Indonesia: OCHA Consolidated Situation Report No. 123

5 - 11 April 2003

Floods and Landslides in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) province;

OCHA conducted an assessment mission to flood affected Sikka, East Flores and Ende districts of Flores Island from 5 to 10 April to assess the situation and assistance required in these affected areas. Please visit for Indonesia Landslides - Situation Report no 3 for the initial report on the floods in Sikka and East Flores district.

Meanwhile, situation in Ende district after the landslides and floods of 31 March - 2 April has resumed to normal activities, except in the sub-district of Ndona where search and rescue teams are still looking for 17 missing persons. The total death in Ende has reached 13 people (12 in Ndona sub-district and one in Ende Island sub-district). The total number of displaced families is 223, 32 homes are destroyed, 56 homes severely damaged, and 135 others are slightly damaged. Many livestock were killed including cattle, horses, pigs and goats totalling the numbers to 492 animals. 15 schools in Nangapanda sub-district were reportedly damaged.

The Chairperson of the Indonesian Red Cross (Palang Merah Indonesia or PMI), Mar'ie Muhammad, visited the disaster site in Ndona sub-district onn Sunday (6 Apr.) and brought 15 kg of medical supplies and 35 body bags as emergency assistance. PMI have secured 75 family kits for Ende district to be delivered this week.

Catholic Relief Services (CRS), CARE, and PMI are still on Flores Island to continue their assessments. PMI and CRS will begin distribution of family kits to the victims in East Flores, Sikka and Ende this week.

Floods in Pekanbaru, Riau province;

Kompas reported on Friday (11 Apr.) that floods in Indragiri Hulu, Pekanbaru, in Riau province have began to subside but still resulting in 3000 displaced persons since the occurrence on 27 March. The evacuees are residing in various spots allocated for evacuation and assisted by the office of the Provincial Government. None of the victims have expressed their willingness to return home as some houses are still flooded with water up to 1 meter.

2. ACEH (Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam)

General Situation

According to local media reports 12 GAM members, 3 TNI soldiers, 1 police personnel and 2 civilians were killed during the reporting week.

HDC Programme Manager, David Gorman, reported on Thursday (10 Apr.) that JSC has relocated its members from the eight districts to Banda Aceh due to threats on its members. The teams would return to the field once the local authorities can provide security guarantee.

A local newspaper, Serambi, reported on Tuesday (8 Apr.) that thousands of local settlers protested JSC in Tapaktuan, the capital of South Aceh district, on Monday (7 Apr.). They demanded JSC to close its office by 10 April. JSC Team Leader of South Aceh acknowledged receipt of the local ultimatum and agreed to depart from South Aceh for security reasons.

Serambi reported on Monday (7 Apr.) that a mob of around 2,000 protesters from 23 villages torched the JSC office on Sunday (6 Apr.) in Langsa, the capital of East Aceh district. The violent act was triggered by the slow response of JSC to investigate series of kidnapping that lead to the missing of 8 civilians in Birem Bayeun sub-district of East Aceh district. JSC and HDC issued a press release condemning the incidence and demanding police intervention to apprehend and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Serambi quoted the Coordinating Minister for Security and Political Affairs, Susilo Bambang Yudhono, on Monday (7 Apr.), after a cabinet meeting chaired by President Megawati, stating that the Government confirmed its commitment to continue the peace process under the existing CoHA. However, The Jakarta Post reported that President Megawati in her cabinet meeting ordered TNI and the Police to prepare for security operations should GAM ignore to salvage the truce.

Population Movements

In collaboration with Oxfam and OCHA, a national NGO, RPuK (Women Volunteers for Humanity), conducted a one-day focus group discussion to socialise the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement (GPID) in Banda Aceh on Saturday (5 Apr.). Eight LNGOs and student groups from various districts in the province participated in the discussion. OCHA briefed the focus group discussion on its roles in assisting and advocating for IDPs in Indonesia, in particular Aceh and North Sumatra. RPuK also distributed the comic version of the GPID and posters.

Public Information Unit (PIU) of JSC reported on Tuesday (8 Apr.) that JSC assisted returns of approximately 2,000 IDPs on Friday (4 Apr.) to Julie sub-district of Bireuen district.

JRS travelled to Pidie, Bireuen, North, and East Aceh districts from 2 to 6 April to monitor the IDPs situation. JRS pointed out that most of the IDPs in East Aceh have returned to their villages in Indra Makmur and Alue Ie Mirah sub-districts. The IDPs mentioned to JRS that they need economic recovery assistance.


IMC, upon invitation from the Provincial Health Department, is currently conducting an assessment on the health facilities including mobile clinics, communities accessibility to health services, health trainings needs, water supply, and sanitation condition in Aceh province.

Food Security and Agriculture

WFP is travelling to North and East Aceh districts to continue food aid distribution through its implementing partner, PMI. WFP mentioned that another 15 sub-districts in North Aceh have been identified to receive food assistance. WFP has also obtained data from the Local Government for potential beneficiaries in East Aceh district who would require food assistance.

Water and Sanitation

CARDI travelled to South Aceh and Southwest Aceh from 7 to 10 April to monitor Flood Relief Programme activities funded through DFID/OCHA and assessing additional needs in the area.

Economic Recovery and Infrastructure

A Livelihood Protection Programme Team from CARDI continued its preparation for implementation of Phase II of the programme by carrying out a one-week assessment in South Aceh and Southwest Aceh from 24 to 30 March, meeting with the Local Government, local authorities and NGOs, as well as visiting 6 programme sites. A planned assessment trip to Pidie district was postponed due to security concerns.

Under its Micro-Grants Programme, CARDI signed agreements with 5 local partners to implement community development projects (income-generation and infrastructure rehabilitation) in 6 conflict-affected villages of East Aceh and Aceh Tamiang districts. CARDI is providing finance and logistics training from 10 to 13 April for its LNGO partners in Langsa of East Aceh district.


General Situation

The Jakarta Post quoted the Chief of the Central Sulawesi Police, Brig. Gen. Taufik Ridha, on Monday (7 Apr.), saying that the situation in Poso is still fragile since many people still possessed homemade arms and explosives. He added that the security authorities would continue to conduct the operation to restore security and order in the district and to encourage all IDPs to return to their places of origin. The security restoration operation that was backed by the local military would continue, while the task force representing the former conflicting parties is still evaluating the implementation of the Malino peace agreement for Poso signed on 20 December 2001.

OCHA conducted a Consolidated Appeal Process (CAP) Mid-Year Review Workshop on Thursday (10 Apr.). Some 30 participants from Local Government, LNGOs, INGOs, UN agencies and representative from Malino Task Force attended the workshop that facilitated by OCHA and SATKORLAK.


OCHA conducted an assessment to a transmigration site in Manilili sub-district of Donggala district on Friday (11 Apr.) to review situation of transmigrants who were conflic-affected victims from Poso Kota.

Food Security and Agriculture

Mercy Corps monitored distribution of seeds and tools to 117 mixed IDPs and local households in Wanga, Watutu village in North Lore district on Wednesday (9 Apr.)

Water and Sanitation

Under its PEARLS Project, CARE distributed woods and hinges for construction of latrines that will benefit 236 households in Pamona sub-district, 193 households in Poso Pesisir sub-district and 220 households in Lage sub-district.


Population Movement

During the reporting week, ICMC facilitated 6 meetings with representatives (42 people) of some 100 displaced families from Bulla sub-district on Seram Island, who are living in Ambon. These meetings are in preparation for subsequent meetings with the District Administrator (Bupati) and Social Department (Dinas Sosial) in Masohi town on Seram Island to seek ways for possible return and integration with the resident community.


In South East Seram AcF is conducting assessments on water and sanitation condition, in particular access to available services and sources, including number of communities in need.

ICMC in partnership with a local NGO, Yayasan Kebangkitan Bahari (YKB), facilitated individual community meetings involving 10 pre-conflict communities in Werinama sub-district on Seram Island. The meetings were aimed at assessing several indicators on community concept, such as community willingness to accept IDPs, reactions to war in Iraq etc. The joint team encouraged the community (consisting of about 500 people) to choose their representative for a joint community meeting. The joint team also facilitated activities for children in four communities in the area.

ICMC in partnership with a local NGO, Lelemuku, conducted an assessment on livelihood, health facilities and essential services aspects of IDPs currently displaced in Siampu, Waralohi, Waitibu and Siriholo sub-villages, Kairatu sub-district of Seram Island.

ICMC in partnership with another local NGO, Lakpesdam I, conducted assessment on condition of IDPs from Tehoru and Bulla sub-divisions, who are now living in five communities in North Seram sub-district.

From 9 to 12 April, CARDI monitored six projects that are being implemented by six local partners on Seram Island. They are Nusa Pratama on water and sanitation project in Piru area, Community Committee of Tomalehu Timur on integrated activities in Piru area, Community Committee of Siaputih on integrated activities in Piru area, Community Committee of Ahiolo area on construction of school building project, and Yayasan Pengembangan Karya Masyarakat (YPKM) on economic empowerment in agriculture sector in Waisala sub-district.

CARDI visited Pelita Jaya village on Seram Island to meet the committee and community members to discuss its project proposal and explain the benefit of Income Generation Activities (IGA) that the community is able to undertake.

Regional Coordinator of ICMC, Barb Porter-Lauer, visited Ambon from 25 March to 2 April for a routine familiarisation, met field staff to discuss progress of activities and visited project sites as well. Accompanied by its programme manager, she visited Masohi town to meet IDPs from Lava of Tehoru sub-district who are living in Teor Nela Serua of TNS sub-district.

Food Security and Agriculture

AcF is preparing distribution of seeds, tools, and fishing equipments in South Buru that is expected to commence on 12 April.

Mercy Corps provided funds to a local NGO, Pusat Inkubasi Bisnis Usaha Kecil, for distribution of seeds, tools and fishing equipments for 336 displaced families and local communities in Loun, Wael, Talaga Baru, Taman Jaya, Kotania, Talaga Piru villages of West Seram sub-district.

Mercy Corps provided funds to a local NGO, Lembaga Maluku Membangun, to conduct a workshop and distribute seeds and tools among 55 families in Karang Buanoh Rumah Tiga, a suburb in Ambon city.


This week, IMC conducted a total of 761 medical consultations at its mobile clinics in Buru and Seram Islands, excluding Waesala village of Seram Island due to restricted accessibility caused by bad weather.

A medical doctor from IMC, Dr. Karina Widowati, attended the second Integrated Management Childhood Illness (IMCI) Training in Surabaya from 7 to 11 April.

IMC conducted Community Health Worker (CHW) Training from 8 to 10 April in Kobisonta town of Seram Island.

MSF-B conducted 338 medical consultations at health centres on Ambon Island supported by the organization. During the consultation, several cases of dengue fever have been reported.

Water and Sanitation

MSF-B continues general maintenance and improvement of water and sanitation facilities in Ambon IDPs camps and collective centres.


CARDI's Emergency Psychosocial Project (EPP) continues providing support to the conflict affected youths and children through one month long direct school support and structured non-formal education activities.

CARDI is organizing educations of "Living Values" in Paso village and "Human Rights" in Mamala village of Ambon Island.

CARDI's school support activity programmes in Liang, Tulehu, Rimbaraya and Paso villages have been suspended following hostilities occurred in these villages. However, monitoring of situation continues.

Economic Recovery and Infrastructure

CARDI's "Community and Rehabilitation Programme" continues providing support for return and reintegration efforts for Ambon and Seram Islands through provision of livelihood and infrastructure assistance.

CARDI is reviewing financial report from five local partners, Syahmony Maluku, LPPM, Marien Mandiri, SMJ, and PINBUK. CARDI is also up dating its budget forecasting and cash request for the 2nd and 3rd instalments.

CARDI has prepared budget forecasting and proposal summary from Sehati for a water and sanitation project in Hative Besar Baguala sub-district of Ambon Island, and Community Committee from Pelita Jaya for an integrated activities in Pelita Jaya sub-village, West Seram sub-district of Seram Island. Contracts for both local partners are expected to be signed next week after considering field reports.

ICMC in partnership with LNGOs, Lakpesdam II and Saunulu, started their programmes to promote reintegration and peace building between returnees in Tehoru sub-district and neighbouring communities in Saptamarga and Yiaputih.

ICMC in partnership with a local NGO, Tiara Pusaka, facilitated individual community meetings with three IDP communities (groups) in Taniwel sub-district and pre-conflict community on economic empowerment activities and joint activities for children. The communities are also being prepared for meetings with the Bupati to raise concerns of the above communities.

ICMC in partnership with a local NGO, Diakonia, facilitated individual community meetings with 10 displaced communities (groups) in TNS/Amahai sub-district to help coordinate assistance from the Government, prepare a joint community meeting, and coordinate with district level officials.


Food Security and Agriculture

CORDAID sponsored a team from Khairun University of Ternate to conduct survey on agriculture, fishery, and animal husbandry in Loloda, Ibu, Jailolo, and Sahu sub-districts for its planned economic development programme based on agriculture, fisheries and animal husbandry.


CORDAID in cooperation with a local NGO, Persatuan Karya Dharma Kesehatan Indonesia (Perdhaki Jakarta) conducted a two months health survey in Bacan, Obi, and West Gane sub-districts on malnutrition, availability of medical services, medical staffs skills/education and drug supplies. The survey objectives were to identify needs for medical staff training, reconstruction of health facilities, improvement of food supply, health training and food processing training.

This week IMC mobile clinic conducted a total of 489 consultations in Kao, Malifut, Galela and North Morotai sub-districts. IMC also conducted training for posyandu cadres on Posyandu Five Desk System at Kao village of Kao sub-district.

Water and Sanitation

A CARDI water and sanitation team went to Bacan Island to work on the revision of the proposals submitted to CARDI. Another team departed to Tahafo and Tataleka villages in Jailolo sub-district to follow up on commencement of programme activities and to Gusale Puncak village to work on proposal revision with the community.

Shelter and Non-food Items

WVI monitored its Roofing Programme in Pilowo, Aru Irian, Tiley Pantai, Raja, Sambiki, Sabatai Baru, Totodoku and Juanga villages in Morotai Island from 8 to 9 April.

WVI distributed building materials for its Housing Kit Programme in Pilowo, Tiley Pantai, Raja, and Korago villages in Morotai Island from 5 to 9 April.


From 4 to 7 April, WVI distributed school supplies to SMP Kristen Tobelo, SD Inpres Gamhoku, SD GMIH 4 Tobelo, SD Inpres Bertingkat and SMP 1 Tobelo in Tobelo sub-district. On Wednesday (9 Apr.) WVI also distributed building materials for small-scale renovation of schools in SMP Kristen, SD Inpres Bertingkat, SD Inpres Gamhoku and SD GMIH Gamhoku in Tobelo sub-district.

WVI monitored construction of Happy House in Togawa and Soakonora villages in Galela sub-district.

CARDI conducted training and workshop for 60 peer educators of its Youth Programmes at CARDI's office in Jailolo sub-district, which focused on case studies, strategic planning, problem solving, team work, colleague based counselling, radio programmes and activity plans for April - June period.

Economic Recovery and Infrastructure

WVI distributed materials for construction of MCK type 3 for its public infrastructure rehabilitation programme in Mamuya village in Galela sub-district from 3 to 9 April.

WVI conducted survey to identify the village potential for its economic empowerment programme in the villages of Gamhoku, Wari, Wosia, Kuma, Kakara Island and Tolonuo Island in Galela sub-district from 7 to 9 April.


Food Security and Agriculture

Cendrawasih Pos reported on Thursday (10 Apr.) that many crop fields in floods-affected areas of Jayawijaya district were still inundated as water level of Baliem river remain above the danger level.


Various local media in Papua highlighted the incident in Wamena when a military ammunition warehouse was broken by unknown people. TNI identified them as member of OPM. Three people were killed and 29 weapons were stolen. Police Mobile Brigades (Brimob) and special force troops from military headquarter in Jakarta were sent to Wamena for intensive military investigation and recovery. Within five days, they were successfully able to recover 19 weapons. Papua Post quoted the Chief of Command of Military Headquarter in Papua, Brig. Gen. Nurdin Zainal, on Tuesday (8 Apr.), saying that the operation would continue until the missing 10 weapons are found.


Papua Post reported on Thursday (10 Apr.) that teaching - learning activities at schools in Yaur sub-district of Nabire sub-district were not reactivated after earthquake and tsunami occurred last October. Similar condition also prevailed in schools in Ransiki sub-district of Manokwari district.



A local newspaper, Pos Kupang, reported on Tuesday (8 Apr.) that people in the flood affected area in Flores-Larantuka are suffering from Respiratory Acute Infection. The Head of District Health Department of Flores Timur, Dr. Dominggus Sarambu, stated that there were about 463 people affected by the disease.

Shelter and Non-food Items

Pos Kupang reported on Wednesday (9 Apr.) that part of the consignment sent from the Ministry of People's Welfare for Ende district were stuck in Sikka district because of road that connected two districts are badly damaged.

Pos Kupang reported on Monday (7 Apr.) that some people are still residing in public facilities (i.e. church etc) since their houses were washed away by flood in Kupang Timur.

Pos Kupang reported on Monday (7 Apr.) that the Local Government of Kupang handed over 375 sacks of cement and iron sheets for reconstruction of houses in Pukdale, East Kupang.

Selected Abbreviations Key

Action Contre la Faim
National Coordinating Board for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees
Police Mobile Brigade
National Logistics Agency
Church World Service
Free Aceh Movement
Government of Indonesia
Consortium for Assistance to Refugees and the Displaced in Indonesia
Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development
Henry Dunant Center
International Catholic Migration Commission
International Medical Corps
Internally displaced person
International Relief and Development
Jesuit Refugee Service
Joint Security Committee
National Commission on Human Rights
Army's Special Force
Army's Strategic Reserve Command
Medecins sans Frontieres Belgium
Combined Bathing, Washing and Latrine Facility
Free Papua Organization
Indonesian Red Cross
Field Health Post
Integrated health service
Primary health centre
Primary health unit
Provincial Coordinating Unit for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees
District Executing Unit for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees
Save the Children US
Indonesian Armed Forces
WVI World Vision International

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