Indonesia: OCHA Consolidated Situation Report No. 132

Situation Report
Originally published
7 June - 13 June 2003

The Jakarta Post reported on Thursday (12 June), that thick haze resulting from the use of the slash and burn method to clear farmland in Sumatra has reached the southern part of Thailand, reducing visibility but not yet posing risks to public health, said a Thai government official. Meanwhile on Monday (9 June), The Jakarta Post also reported that chocking, thick haze that has sporadically hit mainland Riau and Kalimantan has spread and reached other islands, raising health concerns.

The Jakarta Post reported on Thursday (12 June), that over 45,000 hectares of rice plants in Indramayu and Cirebon districts, known as the rice belt of West Java, have withered following the early arrival of the annual drought, predicted to last until November.

2. ACEH (Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam)

General Situation

Various local press reported that 14 civilians, 32 GAM members and 10 TNI soldiers were killed in Aceh province during the week.

The Jakarta Post reported on Thursday (12 June) that the Indonesian National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) discovered in Nisam sub-district of North Aceh a mass grave that contained dozens of bodies. Chairman of Ad Hoc Human Rights Commission for Aceh, M. Billah, stated that the grave has been confirmed and hoped that a team traveling to Aceh next week from Jakarta would be able to investigate this grave. On Friday (13 June), The Jakarta Post reported that TNI would check the report on this mass grave. The TNI spokesman, Col. Nachrowi said that it needed to be closely examined to determine its veracity.

Military officials reported that as of Wednesday (11 June), 172 alleged GAM members have been killed, 111 captured, 143 surrendered and 99 others detained in police custody since 19 May. In a recap report, it also mentioned that during the same period, 24 TNI/Police troops have been killed and 15 others injured. This figure include 7 killed and 7 injured during a battle in Matang Kumbang village of Peusangan sub-district, Bireuen district, on Tuesday (10 June). The military claimed that this was the largest scale of fighting since 19 May.

Police spokesperson, Sayed Hoesainy, reported on Tuesday (10 June) that 11 (including 5 GAM negotiators) out of 108 arrested GAM members were transferred to the prosecutor's offices in Banda Aceh, East Aceh, and Central Aceh districts. The detainees are accused of subversion, terrorism and a number of other criminal acts.

The UN Area Coordinator together with UN FSO, on Tuesday (10 June) met Assistant for Intelligence to the Military Commander in Aceh, Col. Eko Wiratmoko, to discuss the role and activities of UN in providing humanitarian assistance through the Government, as well as security concerns on humanitarian workers in the province.

Chief of Police for Great Aceh District, Heru Budi Ersanto, stated that police captured an alleged GAM member on Wednesday (11 June) in Deunong village, Darul Imarah sub-district, Great Aceh suspected for a number of recent bombings in Banda Aceh and Great Aceh districts.

The Indonesian National Radio Station reported on Wednesday (11 June) that a freelance journalist from the U.S., William Nessen, who is reporting from GAM controlled areas (somewhere in Bireuen district) has been caught in the middle of fighting between GAM and TNI forces. The Committee for Protection of Journalist (CPJ) in New York has sent a letter to President Megawati on Tuesday (10 June) requesting the Government to ensure the protection and well being of Nessen. Meanwhile on Friday (June 13), The Jakarta Post quoted Aceh military operation commander, Brig. Gen. Bambang Darmono, saying that Nessen should report to the military within two days, or by Saturday at p.m. at the latest.

Chairman of Ad Hoc Team of Komnas HAM for Aceh, M.M. Billah, said on Tuesday (10 June) that his team has found in its preliminary inquiries various types of violation of human rights such as rampant burning of school buildings, summary killings, arbitrary arrests, torture of unarmed civilians, sexual harassment and forced displacement. The commission has yet to make formal conclusion over the results of the preliminary inquiry. Komnas HAM is expected to set up offices in Lhokseumawe and Bireuen districts.

Aceh Governor, Abdullah Puteh, stated on Monday (9 June) that 67,000 civil servants in the province were ordered to be screened due to suspicion that many of them are supporting and providing financial contributions to GAM. In the meantime, Hendardi, the Head of Indonesian Legal Aid and Human Rights Association (PBHI) said that the screening was absolutely unnecessary and it would disrupt Government attempts to win the hearts and minds of the Acehnese. Meanwhile, 2 members of parliament from Sabang and Great Aceh districts have been arrested on Wednesday (11 June). They are accused of providing financial support to GAM.

Military Emergency Administrator, Maj. Gen. Endang Suwarya, demanded on Monday (9 June) for HDC to leave Banda Aceh, as they are no longer mediating a peace process in Aceh. (No one from HDC is present in Aceh at the moment).

A military court on Monday (9 June) sentenced three TNI soldiers to 4 months and 20 days to military prison for beating 5 civilians in Lawang village, Peudada sub-district, Bireuen (27 May). Another three TNI soldiers were convicted to the same term on Thursday (12 June).

76 village heads resigned from their jobs on Sunday (8 June) due to continuous threats and intimidations. The government announced that they would be immediately replaced with TNI personnel.

TNI Chief of General Affairs, Lt. Gen. Djamari Chaniago, stated in Banda Aceh on Sunday (8 June) that TNI has chosen Pulau Nasi Island, North of Banda Aceh, as the centre for processing of GAM detainees.

2 local human rights NGO activists were killed in two separate mysterious shootings in Darussalam sub-district, Banda Aceh and another one in Pereulak sub-district, East Aceh on Sunday (8 June).

TNI spokesperson, Col. Firdaus Komarno, said on Saturday, (7 June) that the TNI has suspended nine soldiers from active military duty. The soldiers were involved in the killing of a German tourist

Population Movements

The Provincial Social Welfare Department on Tuesday (10 June) assisted the return of 600 IDPs to their villages in Central Aceh district after providing compensation funds up to Rp. 5 million (USD 600) per family. The fund was provided after the IDPs lost their homes in 2001 as a result of on going fighting in the province. The IDPs were displaced in Banda Aceh for the past 6 months.

WHO reported from the Crisis Centre of the Provincial Health Department (PHD) that as of 12 June, 5,462 families (totalling 22,272 people of whom 748 infants, 2,707 children age between 1 to 5 years, 782 pregnant women and 633 elderly) are displaced in Aceh Jaya, Central Aceh, West Aceh, South Aceh, Aceh Tamiang, Kota Lhokseumawe, East Aceh and Aceh Bireuen districts. Comparing to data received on Tuesday (10 June), the figures indicate a 20 percent reduction of the total number of IDPs.


The Crisis Centre of the Provincial Health Department reported that 102 injured patients have been treated in the hospitals since the beginning of the military operation. It is also reported that during the same period, another 124 civilians died in the hospitals. Majority of deaths occurred in Bireuen (30 people), Aceh Timur (22 people), Pidie (14 people) and the rest are from another 12 districts.


Some 20 tonnes of education supplies donated by the Ministry of Education arrived in Banda Aceh on Sunday (8 June) by a military plane. An official of Department of Education mentioned that the assistance would be immediately disbursed to areas severely affected by the burning of schools.

UNICEF received information from the Provincial Education Department that from 19 May to 10 June, 504 schools (259 in Pidie, 138 in Bireuen, 36 in Aceh Besar, 37 in Aceh Timur, 18 in Aceh Jaya and the rest in 6 other districts) have been burnt in Aceh province.


Frequent power blackouts have disrupted the normal function of hospitals and affected on the daily life of the community. An official of the local state electricity company PT PLN said that power blackouts, which started on Thursday (5 June) after an "unidentified group of people" damaged electricity towers in North Aceh, were affecting most of North Aceh, including Kota Lhokseumawe, East Aceh, Pidie and Bireuen districts. The company needs Rp 1.2 billion (USD150,000) to repair the four toppled pylons and the repair will take one month.



IMC conducted refresher training on Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses (IMCI) in Puskesmas Tonusu in Tentena. 43 participants (27 Puskesmas staff, 13 health cadres, and 3 facilitators) participated in the training.

IMC conducted an Information, Education and Communication (IEC) campaign focusing on Family Planning and Worms through a local radio station in Poso Kota sub-district, Bhayangkara, as well as Sexually Transmitted Diseases through a local radio station in Tentena, Narwastu.

Starting from 5 June, IMC is conducting a two-week focus group discussion on Reproductive Health Service Management and Childhood Illnesses in Puskesmas Kayamanya, Poso Kota. 20 participants participated in the focus group.


The new Head of the UN Resource Center and Area Security Coordinator for Central Sulawesi, Kevin O'Reilly, arrived in Palu on Thursday (12 June) to commence his duties.



WFP visited Hitumessing, Negeri Lama, Wakal and Wakasihu villages of Lehitu sub-district, Central Maluku district, to assess a new proposal submitted by an LNGO, Yayasan Hasan Soleman.

Community Rehabilitation Program (CRP) team from CARDI, an official from IRC from New York and Deputy Director of CARDI Jakarta visited a CARDI supported economic empowerment project site that is dealing with fishery in Morela village of Salahutu sub-district, Central Maluku, as well as a Water and Sanitation project in Hative Besar of Baguala sub-district, Ambon Island.

On Saturday (7 June), CARDI conducted monitoring and recalling workshop on conflict resolution for 15 peer educator in Suli village of Salahutu sub-district, Central Maluku district.

Mercy Corps staff monitored distribution of seeds and tools in Marloso village and Jamilu sub-village of North Buru sub-district, Buru district. The project is being implemented by an LNGO, Yayasan Serambi Maluku

Food Security and Agriculture

WFP funded an LNGO, Yayasan Arika Waku, to distribute 39.29 MT rice to 837 displaced families at Halong IDP camp on Ambon Island.

Through an LNGO, Yayasan Hasan Soleman, WFP distributed 7.79 MT rice to 173 displaced families in Hila village, Lehitu sub-district of Central Maluku.

Through an LNGO, Lembaga Pengembangan Negeri dan Pesisir, WFP distributed 29.70 MT rice to 330 displaced families in Passo and Lata villages on Ambon Island.

Mercy Corps received a proposal from LNGO, Yayasan Martha Christina Tiahahu, and Kwartir Daerah Gerakan Pramuka Maluku for distribution of fishery tools in Lanal Halong Ambon and Abubu villages of Nusa Laut sub-district, Central Maluku district.


Through an LNGO, LPPM, UNICEF conducted a four days workshop on HIV/AIDS for TNI staff stationed in Ambon. The workshop also covered topics on life skill education and human rights. 15 officials participated in the workshop.

IMC this week conducted 1,814 health consultations on Seram Island of Central Maluku district (covering Masohi municipality, Taniwel, Kobisonta, Wahai, Werinama, Waesala and Tehoru) and in Buru Island of Buru district (covering Wamsisi, Leksula and Waemulang.

IMC provided fund for the District Health Department of Central Maluku to conduct training on Directly Observed Treatment Scheme (DOTS) from 9 to 14 June. Twenty participants from various sub-districts in Central Maluku district attended the training.

IMC started construction of a health post in Waikating village of Leksula sub-district, Buru district.

IMC completed construction of three health posts and one health centre in Masohi sub-district of Central Maluku.

Water and Sanitation

UNICEF approved a project for provision of latrine facilities, and promotion activities on personal hygiene to some schools in Ambon City and 40 schools in Buru district. Early this year, sanitation facilities were rehabilitated in 40 schools in Ambon and 30 schools in Buru district. The rehabilitation is carried out by the respective school communities in cooperation with local education authority. The personal hygiene promotion component is expected to encourage students trained as "little doctors" to participate in promoting personal hygiene among their peers.

Shelter and Non-food Items

Mercy Corps funded an LNGO, Yayasan Gita Kasih, to distribute non-food items to 96 displaced families from Siaputih who reside in Waemeteng sub-village of West Seram, Central Maluku district.

Mercy Corps funded an LNGO, Yayasan Eklesia Nuaulu Manusela, to distribute non-food items to 388 returnee families in Moso, Hatumete, Hatu and Saunulu villages of Tehoru sub-district, Central Maluku district.

A local newspaper, Siwalima, quoted the Maluku Province Government Secretary, Drs. Hussein Soulisa, on Monday (9 June), saying that the timber stock required for construction of shelter for returnees in Waai village of Central Maluku was sufficient. He added that in order to provide sufficient security in the area, four security posts would be constructed and each would be staffed by 15 TNI soldiers. Neighbouring villages of Liang and Tulehu are being made aware of the arrangements.


A local newspaper, Ambon Ekpress, quoted the Head of Maluku Muhammadiyah Education, Drs. Ismail Titapele MPd., on Thursday (12 June), saying Muhamadiyah were collaborating with UNDP in reconstruction of Muhamadiyah school building in Ambon City. UNDP will provide funds for the whole project. Drs. Titapele added that Muhammadiyah would also collaborate with Maluku Christian University for technical consultations.

Economic Recovery and Infrastructure

Mercy Corps funded an LNGO, Lembaga Maluku Membangun, to implement capacity building programmes in Salomon, Waer, Lontuir, Run, Hatta, Kampung Baru, Nusantara, Dwiwarna, Merdeka and Rajawali villages of Banda sub-district, Central Maluku district.

Mercy Corps provided fund to an LNGO to implement peace building programmes in Air Salobar, Pohon Mangga and Amahusu villages of Nusaniwe sub-district, Ambon Island.


General Situation

A local newspaper, Maluku Post, reported on Monday (9 June), that North Maluku would receive IDR 7.5 quintillion from the Central Government through a Presidential Instruction (Inpres) for recovery and rehabilitation programmes. This type of fund will also be given to Maluku, Papua and Aceh.


FAO, with the financial support of the Netherlands, has undertaken a needs assessment for agricultural post harvest processing equipment in farming communities and has developed a procurement/distribution plan for food processing equipment to be accomplished in June/July.

Food Security and Agriculture

FAO distributed 110 fishing canoes in the villages of Ternate (29), Gamkonora (28), Talaga (31) and Gamsungi (22) of Ibu sub-district, West Halmahera district. FAO is procuring fishing equipments and engine for canoes. The distribution is scheduled in mid July 2003.

FAO, with financial support of the Netherlands, has completed building 399 fishing canoes, which have been contracted to local carpenters/canoe builders. 37 units of canoes are under construction. To date, 375 fishing canoes have been delivered to fishing communities as follows: Pune/Galela (32), Mamuya/Galela (50), Sosol/Kao (31), Balisosong/Kao (28), Dufa-Dufa/Ternate (50), Luari/Tobelo (41), Gorua/Tobelo (33), Tongute Ternate/Ibu (29), Gamkonora/Ibu (28), Talaga/Ibu (31), Gamsungi/Ibu (22).

FAO conducted three training workshops on fishing engine maintenance for 90 fishermen and three training workshops on fish processing for 90 fisherwomen as follows: Luari/Tobelo (30 fishermen and 30 fisherwomen from 5 fishing communities), Dufa-Dufa/Ternate (30 fishermen and 30 fisherwomen form 6 fishing communities), and Susupu/Sahu (30 fishermen and 30 fisherwomen from 6 fishing communities).

On Monday (9 June), CORDAID organised meeting to discuss the 1st draft of agriculture/fishery/livestock survey that was done by Khairun University.


WHO funded a workshop on Drug Management for specialist doctors at Hasan Busoeri Hospital Ternate from 11 to 12 June. The workshop was facilitated by the WHO supported Drug Management and Supply working group of the North Maluku Health Office. 12 specialist doctors participated in the workshop.

WHO funded training on the diagnosis of TB for laboratory technicians. The Phase 1 of the training is conducted from 12 to 21 June at the North Maluku Health Office. 20 technicians participated in the training.

WHO is conducting a workshop on Making Pregnancy Safer (MPS) from 12 to 14 June at RRI Ternate. 27 participants from health office, PMI, PKK, BKKBN, and community organisation participated in the workshop. The workshop is facilitated by a team from WHO Jakarta that comprises of a medical consultant from MPS, a national consultant and staff from Ministry of Health in Jakarta.

Water and Sanitation

WHO funded a water and sanitation project implemented by an LNGO, Lembaga Nusantara Timur (LNT)/Kharisma, for returnees in Tomori, Sayoang and Wayamiga villages of Bacan Island. In Tomori village, LNT/Kharisma completed construction of 5 public latrines. In Tomori and Wayamiga villages, 2.5 of 3.5 km pipe, and 1 water catchments tank have been installed in each village.

CARDI monitored its water and sanitation projects in Jailolo, Ibu, Oba and Bacan, and conducted assessment in Obi Island.


The Provincial Education Office of North Maluku in cooperation with UNICEF distributed 34,461 textbooks and 9,418 packages of stationeries for 9,418 students in 75 primary schools in North Maluku province on Tuesday (10 June).

UNICEF and an LNGO, Daulat Perempuan Maluku Utara (DaurMala), are collaborating in implementing campaign on Child's Rights and Child Protection. As part of this campaign, public service advertisement has been broadcast through two local radio stations in Ternate. In addition, stickers are installed in strategic places in North Maluku.

Economic Recovery and Infrastructure

A staff from micro-credit programme of CORDAID and 8 staff from its supported LNGO are participating in training for area coordinator on development of self-help groups in Denpasar, Bali, from 11 to 16 June. After the training, the area coordinators are expected to be able to establish self-help groups at the villages and start with the micro finance activities.


General Situation

Various local media reported on Monday (9 June) that the Minister of Internal Affairs, Hari Sabarno, officially installed the three caretakers to lead the newly established three districts in Jakarta on Saturday (7 June). They are Decky Kawab for Bintuni, Ottow Ihalauw for South Sorong and Billy Jamlean for Tolikara.

A local newspaper, Cenderawasih Pos, reported on Thursday (12 June) that as part of police investigation on the arms robbery at the district military warehouse in Wamena on 4 April, the police conducted a crime reconstruction in the warehouse and Honay Lama village on Wednesday (11 June).

Food Security And Agriculture

Cenderawasih Pos reported on Thursday (12 June) that the Logistic Depot (Dolog) in Wamena of Jayawijaya district has not distributed Raskin (rice for the poor) to targeted people in remote sub-districts. Head of sub-district of Gemelia, Amilek, stated that Government has allocated IDR 500 millions for Dolog to distribute Raskin, but it has been five months now and nothing has been distributed yet.


Various local media reported on Thursday (12 June) that the infant mortality rate in Papua was 117/1,000 born-alive-infants and this was the highest rate in Indonesia (Note: for comparation, the national rate is 50/1,000). As a response, in 2003 UNICEF provides USD 1 million for improvement of mother and child's health care. CFO of UNICEF, Kiyoshi Nakamitsu, stated to press on Wednesday (11 June) that this fund was allocated for Sorong, Manokwari, Biak, Jayapura, and Wamena districts. The aid will be given in the forms of medicines and other health stuffs. Kiyoshi added that HIV/AIDS is also a concern of UNICEF in Papua.

Water and Sanitation

Cenderawasih Pos reported on Thursday (12 June) that the community in Wamena was facing shortage of clean water supply, especially for drinking, due to the coming of dry season.


Cenderawasih Pos quoted the Head of Education Office in Merauke, BJ Ohoilulin, on Wednesday (11 June), saying that 50 out of 419 primary schools in Merauke, Boven Digul, Mappi, and Asmat district would not carry out the annual final examination scheduled in June due to practical education, social support, and political reasons.


Population Movements

A local newspaper, Radar Timor, reported on Thursday (12 June) that former pro integration members refused to participate in a reconciliation meeting. Meanwhile, community in Watowiti refused to join relocation programme.

Selected Abbreviations Key

Action Contre la Faim
National Coordinating Board for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees
Police Mobile Brigade
National Logistics Agency
Church World Service
Free Aceh Movement
Government of Indonesia
Consortium for Assistance to Refugees and the Displaced in Indonesia
Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development
Henry Dunant Center
International Catholic Migration Commission
International Medical Corps
Internally displaced person
International Relief and Development
Jesuit Refugee Service
Joint Security Committee
National Commission on Human Rights
Army's Special Force
Army's Strategic Reserve Command
Medecins sans Frontieres Belgium
Combined Bathing, Washing and Latrine Facility
Free Papua Organization
Indonesian Red Cross
Field Health Post
Integrated health service
Primary health centre
Primary health unit
Provincial Coordinating Unit for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees
District Executing Unit for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees
Save the Children US
Indonesian Armed Forces
WVI World Vision International

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