Indonesia - OCHA Consolidated Situation Report No. 118

Situation Report
Originally published
1 March - 7 March 2003

The Jakarta Post reported on Friday (7 Mar.) that the blanketed the Riau provincial capital of Pekanbaru over the last few days, sending an early warning of possible repeat of last year's haze problems that nearly paralysed the city and other parts of the province during the dry season. Officials have said that the smoke had likely come from land clearance activities, as farmers or forest squatters took advantage of the rainless days.

The Jakarta Post quoted the Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMG) on Thursday (6 Mar.), saying that the rainy season that has triggered hundreds of natural disasters across the country will end early for many parts of the country, such as Java (in particular in Central and East Java) Bali, West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara. Rain will cease in Jakarta in April, while in other parts of the country the season would end in May or June. As this would also mean an early dry season, BMG warned people in Central Java, Kalimantan, Maluku and Papua to be prepared for possible droughts.

The Jakarta Post quoted the City Health Agency, Evy Zelfiano, on Saturday (1 Mar.), saying that Jakartans should prepare for one of the worst outbreaks of dengue fever in years as the city will likely experience the peak of the disease's five-year cycle this year.

2. ACEH (Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam)

General Situation

3 civilians were killed during the week according to the local media reports.

HDC released a press statement on Monday afternoon (3 Mar.) condemning threats or intimidation launched by at least 5,000 people in Takengon, Central Aceh district that led to injuries of two monitors (1 GAM and 1 GoRI) and the burning of three JSC vehicles. The media reported that the attack was triggered by dissatisfaction towards JSC for not responding to an act of extortion case carried out by GAM against a local coffee trader. GAM took him as a hostage on 28 February and asked a ransom of IDR 500 million (USD 57,000) for his release. GAM spokesperson on Tuesday (4 Mar.) rejected the allegation and blamed TNI for causing the unrest to harm the peace process.

A local newspaper, Waspada, reported on Thursday (6 Mar.) that unidentified armed groups shot two civilians in Rata Ara village, Timang Gajah sub-district of Central Aceh districts on Monday evening (3 Mar.) and caused displacement of 125 persons in a nearby mosque of a neighbouring village.

Public Information Unit (PIU) of JSC informed in a press release on Thursday (6 Mar.) that JSC would inaugurate four more Peace Zones over the weekend. 56 Tripartite Monitors Team (TMT) personnel will be deployed, making a total of 148 TMT personnel in eight districts.

The Jakarta Post reported on Wednesday (5 Mar.) that the first sharia court in Aceh province was opened by Religious Affairs Minister as part of the special autonomy package granted by the Central Government. The court is intended to uphold a moderate Islamic Law. Minister of Internal Affairs, Minister of Justice and Human Rights, and Supreme Court Chief also attended the ceremony.

Population Movements

JRS assisted the return of some 401 IDPs in Lhok Nibong sub-district of East Aceh district on Tuesday (4 Mar.). They had been displaced for more than two years. JRS informed that the IDPs are short of food and other resources after their homes in Seuneubok Bayu and Alue Ie Mirah villages of Julok sub-district were burnt down and destroyed during the conflict in 2000.

A local newspaper, Serambi, reported on Wednesday (5 Mar.) that hundreds of IDPs stranded in North Sumatra have taken shelter in Merdeka Centre Park of Medan city on Tuesday (4 Mar.) to stage a protest against the delay of disbursement of their termination fund. The Central Government has suspended the disbursement due to difference in the calculation of the number of IDP who are eligible to receive the fund in North Sumatra.

Food Security and Agriculture

WFP completed its first food aid distribution of 460 MT rice for 460,000 beneficiaries in Pidie district. The distribution will continue in four other districts of Bireuen, North Aceh, Great Aceh, and East Aceh.


WHO sent team leaders of the qualitative mental health research to Bireuen, Central Aceh, North Aceh , East Aceh and South Aceh districts to conduct focus group discussions regarding health problems faced by the communities in the districts.

SC US completed the skill training for 400 health cadres in Lamteuba and Lampanah sub-districts of Great Aceh district to revitalize posyandu activities in the two areas.

Water and Sanitation

CARDI identified 12 sites for rehabilitation of water and sanitation facilities in Pidie, Central Aceh, East Aceh, and Southwest Aceh districts. The rehabilitation will commence in the second week of March. Eight more sites will shortly be identified.


UNICEF is conducting additional teacher training on the use of "School in a Box" materials for 100 teachers in Banda Aceh from 1 to 11 March. The first training took place in August 2002 for forty teachers.

Economic Recovery and Infrastructure

CARDI completed its livelihood programme on 28 February. Through this programme, CARDI attended the needs of 771 households (2,900 persons) in Great Aceh, Bireuen and Central Aceh districts for income-generating activities.

CARDI received eight project proposals for its Micro-Grant programme in East Aceh. Proposals are currently being reviewed.


General Situation

A local newspaper, Radar Sulteng, reported on Saturday (1 Mar.) that three snipers in Poso district were arrested by the police on 25 January in Ampibabo sub-district of Parigi Moutong district.

Some twenty youth staged a peaceful demonstration on Tuesday (4 Mar.) in Poso Kota sub-district. The demonstration demanded the implementation of sharia law.

Food Security and Agriculture

CWS held socialization programme of food aid (distribution of vegetable oil) from 4 to 5 March in 13 villages in Poso Pesisir sub-district. Total beneficiaries of this aid were 4,110 families.

CWS distributed food aid (rice, vegetable oil and red beans) to two villages of North Pamona sub-district on 21 February, and three villages of Mori Atas sub-district from 27 to 28 February. Total beneficiaries of this aid were 922 families (3,778 people).

CWS distributed a total of 19,070 kg of rice, 3,490 litres of vegetable oil and 5,894 kg of red beans to two villages in North Pamona sub-district and three villages in Mori Atas sub-district from 21 February to 5 March.


IMC operated its mobile clinic on Saturday (1 Mar.) in Kayamanya village of Poso Kota sub-district and treated 41 patients.

Water and Sanitation

CWS held monitoring and evaluation of its water and sanitation programme from 27 February to 3 March in five villages of Poso Pesisir sub-district, three villages in Lage sub-district and North Pamona sub-district.


General Situation

A local newspaper, Siwalima, reported on Tuesday (4 Mar.) that a clash involving two groups of youth from Ohoijang village and Watdek village in Tual sub-district of Southeast Maluku district occurred on Sunday night (2 Mar.). The clash caused a temporary displacement from the vicinity. No casualty or damage was reported and the security forces have gained control of the situation.

Food Security and Agriculture

AcF has started coordination with the Head of District (Bupati), Regional Development Agency (Bappeda), Social Agency (Dinas Sosial), and the Agriculture and Fishery Department of Buru Island for the implementation of its "Seed and Tool Programme".

AcF is working on the compilation of mapping programme on Haruku, Saparua and Seram Islands.


MSF-B conducted 406 consultations at its health centres on Ambon Island. The usual ambulatory outreach health programme on islands of the province was not possible due to the bad weather at the sea.

IMC this week conducted a total of 1,284 medical consultations at its health stations in Buru and Seram Islands.

IMC conducted rehabilitation of health facilities on Seram and Buru Islands. IMC also completed rehabilitation of polindes in Iha village of Seram Island.

Water and Sanitation

AcF finalized a report on its well cleaning and digging programmes in several villages in North Buru sub-district.

CARDI is continuing its support and monitoring of water and sanitation facilities repairs in 29 schools on Ambon Island through contractors and community participation.


CARDI completed collection of materials required for specific vocational training for selected community members in Suli, Rimba Raya, Hative, Mamala and Liang villages on Ambon Island. Meanwhile, community training on sewing and bread making for women in nine locations in Wayame, Pohon Manga, Passo, and Tulehu villages of Ambon Island, continues.

CARDI conducted "Community Committee Training" for fifty participants from 26 to 27 February. Topics of the training are Psychosocial Effects of Conflict and How to Support Children/Youth, Listening Skills, Action Plan, and Assessment and Design.

Mercy Corps held "Participatory Rural Appraisal Training" from 27 to 28 February for 18 LNGO field staff. The training was aimed at providing guidelines for implementation of participatory principles in the community.

Economic Recovery and Infrastructure

In partnership with LNGO, POSKO North Maluku, CARDI initiated cookery training for women as part of its economic empowerment programme in Paso village.

CARDI held a meeting with community partners in Karang Panjang (a suburb in Ambon city) on 27 February to explain the importance of community participation in the relevant income generating activities, such as tailoring.

CARDI submitted five additional contracts to get authorization from its headquarter in Jakarta. The contracts related to water and sanitation, economic empowerment, education and multi-sector activities. CARDI has already authorized eleven contracts and the activities are being carried out.

Funded by a Netherlands based humanitarian organisation, Stichting Vluchting, CARDI has been supporting and reinforcing the return of IDPs and their integration process with the community in Seram and Ambon Islands. Under this programme, CARDI is financing rehabilitation of livelihood and infrastructure, as well as income generating activities.

AcF officially opened an office in the capital of Buru district, Namlea. AcF is conducting Seed and Tools, and Fishing Equipment programmes in the district from January - July 2003. AcF also plans to extend its income generation programme that is carried out in Ambon Island to North Buru sub-district.

Mercy Corps financed staff members of two LNGOs (AIPUKAMMA and MOCDA) to travel to Jakarta from 26 February to early March to attend "Local Capacities for Peace Building Training" organised by World Vision.


In cooperation with an LNGO, SC UK is facilitating "Children's Parliament" programme that involves Muslim and Christian children. The children met at the SC UK's Children Resource Centre in Ambon city.

ICMC made joint and individual presentations regarding its Community Recovery Programme on Tuesday (4 Mar.) in Masohi in Seram Island. Staff members from Mercy Corps also participated.


Water and Sanitation

CARDI conducted a technical assessment on water and sanitation programme in Gusane Puncak and Tauro villages of Ibu sub-district.

Food Security and Agriculture

Under its fishery programme, WVI distributed fishing kits to Tiley Pantai village of Morotai sub-district on Wednesday (5 Mar.).

Shelter and Non-food Items

WVI monitored its Roofing Kit project in South Jailolo sub-district from 27 February to 5 March.

WVI identified and selected beneficiaries of its Housing Kit programme in Ake Sahu, Dum-Dum Pantai, and Tetewang villages of South Jailolo sub-district on 27 February.

WVI distributed materials for its Housing Kit programme in Soatabaru/Samuda and Goaralamo villages of Galela sub-district from 27 February to 5 March, and Ngofagita and Dum-Dum Pantai villages of South Jailolo sub-district from 4 to 5 March.

CORDAID monitored its reconstruction project in Biamaahi village of South Jailolo sub-district, Tahane and Sosol villages of Malifut sub-district.


WVI distributed textbooks and snacks for its School Event programme at SD Negeri Popilo/Mede, SLTP Kristen Tobelo, SD Inpres Gamholu, and SD GMIH Gamhoku. WVI also provided window glasses to a Happy House building at Gamhoku village of Tobelo sub-district from 27 February to 4 March.

WVI distributed textbooks to Galela sub-district (covering SD GMIH Mamuya, SD Inpres Mamuya, SD Inpres Soa Sio, SD Inpres Soakonora, and SD Inpres Ori Bale) on 28 February and Kao sub-district (covering SD Kao Stad, SD Inpres Ngaimadodera and SD GMIH Biang) from 4 to 5 March.


General Situation

The Jakarta Post reported on Thursday (6 Mar.) that the Indonesian military prosecutors demanded prison terms ranging from two to three years for four Kopassus soldiers who are accused of killing a Papuan pro-independence leader, Theys Hiyo Eluay, in November 2001.

The Jakarta Post reported on Saturday (1 Mar.) that the Coalition of Peace-Loving Papuan Women has called on the Central Government to approve the draft regulation on the Papuan People's Assembly (MRP), which, when formed, will play an important role in the province under its special autonomy status.

Selected Abbreviations Key:

ACF Action Contre la Faim
Bakornas PBP National Coordinating Board for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees
Brimob Police Mobile Brigade
Bulog National Logistics Agency
CWS Church World Service
GAM Free Aceh Movement
GoRI Government of Indonesia
CARDI Consortium for Assistance to Refugees and the Displaced in Indonesia
CORDAID Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development
HDC Henry Dunant Center
ICMC International Catholic Migration Commission
IMC International Medical Corps
IDP Internally displaced person
IRD International Relief and Development
JRS Jesuit Refugee Service
JSC Joint Security Committee
Komnas HAM National Commission on Human Rights
Kopassus Army's Special Force
Kostrad Army's Strategic Reserve Command
MSF-B Medecins sans Frontieres Belgium
MCK Combined Bathing, Washing and Latrine Facility
OPM Free Papua Organisation
PMI Indonesian Red Cross
Poliandes Field Health Post
Posyandu Integrated health service
Puskesmas Primary health centre
Pustu Primary health unit
Satkorlak PBP Provincial Coordinating Unit for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees
Satlak PBP District Executing Unit for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees
SC US Save the Children US
TNI Indonesian Armed Forces
WVI World Vision International

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