sungai Pauh, Yusuf Idris, stated that hundreds of settlers were affected by this widespread disease which started after floods struck the area in late December 2001 polluting their main source of drinking water.


Waspada Daily reported on Thursday (24 Jan.) that two representatives of UNHCR are currently present in Banda Aceh for a training on 22 to 26 January for some 14 high ranked police officers to become professional trainers to increase knowledge, ability and basic skills on Community Policing in Aceh.


General Situation

One Muslim male was found dead on 18 January in a river in the city apparently from injuries inflicted by a Christian gang.

The provincial Government has been busy preparing for the Central Government's ministerial delegation to Ambon scheduled to take place on 25-26 January. The team will include the Coordinating Ministers for Political and Security Affairs, Investment and the Economy and People's Welfare. They will meet with Muslim and Christian leaders, local politicians, military and police commanders and will visit the IDP camp in the Halong Naval Base in Ambon.

Population Movements

Mercy Corps monitored the return of 75 displaced families in North Buru this week, in addition to last week's return of 786 families.


WFP is conducting an assessment of their food distribution projects in Tual from 23- 26 January.

MSF-B completed an assessment this week in South Buru for their hygiene promotion projects.

SC UK conducted an assessment on 22-25 January for their education projects in Galunggung, Batu Merah, Karang Panjang, Belakang Soya and Kayu Putih Villages in Ambon Island.


IMC doctors went to Wamsisi, Buru this week where they found and treated 12 cases of measles. They also visited Ambalau Island (South East Buru) where they found another 11 cases of measles with one death reported.

MSF-B conducted their Mobile Clinic consultation this week in Ambon Island and found eight cases of bloody diarrhoea in three IDP camps. They are monitoring the situation.

Water and Sanitation

MSF-B completed the construction of latrines in Vitas IDP camp in Passo this week and is completing the construction of rain catchments in Pulau Tiga, Ambon.

Mercy Corps sent a team to monitor their water and sanitation project in Alang, Ambon Island on 23 January.

Shelter and non-food items

MSF-B distributed 300 leaflets about diarrhoea and malaria along with 900 food covers to IDPs in Suli TNI camp in Ambon this week. They also completed window constructions in the Cement Warehouse camp in Waihaong.


SC UK chaired the first education-working group meeting this year on Friday (18 Jan.) which was attended by local government officials, UNICEF, Mercy Corps and CARDI. The meeting agreed to establish a taskforce to ensure that minimum standards were uphold in IDP camps as well as in areas where IDPs would be returned. The taskforce held the first meeting on 23 January.

Economic recovery and Infrastructure

Mercy Corps sent a monitoring team on Wednesday (23 Jan.) for their economic development projects in agriculture and farming in Latuhalat and Liliboi in Ambon Island.


Mercy Corps in cooperation with Collaborative for Development Action (CDA) conducted a workshop on peace building from 17-18 January for local NGOs and government officials in Ambon.

ICMC opened an office in Ambon this week. The organisation's programmes will focus on provision of services to the vulnerable and IDP returns


General Situation

According to a senior security official in Ternate, seven passengers (believed to belong to an Islamic organisation), coming from North Sulawesi were deported on Tuesday (22 Jan.) due to lack of clarity concerning the purpose of their visit to Ternate.

Population Movements

Lintas Gamalama reported on Monday (21 Jan.) that 77 out of 80 displaced families who had left Ternate on 22 December 2001, for Sahu sub-district, have returned to the camp location in Ternate on last Sunday (20 Jan.) due to lack of housing in the Sahu.


AcF team this week left Ternate for Gane Timur sub-district to conduct assessment on Income Generating Program (IGP) and water and sanitation needs.

WVI (19-24 January 2001) continues identification of projects for rehabilitation of public facilities and identification of potential beneficiaries in Galela, Tobelo, Kao and Malifut sub-districts for distribution of fishing kits to support their livelihood.


MDM carried out refresher training for 8 traditional birth attendants from two villages of Jailolo sub-district from 19-23 January. On Thursday, (24 Jan.) certificates were distributed to 84 successful trainees in nursing; midwifery; traditional birth attendants and health cadres from Ibu, Sahu and Jailolo sub-districts who attended the trainings during the past three to five months. During the week, 786 hygiene kits were also distributed in six villages of Jailolo and Ibu sub-districts.

IMC signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the local health office in Ternate to provide mobile clinic service to IDPs in the camps. The organisation will provide support and health services in the health centres and villages of Kao, Malifut, Tobelo, Galela and Morotai sub-districts. Common diseases seen during this week include malaria, respiratory tract infection, diarrhoea and skin infections.

WVI held a health education training this week involving 520 mothers and 271 children from 34 IDP camps in Ternate City covering information on common health problems, hygiene and breast-feeding.

Water and Sanitation

WVI supported the cleaning of 15 wells in Luari village of Tobelo sub-district during from 20-23 January 2002.

Shelter and Non-food Items

ICRC team distributed construction kits to 1,000 targeted families in 14 villages of Obi sub-district on 15-22 January.

This week, ACF is also distributing seeds and tools in villages of Jailolo, Sahu and Ibu sub-districts. Total number of beneficiaries will only be known after the end of the distribution.

WVI provided building materials to support the rehabilitation of a health post in Malifut and build Combined Bathing, Washing and Latrine facilities (MCKs) in Galela, Kao and Malifut sub-district.

MDM distributed materials for construction of PUSTU and PUSKESMAS in Ibu sud-district during the week.

Economic Recovery and Infrastructure

PMI-ICRC conducted a one-day seminar on "Health care in conflict situation" on Sunday (23 Jan.) in Ternate, involving Government officials and community leaders. A similar seminar will be held in Kao on 26 January for government officials and community leaders from Kao, Malifut, Tobelo, and Galela.

Supported by the government of North Maluku Province, a "Reconciliation team of North Maluku province" consisting of religious figures, community leaders and youths from 20 conflict affected sub-districts attended a two-days coordination meeting on 19 to 20 January 2002 in Ternate. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the latest development of reconciliation efforts in the province, including progress on discussions to facilitate return, distribution of assistance and present state of emergency.


General Situation

BBC Worldwide Monitoring reported on Saturday (19 Jan.) the appointment of Esau Yoro Kawai as the chief of the Sentani Traditional Community (LMA) to replace Theys Hiyo Eluay and whose role would be as consultant and coordinator of traditional rights and development of community welfare for the period of 2002- 2007. It has been reported that Kawai's involvement will not include politics, and therefore will not replace Theys in his capacity as the Chairman of the Papuan Council Presidium.

The militant Muslim group Laskar Jihad has sent at least 100 of its Islamic warriors to Papua to join a Jakarta-backed militia to fight against Papuan independence, claims the human rights groups Elsham. It has been reported that Laskar Jihad has been called in to the city of Fak Fak to help train the East Merah Putih militia, an anti-independence gang, as reported by the media on Monday, 21 Jan.

AFP reported that a woman was shot dead in a dispute at a logging company in Bongko, Papua, some 130 kilometres west of Jayapura, on Tuesday, (22 Jan.). Armed separatists have been reported to be active in the Bongko area.

Religious leaders in Papua have nominated activists and experts to be included in the planned national commission to conduct an independent investigation on the murder of Theys Hiyo Eluay, as reported by The Jakarta Post on Thursday, (24 Jan.) The religious leaders also called on the government to appoint the members, experts and a special United Nations rapporteur to supervise the commission.


General Situation

There has been a continuous flow of IDPs moving from the camps in Pontianak to the relocation sites. Some IDPs have departed from the sites as a result of poor house construction and/or lack of employment and development opportunities.


IMC treated a total of 124 patients this week in the relocation sites and provided training for 15 cadres on treatment and prevention of diarrhoea. The Puskesmas in Sungia Asam stated that they will monitor and support the cadres, and gave 300 sachets of oralit for the cadres. During the mobile clinic next week, the Puskesmas will conduct immunizations.

Distribution of household water tanks, guttering systems, chlorine and soap continued during the last week.


General Situations

NTT Ekspress (24 Jan.) reported that Police of Belu managed to foil a smuggling attempt of thousands of litres of fuel to East Timor at the border of Motamasin on Wednesday (23 Jan.). Six tank trucks loaded with fuels were ready to cross the Motamasin checkpoint to East Timor when Police stopped them and inspected for necessary documents.


NTT Ekspress (19 Jan.) reported that North Central District Government has given 200 settlement houses for both locals and refugees. The assistance was symbolically given by Secretary of District Administration, Wilhelmus Molo last Thursday (17 Jan.).

The Government's Special Task Force for refugees' affairs (Satgas PMP) has been officially dissolved recently with the official letter issued by Coordinating Ministry of Political and Security Affairs office dated on 11 January 2002. During its time of service from 6 October 2000 until 27 November 2001 Satgas PMP facilitated the return of 4.967 families or 17.563 persons.

Pos Kupang (23 Jan.) reported that 27 East Timor refugee families are to reside in the settlement houses provided by the government in the district of Ngada. The settlement houses are located in Nagerawe village in Boawae subdistrict. Each family is also given a hectare of land for farming.

167 refugees returned to East Timor from 18 to 23 January 2002 with a total number of 563 persons returns for January 2002 up until today.


District Office of Family Planning Coordination Board (BKKBN) in Kupang announced that out of 92.701 families residing in Kupang District, 68.598 families are categorized as poor families. Out of this number, 10.248 families are in Kupang City.

The Supreme Court increased the sentences of three men, convicted of killing three staff members of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Atambua, West Timor in September 2000, to between five and seven years. The previous sentences of 10-20 months' imprisonment were handed down by the North Jakarta District Court last May. According to Chief Justice Bagir Manan, the defendants received heavier jail terms since their actions clearly led to the death of the UN staff.

As part of an ongoing process to foster reconciliation and facilitate the return of East Timorese refugees still living in West Timor, a delegation representing East Timor's second Transitional Government and led by UNTAET's Head of Political Affairs Colin Stewart went to Kupang on 24 January to attend a series of meetings. On 25 January, the delegation was scheduled to meet with NTT Governor Piet Tallo, Head of Police Brigadier General Jacki Ully and a Military Commander, Colonel M. Moesanip, and on the second day of the visit, key-players helping in the reconciliation and refugee return process. The delegation will return to East Timor on Saturday, 26 January.


UNDP, in collaboration with the Indonesia's National Planning Agency and Statistics Indonesia launched the first national Human Development report on last Friday (18 Jan.) entitled : Towards a New Consensus: Democracy and Human Development in Indonesia which offers an in-depth analysis of the interrelationship between human development, democracy and economic growth also featuring a wealth of new statistics, including the Human Development Index, the Human Poverty Index, the Gender-related Development Index, and the Gender Empowerment Measure. These data are now available at the national, provincial and district levels and can be downloaded at

The Jakarta Post (23 Jan.) reported that dozens of women from the province of Riau protested in front of the Ministry of Home Affairs in Jakarta on Tuesday (22 Jan.), demanding government approval for the establishment of a Riau Island province. The protesters, holding banners with statements pledging loyalty to the unitary state of Indonesia, stated that they would not wish for an independent province but a recognised region.

The World Food Programme (WFP) has held a series of training courses on nutrition which started on last Tuesday (15 Jan.) until the upcoming Tuesday (5 Feb.), for 1,473 educators and volunteers from 17 local NGOs partners. The aim of the training - in conjunction with the launching of the third phase of WFP's nutrition programme - is to enhance knowledge of the nutrition educators to better implement their programme.

Selected Abbreviations Key

Bakornas PBP National Coordinating Board for Disaster Management and IDPs/Refugees
Brimob Police Mobile Brigade
Bulog National Logistics Agency
GAM Free Aceh Movement
Komnas HAM National Commission on Human Rights
Kopassus Army's Special Force
Kostrad Army's Strategic Reserve Command
MCK Combined Bathing, Washing and Latrine Facility
OPM Free Papua Organisation
PMI Indonesian Red Cross
Posyandu Integrated health service
Puskesmas Primary health centre
Pustu Primary health unit
Satkorlak PBP Provincial Coordinating Unit for Disaster Management and IDPs/Refugees
Satlak PBP District Executing Unit for Disaster Management and IDPs/Refugees
TNI Indonesian Armed Forces

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