Indonesia: OCHA Consolidated Situation Report No. 148

Situation Report
Originally published
27 September - 3 October 2003
Provincial Updates


Nothing to report this week.

2. ACEH (Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam)

General Situation

Various local media reported that 13 civilians and 41 GAM members were killed this week as result of conflict in Aceh province.

Indonesian authorities on Sunday (28 Sep.) released an Australian couple detained in Aceh province after they sailed ashore to seek shelter from a storm. Aceh Immigration spokesman said that the couple detained on Thursday (25 Sep.) in Pulo Aceh Island of Great Aceh district had not committed any crimes.

The National Human Rights Commission on 24 and 25 September established two posts, respectively in North Aceh and Bireun districts, to accept reports of human rights abuses suffered by civilians. The military expressed its support to the opening of the two rights offices and ensured that it would not hinder their operations to continue in eliminating GAM. According to a local newspaper, Serambi, on Sunday (28 Sep.), Military Spokesmen, Lt. Col. Ahmad Basuki, guaranteed on Saturday (27 Sep.) that military troops would act professionally after having been trained to respect human rights' law. Despite TNI's confidence, on Thursday (25 Sep.), 12 soldiers were put on trial for beating civilians in Geulumpang Sulu village, Dewantara sub-district of North Aceh district in late August. The preliminary hearings were conducted in a military court in Lhokseumawe.

Military Emergency Administrator, Maj. Gen. Endang Suwarya, through Aceh Police Chief on Tuesday (30 Sep.) ordered security authorities to arrest and prosecute officials involved in the corruption of humanitarian funds including assistance to IDPs and victims of conflict. The Governor of Aceh especially called upon the Social Affairs Department and the Coordination Team for Humanitarian Operations (BKRS) to act in ensuring that victims of conflict receive the funds allocated to them amounting IDR 2.5 million (USD 300) to each widow/female-headed household and IDR 2 million (USD 240) to disabled victims. Two sub-district chiefs in Pidie have been arrested within the week regarding the manipulation of such funds.

Population Movement

IOM reported that as of Wednesday (1 Oct.), 2,559 families or 10,647 people are displaced in 8 districts of the province. IOM mentioned that 112 IDPs in Ujong Fatihah Camp, Kuala sub-district of Nagan Raya district and another 242 IDPs of Lonk Bengkuang, Pasie Raja sub-district of South Aceh district returned to their villages.

On Sunday (28 Sep.) fifty five displaced families in North Sumatra voluntarily returned to their homes in Alue Seulamak village, Rantau Seulamat sub-district of East Aceh district after having been displaced for the past three years. Sub-district Chief of Rantau Seulamat estimated that returnees could restore their plantations and make enough to earn IDR 500,000 (USD 60) per week. The Local Government has provided temporary shelter and food intended to last for a week until the IDPs have settled back in their places of origin.


General Situation

On Wednesday (1 Oct.), two people were shot by an unidentified motorcyclist in Pandiri and Tagolu villages, Lage sub-district of Poso district. One person died and the other was seriously injured.

A local newspaper, Radar Sulteng, on Thursday (2 Oct.) quoted the Head of Poso Nation's Unity and Community Protection, saying that there were still 4,151 displaced families that need the Central Government's attention in relation to the need for shelter and living allowances. He added that land rights and trauma healing are also needed. The Central Government has given the green light to additional funds for the living allowance and the Poso Government currently awaits approval on the shelter proposal.


General Situation

A local newspaper, Info Baru, reported on Wednesday (1 Oct.), that since 22 September, up to 11,000 pet animals (dogs, cats and monkeys) in Ambon city and three sub-districts on Ambon Island, have been vaccinated by officials from the department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Department in the continuing effort to contain a rabies outbreak on the Island. The disease was first reported in July 2003.

Population Movements

According to a local newspaper, Info Baru, on Wednesday (1 Oct.), Maluku Military Commander, Maj. Gen. Agustadi Sasongko Purnomo, after consultations with the provincial assembly, agreed to extend the deadline up to December 2003 for IDPs to vacate their camps within military premises.

A local newspaper Ambon Ekspres, reported on Thursday (2 Oct.), that 423 displaced families (2,115 people) left Halong Navy complex to return to their villages of origin (Tantui, Hative, Halong and Waiheru) on Ambon Island. As a result of the conflict in Maluku, Halong navy base premises have been used as campsite by 1,551 displaced families (6,266 people). So far, the remaining 1,061 displaced families (3,869 people) are expected to vacate the premises soon.


General Situation

A local newspaper, Ternate Post, quoted Mayor of Ternate City, Syamsir Andili, Tuesday (30 Sept.), saying that the Provincial Government would facilitate the provision of houses for returnees. Since 2001, the Local Government has rehabilitated some 1,200 houses and was going to finish rehabilitation of Catholic and Tabernakel churches in Ternate before December 2003.

Ternate Post also quoted the Head of Provincial Settlement and Regional Infrastructure Department, Abdul Karim Hamzah, on Friday (3 Oct.), saying that his department has provided assistance for the building of 574 houses during the period of 2003.

Population Movement

Ternate Military District Commando reported that 499 displaced families (3443 people) have returned from Ternate to Tobelo sub-district on Tuesday (9 Sep.) and another 372 families (1,756 people) have returned on Wednesday (17 Sep.).

The Nation Unity and Community Protection (Kesatuan Bangsa dan Perlindungan Masyarakat or Kesbanglinmas) of Central Halmahera district reported that 215 displaced families (857 people) have returned from Tobelo sub-district to Weda of Central Halmahera district on Thursday (18 Sep.).

Kesbanglinmas of Ternate Municipality reported that 551 displaced families (1,816 people) have returned from Manado and Bitung of North Sulawesi province to Ternate of North Maluku province.


General Situation

The Indonesian Youth National Committee (KNPI) launched a National Youth Dialogue in Jayapura on Wednesday (1 Oct.). Chairman of KNPI, Idrus Marham, said that dialogue was aimed at finding out root problems and seeking solutions in order to avoid the disintegration of the nation. Similar activities will also be conducted in Aceh and the results will be brought to discussion in central level Jakarta.


General Situation

Various local press have reported the misuse of Japanese Assistance Fund of IDR 53,000,000,000 (USD 6,385,542) by the Local Government of West Timor. The Local Government has also been accused of not being transparent in reporting on the use of the fund. On Tuesday (30 Sep.) and Wednesday (1 Oct.), former East Timorese refugees and university students staged demonstrations questioning this matter. On Wednesday (1 Oct.), a meeting took place at the Regional People Representative Council (DPRD) office among the legislators, SATKORLAK coordinator and a Third Assistant of the Governor. The former refugees and university students also attended the meeting. As a result of the meeting, the Local Government was requested to revise the report on use of the fund and was urged to be more transparent in developing the report. Use of the fund will be temporarily suspended until the revised report is ready. A local newspaper, Radar Timor, reported on Wednesday (1 Oct.), that as a response to this matter, the Japanese Ambassador and a team from UNHCR would visit Kupang to directly see results of the use of the fund.




A team from UNFPA Jakarta travelled to Banda Aceh from 26 to 28 September to conduct initial assessment in providing assistance to IDPs in Aceh focusing on reproductive health aid through the Provincial Health Department.


WHO sent 5 staff members of the Provincial Health Department to Yogyakarta province to take part in the Health Workers in Conflict Workshop from 1 to 10 October. The training has been conducted in the past twice in Banda Aceh with trained facilitators from Gajah Mada University.


Through its partner Muhammadiyah, UNICEF conducted a Training of Trainers (ToT) Workshop in Banda Aceh from 26 to 30 September for 45 teachers from 10 districts. The training was aimed at supporting activities in advocating children's rights, child protection and psychosocial activities.


Food & Agriculture

From 29 September to 3 October, CWS continued its public work activity under its Food for Work and Food for Training programme in Poso Pesisir, Lage, North Pamona, East Pamona, South Pamona and Mori Atas sub-districts.

From 29 September to 3 October, CWS distributed food in Poso Pesisir, Lage, North Pamona and Mori Atas sub-districts. Totals of food distributed were 26,200 kg of red beans, 14,690 kg of vegetable oil and 85,125 kg of rice.


From 25 to 26 September, IMC continued its mobile clinic activities in collaboration with Puskesmas in Pantangolemba and Masani villages of Poso Pesisir sub-district and Kalimago village of North Lore sub-district. Total curative consultations reached 216 patients with the highest morbidity cases being Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI), myalgia and gastritis.

IMC continued its Information Education Campaign (IEC) through Posyandu sessions focusing on safe motherhood, measles, and diarrhoea on 27 September, 1 to 2 October in North Pamona and Poso Kota sub-districts, and through a radio programme focusing on safe motherhood and tetanus neonatorum on 30 September and 1 October in North Pamona and Poso Kota respectively.


Mercy Corps through its local partner, Yayasan Putra Bangsa, distributed school material to 476 students in Barati and Mayoa villages in South Pamona sub-district on Thursday (25 Sept.).

Mercy Corps funded an education support programme from an LNGO, YB2M, in Poso Pesisir sub-district and approved the framework of an education support programme from an LNGO, Yayasan Bina Lingkungan, in Poso Kota sub-district on Wednesday (1 Oct.).

Economic Recovery and Infrastructure

On Tuesday (30 Sept.), Mercy Corps approved the framework of a peace building programme (Basket Ball tournament) with an LNGO, Media Production, scheduled for 6 October 2003 in Poso Kota sub-district.

On Wednesday (1 Oct.), Mercy Corps approved a framework on a peace building programme with an LNGO, Yayasan Sejati.



Mercy Corps monitored distribution of books at elementary schools in 7 villages on Haruku island (Oma, Wassu, Aboru, Kariuw, Kabauw, Rohomoni, and Kailolo). The project is being implemented by an LNGO, Yayasan Sauwa Sejahtera.

AcF conducted a health education survey at Wainibe and Wasbakat villages in North Buru district.

Food Security and Agriculture

WFP distributed 34.50 MT of rice through an LNGO, Gempar, to 690 beneficiaries of Gratuitous Food Programme, in Telaga Kodok, Hila, Mamala, Seith, Assilulu and Negeri Lima villages in Leihitu sub-district of Ambon Island.

AcF distributed income generating programme kits (carpentry, tire repair, weaving, cake making, meatball making and cart) in Barak Benteng Atas and Barak Kayu Tiga suburbs of Ambon city.


IMC conducted a health education session on symptoms, prevention and treatment of several diseases and conditions, including malaria, safe motherhood, family planning, worms and immunization at 4 villages in Masohi sub-district of Central Maluku district. During the session, IMC health staff treated some 1,751 people.

According to WHO in Maluku, there has been a decrease in the number of cases of dog bites associated with rabies infection. Meanwhile, more people have died from suspected rabies infection during the reported period.

Water and Sanitation

CARDI conducted three day training on the technical design of latrines in primary schools, logistic/procurement and finance issues, for 20 community committees/school committee in Kairatu and Piru villages in West Seram. The training is expected to enable the communities to implement CARDI's projects in their areas according to CARDI's procedures and needs for accountability for each implemented project.

AcF distributed materials for construction of water and sanitation projects in several villages in Northwest Buru sub-district of Buru district.


Ambon Ekspres quoted the Head of Education Department of Muhammadiyah Maluku, Drs. Ismail Titapele (MPd), on Thursday (2 Oct.), saying that UNDP was providing IDR 200,000,000 (USD 24,000) for funding an internship programme involving teachers from junior and senior high schools in Ambon city. The programme is expected to run for one year.

SC UK established Focus Group Discussion in some elementary schools in Ambon city. This activity is aimed at providing an opportunity to make assessments and draw up action plans for development of their schools.

SC UK conducted training on child's rights for 250 children and young people in collaboration with an LNGO, Yayasan Harapan Maluku, that focused its activities on the problem of child workers in Maluku.

Economic Recovery and Infrastructure

ICMC facilitated a meeting between IDPs from Werinama sub-district and an assessment team from UNDP Jakarta as part of the overall assessment activities undertaken in Masohi.


Water and Sanitation

CARDI completed its water sanitation programme in North Maluku as of 30 September.


WVI inaugurated and distributed materials for a Happy House in SD Bertingkat in Tobelo sub-district on 25 and 30 September.

WVI conducted training on Happy House activities for Happy House Trauma Support Workers (TSW) in Gelela sub-district on 25 September.

WVI provided snack and prizes for school event activities in two elementary schools in Tobelo sub-district on 25 September.

WVI distributed school uniforms to eight elementary schools and three senior high schools in Tobelo and Galela sub-districts from 25 September - 1 October.

WVI distributed textbooks to three elementary schools in Galela sub-districts on Tuesday (30 Sep.).

WVI monitored activities in Happy Houses in Soakonora and Togawa villages of Galela sub-district from 30 September to 1 October.

Under their Creating Learning Community for Children (CLCC) programme, UNICEF and UNDP jointly funded Training of Teachers (ToT) activities on AJEL (Active, Joyful, and Effective Learning) for 54 participants in Tobelo, South Tobelo, and Galela sub-districts from 29 September to 4 October. The trainings are implemented by WVI.

CARDI conducted a final workshop for its Youth Civic Participation Initiative programme on 20 September. Some 60 peer educators, staff from North Maluku Social Department and Education Department, as well as youth organizations participated in the programme. CARDI completed its Youth Civic Participation Initiative programme in North Maluku as of 30 September.

Economic Recovery and Infrastructure

IRD and students from Khairun University conducted training on sustainable agriculture practices in four villages in Obi sub-district from 24 to 27 September.

IRD monitored and collected baseline data for its economic empowerment project in Obi and Bacan sub-districts from 23 to 26 September.


Under its Informed Decision Making (IDM) Programme, CARDI conducted a radio talk show on distribution of assistance from the Government on 26 September. The show presented representatives of returnees and IDPs from North Maluku and North Sulawesi, and a member of a monitoring team in North Sulawesi. A similar show was conducted on Tuesday (30 Sep.) with different participants.

In collaboration with the National Land Body (BPN) of North Maluku district, Ternate municipality and Central Halmahera district, CARDI is preparing pamphlets about property rights and land certificate process.


Economic Recovery and Infrastructure

In its 2003 annual budget, the Provincial Government allocated IDR 6 billions for the economy recovery programme. Papua Post quoted an executive from the Provincial Finance Bureau, Melianus Aiwui, on Thursday (2 Oct.), saying that the approved programme proposals by relevant Government departments would get the fund distributed through Bank Papua. The relevant Government departments and Bank Papua are still discussing the mechanism of distribution and monitoring of the fund.

A local newspaper, Papua Post, reported on Tuesday (30 Sep.), that the Head of Jayapura District, Habel M. Suwae, would invite USAID to assist the evaluation process of the Sub-district Empowerment Project initiated in 2002.


Water and Sanitation

Oxfam GB started implementation of its programme in providing water supply through gravity pipeline and shallow hand-dug wells working in six villages in Belu district.


As part of its assistance for the Education Department of Kupang, Belu and TTU districts, SC UK is conducting training on competency of based curriculum that will be implemented by the Government. The training is targeted at teachers and staff of elementary school. SC UK is also building several schools in remote villages in these districts.


Oxfam GB is distributing information on the repatriation programmes to former East Timorese refugees in Kupang and Belu districts, so they will be able to make the right choice for their future repatriation plan.

Selected Abbreviations Key

ACF Action Contre la Faim
BAKORNAS PBP National Coordinating Board for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees
BRIMOB Police Mobile Brigade
BULOG National Logistics Agency
CWS Church World Service
GAM Free Aceh Movement
GoRI Government of Indonesia
CARDI Consortium for Assistance to Refugees and the Displaced in Indonesia
CoHA Cessation of Hostilities Agreement
CORDAID Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development
HDC Henry Dunant Center
ICMC International Catholic Migration Commission
IMC International Medical Corps
IDP Internally displaced person
IRD International Relief and Development
JRS Jesuit Refugee Service
JSC Joint Security Committee
KOMNAS HAM National Commission on Human Rights
KOPASSUS Army's Special Force
KOSTRAD Army's Strategic Reserve Command
MSF - B Medecins sans Frontieres Belgium
MCK Combined Bathing, Washing and Latrine Facility
OPM Free Papua Organization
PMI Indonesian Red Cross
Poliandes Field Health Post
Posyandu Integrated health service
Puskesmas Primary health centre
Pustu Primary health unit
SATKORLAK PBP Provincial Coordinating Unit for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees
SATLAK PBP District Executing Unit for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees
SC US Save the Children US
TNI Indonesian Armed Forces
WVI World Vision International

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