Indonesia: OCHA Consolidated Situation Report No. 149

Situation Report
Originally published
4 - 10 October 2003
Provincial Updates


Nothing to report this week.

2. ACEH (Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam)

General Situation

During the week, various local press reported that 7 civilians, 1 police officer and 23 GAM members were killed as a result o the conflict in Aceh.

A local newspaper, Serambi, reported on Wednesday (8 Oct.), that the Provincial Government admitted on misuse of funds for humanitarian assistance during the military operations in Aceh. The Central Government has requested the provincial authorities to submit their accountability reports. The military administrator himself acknowledged the wrongdoing at the province.

North Sumatra Provincial authorities reported that until April this year, 7,453 families have received termination funds amounting to IDR 8.75 million (USD 1,100) per family. After completing its re-verification of IDPs in June, another 5,135 families were identified eligible for the funds and the Government underlined that it has sufficient funds to distribute until the end of 2003 where the issue of IDPs is considered resolved.

Population Movement

28 houses in Alue Keujruen village, Central Kluet sub-district of South Aceh district were burnt three weeks ago forcing 47 families to flee to Manggamat sub-district and currently staying with their relatives.


General Situation

An incident occurred in Betaleme village of Morowali district on Thursday (9 Oct.) at 12:00 a.m. The police reported that 2 people were killed, 27 houses destroyed (50 according to Mercy Corps), 1 truck burned and 1 motorbike burned. The police are investigating the cause of the incident. Some 200 mobile brigade personnel from South East Sulawesi and Central Sulawesi have been dispatched to control the security situation.


General Situation

A local newspaper, Ambon Ekspres, reported on Wednesday (8 Oct.), that a bomb exploded in Werhir village of Tual city on Tuesday (7 Oct.) night. No casualties were reported and no further information released by the police.

A local newspaper, Info Baru, quoted the Head of Maluku Monitoring Team (Bawasda), Drs. J. Patinama, on Wednesday (8 Oct.), saying that his team were conducting an investigation on corruption of IDPs assistance in Social Department.

Info Baru quoted Maluku Military Commander, Maj. Gen. TNI Agustadi Sasongko Purnomo, on Saturday (4 Oct.), saying that foreigners visiting Maluku for short visit and holding tourist visa would be monitored by the police, military and other relevant institutions.

Population Movements

Info Baru quoted the Head of Social Department of Maluku Province, Drs. A.R. Uluputty, on Wednesday (8 Oct.), saying that repatriation process for IDPs from North Maluku province was postponed until confirmation on provision of houses by the Local Government of Maluku is received.


General Situation

A local newspaper, Ternate Post, reported on Wednesday (8 Oct.), that 7 displaced families originally from Tobelo sub-district were taken out from houses they had occupied in Ternate City by local TNI personnel. The action was taken based on requests from the house owners. According to Ternate City Military Rayon Commander, Capt. Ruslan Hafel, these IDPs have been reminded many times to leave the houses. Meanwhile the IDPs said that they could not leave the houses as they don't have places to stay in.

A local newspaper, Malut Pos, reported on Thursday (9 Oct.), that returnees in Jere village of Galela sub-district refused to receive their fellow villagers who are currently displaced in Tobelo. They also demanded the Social Department to give the assistance package.


General Situation and Population Movement

Nothing to report this week.


General Situation

Various local newspapers continued to publish reports on the misuse of the assistance from the Government of Japan.

Population Movement

A local newspaper, Pos Kupang, reported on Monday (6 Oct.), that 44 people from Waero sub-Village, Tarawaja village, Soa sub-district of Ngada district seek refuge at the local military headquarters on Saturday (4 Oct.) after their village was attacked by people from Wulidade sub-Village over land dispute. The case is under investigation by police.




A team from OCHA Banda Aceh travelled to the capital city of North Sumatra province, Medan, from 7 to 10 October to meet with several INGOs present in the province and the local authorities to discuss issues related to IDPs and coordination between international humanitarian agencies and the Local Government.


From 8 to 16 October, ICMC is conducting training on gender and advocacy issues in Medan. 56 community advocates from Aceh and North Sumatra attended the training.


Food and Agriculture

From 6 to 10 October, CWS distributed food in the sub-districts of East Pamona (94 HH), Poso Pesisir (337 HH), Lage (539 HH), North Pamona (606 HH), and Mori Atas (160 HH). Total food distributed were 17,360 kg of red beans, 8,680 kg of vegetable oil and 86,800 kg of rice.

From 8 to 9 October, CWS conducted agricultural field training in Mori Atas, South Pamona and North Lore sub-districts.


IMC continued its mobile clinic activities in collaboration with Puskesmas on Monday (6 Oct.) in Tonusu village/camp of North Pamona sub-district. Total patients treated and diagnosed were 69 people with the highest morbidity cases being Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI), myalgia and gastritis.

IMC continued its Information Education Campaign (IEC) through Posyandu sessions and radio programmes. At Posyandu sessions, the campaigns focused on diarrhoea (in Kayamanya of Poso Kota sub-district on 2 October), implementation of the Mother and Child Health Booklet (in Poso Kota and North Pamona sub-districts on 3,6,7 and 8 October), and antenatal care (in Saojo in North Pamona sub-district on 4 October).


Mercy Corps monitored school materials distribution to 41 students in SDN 2 Inpres Toyado and 94 students in SDN Tongko on Monday (6 Oct). The distribution was implemented by an LNGO, Yayasan Harapan Kita.

Water and Sanitation

Mercy Corps approved a framework of water sanitation and hygiene programme in Pantangolemba village of Poso Pesisir sub-district for an LNGO, Yayasan Pemberdayaan Masyarakat on Friday (3 Oct.).

Economic Recovery and Infrastructure

Mercy Corps opened a Basket Ball competition on Monday (6 Oct.) at Kasintuwu sports stadium in Poso Town. The event will be conducted from 6 to 13 October and will be participated by 13 sport clubs. The event was implemented by a local partner, Media Production.

Mercy Corps monitored non-food items distribution to 177 HH in Bega village on Tuesday (7 Oct.). The distribution was implemented by a local partner, Yayasan Harapan Kita.

Mercy Corps approved a micro finance programme in Gebang Rejo of Poso Kota sub-district for an implementing partner, LKM Berdikari, on Tuesday (7 Oct.)


UNDP Programme Coordinator, Owais Parray, arrived in Palu on Wednesday (8 Oct.) to a formally commence the Preparatory Assistance Programme in Central Sulawesi. UNDP office is located at the UNPCO Central Sulawesi, Jl. Veteran No. 15, Palu. Tel. +62 451 428830, Fax: +62 451 457312.



Chief of OCHA Indonesia and Head of UNPCO Maluku is conducting an assessment in Ambon City and Central Maluku district. During the assessment, the team is visiting several humanitarian activities in the area.

A local newspaper, Info Baru, quoted the Deputy of Ambon Mayor, Syarif Hadler, on Saturday (4 Oct.), saying that UNDP officials from Jakarta came to evaluate implemented programmes in the province. The team also evaluated accounting system in Ambon City Government and received inputs on the scenario planning after-conflict for the province.

CARDI conducted an assessment in Negeri Lima, Air Salobar and Air Besar villages to collect detailed data of vulnerable students.

Food Security and Agriculture

AcF distributed income generating programme kits in 32 suburbs area in Ambon city.


IMC conducted a health education session on family planning at Waipo IDP clinic in Masohi of Central Maluku district. During the session, IMC treated some 927 people.

Info Baru, quoted Head of Health Department Maluku Province, Dr. Ristianto Sugiono, on Saturday (4 Oct.), saying that WHO and MSF donated rabies vaccine to prevent the rabies outbreak in the province. MSF donated 40 vials vaccines, while WHO will provide the vaccines as much as required. He also stated that from 700 dog bitten cases, 13 people has died.

Water and Sanitation

AcF distributed water and sanitation materials in Northwest Buru sub-district of Buru district.


A local newspaper, Ambon Ekspres, quoted an official from Public Work Department of Ambon city, Drs. PJ Putuhena on Monday (6 Oct.), saying that the school reconciliation programmes in SD Latihan 1, SD Latihan 2, SLTP Negeri 2 Ambon and SMU Kartika was started. The programmes are funded by UNDP valued at IDR 1,8 billion. The programmes have been 40% in progress.

Ambon Ekspres reported on Thursday (9 Oct.) that 13 elementary schools and 14 junior high schools received assistance from Education Department of Ambon city. The assistance is aimed at improving the quality of education in the schools.



IMC conducted a total of 925 consultations to patients in and out health centres including the mobile clinics from 26 September to 2 October.

IMC donated malaria flipcharts, posters, TBA kits, and T-shirt to South-West Morotai, North Morotai, Galela, Kao, Obi and Bacan sub-districts.

IMC conducted training for TBA and education activities on malaria, diarrhoea, TBC, worm disease, pneumonia, Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI), and mother and child's health in South-West Morotai, North Morotai, Galela, Kao, Obi and Bacan sub-districts.

IMC conducted reconstruction of 5 sub-health centre (pustu) in Central Bacan and East Bacan sub-district.


WVI distributed the equipment material for 2 Happy Houses in Kao and Malifut sub-districts on Thursday (2 Oct.).

WVI distributed school uniform to 3 elementary schools in Galela sub-district on Friday (3 Oct.).

WVI distributed the 4th edition of its magazine to 4 elementary schools in Galela sub-district on Friday (3 Oct.).

WVI monitored the activities in 4 Happy Houses in Gelela, Kao and Malifut sub-districts on Monday (6 Oct.).

From 6 to 11 October, WVI conducted Training of Teachers (ToT) activities on Active, Joyful, and Effective Learning (AJEL) for 39 participants in Tobelo sub-district. The training is funded by UNICEF and UNDP under their Creating Learning Community for Children progamme.


Under its Informed Decision Making (IDM) programme, CARDI conducted an advocacy and protection training for its staff and local partners in Manado from 6 to 9 October. The training was facilitated by INSIST an LNGO.


Nothing to report this week.



Oxfam is preparing assessment activities on food security of East Timorese former refugees in Kupang and Belu districts.

Food Security and Agriculture

Agriculture Department of Belu District reported that based on its Prediction III data, rice stock in the district will be decreased in October 2003. Therefore, the Local Government will use Rice for the Poor (Raskin) and provide fund to expand farming land and procurement of seeds. The decrease in rice stock is caused by natural disaster in March and April 2003, pest, and long dry season.

Water and Sanitation

A local newspaper, Pos Kupang, reported on Thursday (9 Oct.) that the Local Government of Sikka district would fund construction of 50 water tanks at Palue Island of Palue sub-district valued at IDR 500 million (USD 60,240). The water tanks will be constructed by the local community under the supervision of Public Works Department.

Shelter and Non-food Items

Pos Kupang reported on Wednesday (8 Oct.) that Belu District government was providing 800 ha of land for provision of 850 houses for East Timorese former refugees. The programme is funded by UNHCR and European Union.

Selected Abbreviations Key

ACF Action Contre la Faim
BAKORNAS PBP National Coordinating Board for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees
BRIMOB Police Mobile Brigade
BULOG National Logistics Agency
CWS Church World Service
GAM Free Aceh Movement
GoRI Government of Indonesia
CARDI Consortium for Assistance to Refugees and the Displaced in Indonesia
CoHA Cessation of Hostilities Agreement
CORDAID Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development
HDC Henry Dunant Center
ICMC International Catholic Migration Commission
IMC International Medical Corps
IDP Internally displaced person
IRD International Relief and Development
JRS Jesuit Refugee Service
JSC Joint Security Committee
KOMNAS HAM National Commission on Human Rights
KOPASSUS Army's Special Force
KOSTRAD Army's Strategic Reserve Command
MSF - B Medecins sans Frontieres Belgium
MCK Combined Bathing, Washing and Latrine Facility
OPM Free Papua Organization
PMI Indonesian Red Cross
Poliandes Field Health Post
Posyandu Integrated health service
Puskesmas Primary health centre
Pustu Primary health unit
SATKORLAK PBP Provincial Coordinating Unit for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees
SATLAK PBP District Executing Unit for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees
SC US Save the Children US
TNI Indonesian Armed Forces
WVI World Vision International

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