Indonesia: OCHA Consolidated Situation Report No. 124

12 April - 17 April 2003

Papua Earthquake

A local newspaper, Cendrawasih Pos, reported on Saturday (12 Apr.) that an earthquake measuring 5.5 on the Richter Scale occurred in Tiom sub-district of Jayawijaya district (about 15 km west of Wamena) on Friday (11 Apr.) at 6:04 am. Report from The Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMG) in Wamena indicated that the epicentre was located at 03.6S and 138.13E with a depth of 26 km. There has been no official report from the Local Government on human casualties and damages.

Assistance to Flores Landslide

A national consultant from World Health Organisation (WHO)/Emergency Health Action (EHA) in Kupang travelled to Flores from 7 to 10 April to conduct a join health assessment mission with the Provincial Health Office staff from Kupang. WHO has allocated US$ 10,000 to support emergency health activities in Flores based on its reported recommendations on health needs in the Sikka district. The report recommends to improve the plans for nutrition conditions in case of deterioration. Also the report recommends improvement of surveillance system towards potential epidemic diseases in certain areas after the disaster.

UNICEF, through Yayasan AULIA Jakarta in cooperation with Yayasan Bina Sejahtera in Maumere of Sikka district, and Paroki Katedral Reinha Rosari in Larantuka of East Flores district, has distributed some hygiene goods (sarongs, bath soap, detergent, toothbrush, toothpaste, and disinfectant) for 1,109 people in East Flores and 483 people in Maumere.

2. ACEH (Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam)

General Situation

According to local media reports, 10 civilians, 1 TNI soldier, 3 police personnel, and 6 GAM members were killed during the week.

The Jakarta Post reported on Sunday (13 Apr.) that noted religious leaders and Muslim scholars, Syfii Maarif, Solahuddin Wahid and Nurcholis Majid, urged the Government to leave the Aceh question to civilians to avoid the war between TNI and GAM. The scholars called on the Government to pursue dialogue to resolve the problem and not to insist on military action to settle the Aceh conflict to prevent the bloodshed.

The Co-chairs of the Tokyo Conference (Japan, EU, the US and the World Bank) in a Joint statement reaffirmed in strongest possible terms their supports for CoHA and the peaceful solution of the conflict in Aceh. They welcomed the reaffirmation of the Government of Indonesia's (GoRI) intention to continue along the path of peaceful resolution to the conflict. They also stressed their commitment to the territorial integrity of the Republic of Indonesia and stated that they would not support attempts to challenge Indonesia's present borders. They strongly urged both sides to refrain from recourse to weapons or any other violence, which is not an effective means to bring a solution to this conflict. The Co-chairs urged GoRI to take immediate steps to ensure the physical security of monitors in the field, in close co-ordination with the JSC, of which the Government is an integral part, and urged both parties to refrain from intimidation or harassment directed at representatives of civil society. They firmly believed that only political negotiations and concrete action towards free, fair and democratic elections in Aceh in 2004 would truly serve the interest of the people of Aceh and the integrity and stability of Indonesia.

The Jakarta Post reported on Tuesday (15 Apr.) that the Indonesian Navy has added three new war ships to its fleet, two of which will be sent to Aceh waters in an apparent move to increase the military's presence in the province.

A local newspaper, Serambi Indonesia, reported on Wednesday (16 Apr.) that the Commission A of the NAD Provincial Parliament (DPRD) rejected the Central Government's plan for military operation in Aceh. The Commission believes that opportunity for a dialogue with GAM still exists. It also called upon HDC to socialize the peace process in the field. The Commission is planning to meet President Megawati.


A Livelihood Team from CARDI conducted an assessment field trip to Pidie district to identify possible sites of intervention.

JRS is travelling to Central Aceh district from 15 to 17 April, as well as to Pidie district and Birueun district from 18 to 19 April. The objectives of the visits are to assess the needs and possibilities for JRS to start projects in Central Aceh district and to monitor JRS's previous programme in Geumpang sub-district of Pidie district.

Population Movements

Serambi Indonesia reported on Monday (14 Apr.) that SATKORLAK, in coordination with PMI, repatriated 776 IDPs of Central Aceh, who had taken shelter in Banda Aceh since last March, to their villages. According to PMI Coordinator for Aceh, Sansusi, 100 of these IDPs, who had taken shelter in Lampineng Stadium in Banda Aceh for 18 days, also returned to Pidie and Bireuen districts. The Government provided transportation and side-dish money.


From 15 to 16 April, a Finance Officer from UNICEF Jakarta conducted a financial review of the UNICEF Peace Education Programme that is implemented by Non-Violence International (NVI) in 96 senior high schools throughout Aceh province.

On Thursday (17 Apr.), UNICEF attended a one-day workshop on the possibility of including the Peace Education Programme as one of the main subjects in the general high school curriculum in Aceh province. NVI staff member and representatives from the Provincial Government also attended the workshop.

Food Security & Agriculture

WFP's implementing partner, Keumang, completed the second phase of distribution of 589.05 MT of rice to 58,905 beneficiaries in Pidie district on 11 April.

By Saturday (12 Apr.), WFP, through PMI, completed distribution of 23 MT of rice in 4 out of the total of 22 sub-districts in North Aceh district.

PMI completed data collection of 66,000 beneficiaries in 19 sub-districts of East Aceh district, and 5,000 beneficiaries in 2 out of 10 sub-districts in Bireuen district. The data will be used for distribution of food assistance from WFP.

Water & Sanitation

A Water and Sanitation Team from CARDI conducted a week-long evaluation field trip to Nagan Raya and South West Aceh for its Flood Emergency Response Programme. The programme provided access to potable water for 6,794 households in 67 villages. In addition, an estimated 100,000 square meters of timber log were cleared up to provide easy access to agricultural fields and/or prevent future sanitation problems within the targeted communities.

Economic Recovery and Infrastructure

Micro Grants Team from CARDI conducted a week-long training field trip to East Aceh district. Under this programme, CARDI is implementing five community development projects in five villages throughout the district.


General Situation

SATLAK of Poso district in cooperation with Poso Crisis Task Force conducted a two-day training on Conflict Management from 14 to 15 April. The training was facilitated by lecturers from Tadulako University, Central Sulawesi, and a trainer from Nurani Dunia Foundation Jakarta, Imam Prasodjo.

Poso Crisis Task Force conducted a workshop on Humanitarian Assistance Mechanism from 15 to 17 April in Poso. Representatives from Provincial and District Government, LNGOs, INGOs, and UN agencies attended the workshop.


IMC conducted an Integrated Education Campaign (IEC) on health issues from 14 to 17 April in Poso Kota and North Pamona sub-district.

Water and Sanitation

Mercy Corps conducted two-day training on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH). The topics covered were Public Health, application of epidemiology techniques and epidemiology surveys. Representatives from two INGOs and 15 LNGO, which represent communities in Poso and Tentena districts, attended the training. This is the first training session under the Mercy Corps Capacity Building Project, which has been funded by the British Embassy in Indonesia to support its partners in developing and implementing projects. This project is designed to compliment its existing project funded by OFDA through which Mercy Corps issues small grants to LNGOs to assist conflict affected communities.

From 7 to 10 April, CWS distributed building materials (i.e. sand, concrete brick, etc.) to construct water and sanitation facilities for eligible beneficiaries in North Lore, Poso Pesisir and Lage sub-districts. Meanwhile, shelter materials have also been distributed to 52 households in Sepe village of Lage sub-district.

CWS has conducted a Hygiene and Sanitation Promotion activity to the beneficiaries in North Pamona, South Pamona and Mori Atas sub-districts, in collaboration with Community Health Center.

Shelter and Non-Food Item

CWS purchased building materials for implementation of its Shelter Programme in North Pamona, South Pamona and Mori sub-districts

CWS staff members attended training for Psychosocial Mental Health (PMH) Programme from 7 to 11 April in Manado, North Sulawesi.

From 15 to 17 April, CWS distributed seeds and tools to eligible beneficiaries in Poso Pesisir and Tojo sub-district of Poso district.

CWS has received seeds and tools in its warehouse. All items will be repackaged before distribution which will take place next week, in Tojo and Lage sub-districts.

As part of the Psychosocial-mental Health Program, CWS has established several youth support groups in Poso and Tentena districts. Recently, football kits and guitars were purchased to facilitate their activities.


General Situation

A local newspaper, Ambon Ekspress, reported on 11 April that a violent stone throwing incident occurred between Hila IDPs in a camp at Hative village with people from a neighbouring Riang sub-village of Baguala sub-district, Ambon Island. No serious casualties or physical damage were reported. According to the military area command, security apparatus secured the area and brought the situation under control.

A local newspaper, Siwalima, reported on Saturday (12 Apr.) that Military Area Commander (Pangdam) Pattimura, Major General Agustadi Susangko Purnomo, emphasised that the Military will not tolerate Republic Maluku Selatan (RMS) flag hoisters. According to him, it was agreed at a Maluku civil emergency authority meeting that information leaflets would be distributed to Maluku people informing them of the fact that hoisting RMS flag would not be allowed. The security apparatus will arrest anyone contravening the order and will have that person charged according to the provisions of Indonesian Law and Order.

Limited access to some basic essential services in some IDP camps in the province continue to exacerbate IDPs living conditions. Siwalima on Tuesday (15 Apr.) quoted a camp coordinator from Mandala Stadium IDP camp in Karang Panjang (a suburb of Ambon city), saying that 26 displaced families do not have access to clean water since 11 April, as they are not able to pay water bill for the last six months. The Coordinator of the Provincial Department of Social Welfare requested the camp coordinator to raise the issue with Ambon Mayor and Maluku Governor.

Siwalima also reported on Tuesday (15 Apr.) that the Ambon city administration made provision in its annual budget to build 400 houses for poor people (excluding IDPs) in Ambon. According to the available statistical information, there are about 13,000 poor people in Ambon. The plan is to provide funds for eligible beneficiaries to buy required building materials to build the houses by themselves. It was explained that this policy was adapted on the consideration that there are many poor people who are not IDPs but have also been severely affected by the conflict and therefore deserve assistance from the Government.

Population Movement

An LNGO, Yayasan Hualopu, with support from OXFAM organised a one-day discussion forum to socialize the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement (GPID). The panellists were representatives from OCHA Maluku and the Maluku Provincial Government. Some sixty participants, including IDP camp coordinators, representatives from LNGOs and INGOs, attended the forum.


A field team from CARDI conducted a psychosocial assessment in some schools on Seram Island. Another team from CARDI's Community Rehabilitation Programme monitored on-going projects in Pitu, Taniwel, Kairatu and Waisala villages on Seram Island.

SC UK conducted a rapid assessment for education programme in schools in Ambon and Seram Islands on Monday (7 Apr.) and Thursday (10 Apr.).

Food Security and Agriculture

AcF during the reporting week distributed seeds, tools, and fishing equipment to 2,630 families (11,147 persons) in 55 villages in South Buru district and some part of Northwest Buru district.


IMC this week conducted a total of 733 consultations at its supported health stations on Buru and Seram Islands, except in Waesala due to limited/difficult communication accessibility with the station. Meanwhile, rehabilitation work at health centres in Masohi (Waraka Health Post and Tanjung Health Post) is in progress.

MSF-B this week conducted a total of 414 medical consultations at its supported health stations on Ambon Island. Meanwhile, an Outreach Team from MSF-B which conducted a total of 209 medical consultations and training in South Buru from 2 to 11 April. Some drugs were also donated to nine locations.

Water and Sanitation

Mercy Corps funded an LNGO, Yayasan Putra Matalete, in Ambon to provide water installation with gravitation system for 4,146 local community members and IDPs in Halong Baru camp at Halong Navy Base area (near Ambon City).

MSF-B is implementing activities for general maintenance and improvement of water and sanitation facilities in Ambon IDP camps and collective centres.


CARDI's Emergency Psychosocial Project (EPP) continues providing support to the conflict affected youths and children through structured non-formal education activities and direct school support activities.

Following the completion of evaluation session of the first phase of its ENACT (Engaging Children and Youth in Building New Communities) programme, SC UK is now implementing the second phase.

Economic Recovery and Infrastructure

Under its Community and Rehabilitation Programme, CARDI continues providing support for return and reintegration efforts on Ambon and Seram Islands through the provision of assistance for means of livelihood and improvement or development of infrastructure.

SC UK continues its implementation of children's programmes (child interaction and games), which involves participants from Muslim and Christian communities, at the SC UK's Children's Resource Centre in Ambon city. SC UK also doubles the frequency of its English language classes from twice to four times weekly. Volunteer teachers have been resourced from the Teacher Training Faculty of Pattimura University in Ambon. Meanwhile, frequency activities of the sports, art, education and social activities remain the same (once a week).


General Situation

A local newspaper, Mimbar Kieraha, reported on 11 April that the Provincial Government of North Maluku would start development of the new capital of the province, Sofifi, which is located in North Oba sub-district of Central Halmahera district. Construction of several infrastructures (i.e. offices of the Governor, Regional People's Representative Council [DPRD] and other governmental departments) will start on July 2003 by using the fund from the National and Provincial Budgets.

A local newspaper, Ternate Pos, reported on Thursday (17 Apr.) that 14.03% of the population in North Maluku are living under the poverty line. The data resulted from the National Economic and Social Survey conducted by Statistic Central Body (BPS) of North Maluku last year. The ratio was measured based on the last year's population of 794,024 people.

Water and Sanitation

CARDI signed contracts with the Community Board Organization (CBO) of Gusale Puncak village North Oba sub-district for its water and sanitation project. CARDI will support the community in building five water tanks, one distribution tank, one sediment tank, one spring catcher, and installing 4 km pipe from the spring to the village.

Food Security and Agriculture

On Tuesday (15 Apr.), FAO handed over 28 fishing canoes to beneficiaries in Balisosong village and 31 canoes in Sosol villages of Kao sub-district. On Wednesday (16 Apr.), FAO handed over 32 canoes in Pune village and 50 canoes in Mamuya village of Galela sub-district. During the reporting week, FAO handed over 91 canoes from the total of 203 canoes that have been constructed by FAO through local carpenters. The remaining forty canoes are still under construction.


During the reporting week, IMC mobile clinic and doctors conducted a total of 646 consultations in Kao, Malifut, Galela, North Morotai sub-districts and in Bacan and Obi Islands. IMC also conducted health education on anti worm disease at SDN Ngoali in Malifut sub-district and distributed worm medicine to the students on Monday (14 Apr.).

IMC conducted training in Traditional Birth Assistance (TBA) and Participatory Learning Action (PLA) on Family Planning in Ruko village of Galela sub villages. Thirteen TBAs attended the training.

Shelter and Non- Food Items

CORDAID visited its supported housing construction sites in Golao village of Jailolo sub-district, Talaga village of Ibu sub-district, Susupu and Peot villages of Sahu sub-district, Biamaahi village of South Jailolo sub-district, Tahane village of Malifut sub-district and in Sosol village of Kao sub-district. This visit was for a final evaluation of the project that has been completed.


CARDI is monitoring implementation of its Youth Civic Participation Programme, that is aimed at following up development of the community action plan and supporting the Peer Educators and the Community Committees to establish good working relationship.

Economic Recovery and Infrastructure

CARDI started coordination activities for its new Community Rehabilitation Initiatives programme funded by UNDP and conducted meetings with the Provincial Social Office (DINSOS). CARDI also collected and analysed community profile information related to the programme.


General Situation

Fourteen new districts (Asmat, Boven Digul, Mappi, Kerom, Sarmi, Kaimana, Pegunungan Bintang, Yahukima, Waropen, Wondama, Raja Ampat, Bintuni, Sorong Selatan, and Tolikara) were officially established, which make a total of 28 districts in Papua province. On behalf of the Central Government, the Minister of Home Affairs, Hari Sabarno, attended the formal ceremony and inaugurated eleven district head caretakers. Various local media reported ceremonies that were conducted by communities in the new districts.

Various local media highlighted the issues on the progress of the military operation in Wamena to recover weapons and ammunitions that were stolen by suspected OPM members. In general, comments from the local authorities as appeared in Cendrawasih Pos indicated that a military operation is necessary to recover the stolen weapons and ammunitions, yet it should put safety of the community and peace in the area as the priority.

Population Movements

A local newspaper, Cenderawasih Pos, reported on Tuesday (15 Apr.) that due to security concern in Jayawijaya, the land transportation frequency from Wamena to surrounding districts (i.e. Tiom and Magi) decreased significantly. According to the media, drivers do not want to take the risk of being attacked on their way. As an impact of this condition, people find difficulties to travel from villages to market and shops in the towns.

Food Security And Agriculture

Cenderawasih Pos reported on Tuesday (15 Apr.) that heads of sub-districts in the remote areas in Jayawijaya district have sent letters of complaint to the Logistic Depot (DOLOG) in Wamena for not distributing rice for poor people under the Raskin Programme to these areas for several months. According to the Head of DOLOG Wamena, Agus Salim, rice for these areas has been distributed via the heads of sub-districts. He admitted that transporting the Raskin to these areas has become a major concern due to damaged roads and bridges as the impact of recent natural disasters. He also indicated that several heads of sub-districts have used the Raskin for their own interest.


Population Movements

A local newspaper, Radar Timor, reported on Tuesday (15 Apr.) that 55 families (335 people) in Belu, who are affected by the recent floods, are aiming at joining a transmigration programme.

Food Security and Agriculture

A local newspaper, Pos Kupang, reported on Saturday (12 Apr.) that communities in disaster-affected areas, including 13,785 families in East Flores district, are threatened by food insecurity.

Shelter and Non-food Items

Pos Kupang reported on Monday (14 Apr.) that some people were still residing in the public facilities, such as churches, after their houses were washed away by floods in East Kupang. It is also reported that the District Government of Kupang handed over 375 sacks of cement and iron sheets for reconstruction of houses in one of the affected areas, Pukdale.

Pos Kupang reported on Wednesday (16 Apr.) that assistance from the Ministry of People's Welfare for Ende district was stuck in Sikka district, as roads connecting two districts were damaged due to the current floods and landslides.

Selected Abbreviations Key

Action Contre la Faim
National Coordinating Board for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees
Police Mobile Brigade
National Logistics Agency
Church World Service
Free Aceh Movement
Government of Indonesia
Consortium for Assistance to Refugees and the Displaced in Indonesia
Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development
Henry Dunant Center
International Catholic Migration Commission
International Medical Corps
Internally displaced person
International Relief and Development
Jesuit Refugee Service
Joint Security Committee
National Commission on Human Rights
Army's Special Force
Army's Strategic Reserve Command
Medecins sans Frontieres Belgium
Combined Bathing, Washing and Latrine Facility
Free Papua Organization
Indonesian Red Cross
Field Health Post
Integrated health service
Primary health centre
Primary health unit
Provincial Coordinating Unit for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees
District Executing Unit for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees
Save the Children US
Indonesian Armed Forces
WVI World Vision International

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