Indonesia - OCHA Consolidated Situation Report No. 117

22 February - 28 February 2003


Deutsche Presse Agentur (DPA) reported on Monday (24 Feb.) that Government authorities in North Sulawesi issued a volcano alert concerning the activities of Mount Lokon in Tomohon district. The volcanology office in North Sulawesi reported that the volcano began rumbling on Sunday (23 Feb.) morning, exerting black smoke up to 2,500 metres into the sky, spewing hot rocks and gravel. The volcano is still on level three "alert" status for residents living nearby the Lokon volcano. Bakornas PBP sent a team to assess the situation on Thursday (27 Feb.), and the situation is under control. No casualties were reported.


The Jakarta Post reported on Monday (24 Feb.) that torrential rains have caused widespread flooding that have submerged crops and homes across Indonesia including Belu, Atambua, East Nusa Tenggara. At least 576 hectares of corn were destroyed by the floods. Meanwhile, in Batanghari, Jambi, 50 hectares of ready-to-harvest crops were submerged by floodwaters and six villages were inundated, forcing 3,000 people to flee their homes. The six villages were Lopak Aur, Betung, Ture, Selat, Lubuk Ruso and Senaning. No casualties have been reported so far.

A local newspaper, Cendrawasih Pos, reported on Tuesday (25 Feb.) that floods occurred in Kurima, Kurulu, and Assologaima sub-district during the week. The floods inundated villages in the sub-districts, including hectares of crops, gardens, and plantations. No human casualty was reported, but villagers have to be evacuated to safer areas on surrounding hills and mountains. In some areas, as reported by Cendrawasih Pos on Thursday (27 Feb.), the water level has reached 1-2 meters.

2. ACEH (Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam)

General Situation

One GAM member was killed during the week according to local media reports.

Various local media reported that clashes occurred between GAM and TNI troops in the new Peace Zone of Tiro sub-district of Pidie district on Wednesday (26 Feb.). Both parties have blamed one another for initiating the attack. The two parties call for JSC to investigate this violation against the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement (CoHA). No casualties from the incident were reported.

A local newspaper, Waspada, reported on Thursday (27 Feb.) that a local GAM Commander of Asahan, Tebing Tinggi sub-district, Langkat district, North Sumatra, was shot dead by police troops during a raid of their hideout on Wednesday (26 Feb.). Police forces also arrested another three GAM members.

JSC reported at a press conference on Thursday (27 Feb.) that another 18 international monitors including a high ranking Colonel from Thailand who was specially assigned to support the verification team arrived in Banda Aceh.

The Public Information Unit (PIU) of JSC issued a press statement on Tuesday (25 Feb.) that PIU would be intensifying socialisation of the CoHA between GoRI and GAM through deployment of 15 PIU field officers to eight districts of Great Aceh, Pidie, Bireuen, North Aceh, East Aceh, Central Aceh, West Aceh and South Aceh. Each district would receive two field officers. From 24 to 25 February, PIU and HDC conducted orientation and training for the 15 field officers to carry out their main task to socialize the CoHA and agreements under CoHA achieved by the JSC.

Population Movements

A local newspaper, Serambi, reported on Thursday (27 Feb.) that 1,857 IDPs (857 families) who have returned from North Sumatra and are currently taking shelter in an animal slaughter house in Meunasah Mesjid village, outside Lhokseumawe, do not have sufficient food stock. The IDPs have yet to return to their villages in Muara Dua sub-district due to slow response from the Local Government. An IDP claimed that the Government stopped emergency assistance and that a local official instructed the IDPs to return to North Sumatra, rejecting their repatriation to North Aceh. The IDPs camp coordinator in Meunasah Mesjid village reported that many IDPs have also left the camp due to poor sanitation resources, leaving only 50% of the remaining sheltered in the camp.

Food Security and Agriculture

WFP through an LNGO, KEMANG, in cooperation with Local Government authorities started distribution of rice in Banda Dua and Banda Bera Sub-districts of Pidie District. Out of 28 sub-districts, 13 most affected and poorest ones were identified for distribution of rice in Pidie District. By the second week of March, the distribution of rice through PMI would start in Bireuen, Aceh Besar, Aceh Utara and Aceh Timur Districts.


WHO’s National Consultant traveled to the province from 23 to 27 February to conduct a study of malaria cases in Aceh. The consultant visited hospitals and health centres across Banda Aceh and Great Aceh districts to complete WHO’s study of malaria cases.

From 22 to 26 February, SC US together with local health cadres organised weighing of under fives in eight villages of Tangse sub-district to identify a location with the highest rate and numbers of malnourished children for introducing Positive Deviance Nutritional Intervention (PDNI). The intervention will commence on 3 March.

From 23 to 25 February, SC US evaluated normalizing activities (i.e. drama play, group playing session etc.) for children in Tangse sub-district as part of its psychosocial programme.

Water and Sanitation

CARDI travelled to North Aceh district from 25 to 27 February for the possible selection of resettlement/returnee sites. Under its "Rehabilitation/Construction of Water Sanitation Facilities Programme", CARDI has already selected sites in Pidie, Central, East and West Aceh districts. CARDI is also continuing decontamination and cleaning up of logging activities that are part of its "Flood Emergency Response Programme" in Nagan Raya and Barat Daya districts.


UNICEF travelled to Pidie, North and East Aceh districts from 24 to 26 February to meet the District Education Departments to develop a framework for UNICEF’s assistance in the education sector for 2003. UNICEF also targets assistance for South Aceh district and a meeting regarding this matter has been held in Banda Aceh.

Economic Recovery and Infrastructure

A livelihood team of CARDI conducted final evaluation from 24 to 25 February for its income generation security projects in Samalanga and Peudada, Bireuen sub-districts.

A micro-grants team of CARDI is traveling to East Aceh from 25 February to 2 March to assess pre-selected local partners and communities.


Oxfam GB conducted a two-day workshop from 20 to 21 February to provide theories and practices on humanitarian protection issues for twenty field staff of six local NGOs.

From 25 to 27 Feb, SC US attended and supported "Youth Forums" in Syiah Kuala and Meuraxa sub-districts, Banda Aceh, to observe progress on formation of youth organisations initiated by leadership training. The youth organisations are preparing implementation of small community projects.


General Situation

A local newspaper, Radar Sulteng, reported on Tuesday (25 Feb.) that around 3,500 students from Al-Khairat Islamic Institution staged a street rally on Monday (24 Feb.) in Palu. The rally was a protest against the US’ plans to attack Iraq.


Mercy Corps conducted pre-monitoring of livelihood security in four villages of Parigi sub-district on Wednesday (26 Feb.).

CWS conducted an initial assessment of beneficiaries in Mori Atas and Tojo sub-districts for distribution of seeds and tools under its "Psychosocial Mental Health (PMH) Programme". The assessment identified a total of 1,779 household beneficiaries.

Food Security and Agriculture

CWS Poso distributed 6,275 litres of vegetable oil to 1,658 households in eight villages in Lage and North Pamona sub-district, and 5,433 kg of red beans to 3,483 persons in three villages in North Pamona sub-district from 20 to 26 February. Meanwhile, CWS Tentena distributed 13,860 kg of rice and 2,162 kg of red beans for 1,386 persons (362 households) in Mayoa and Pandayora villages in Mori sub-district.

On Saturday (22 Feb.), CARE finished its one-week training on cacao plantation in Poso Kota. The training is part of "Poso Emergency for Agricultural Recovery Livelihood Security (PEARLS)" project. Twenty two persons from the local community and 11 persons from CARE attended the training.


IMC conducted three IEC campaigns at posyandu in Poso City and North Pamona sub-district with a total of 162 participants. The campaign topics included Diarrhoea, Worms Disease, Immunisation, Antenatal Care, Safe Motherhood and Care of the New Born. Three cadres and six Government health staff were involved in these activities.

A mobile clinic of IMC operated in Sa’atu village, Poso Pesisir sub-district and treated 55 patients. IMC also distributed anti-worm tablets to 18 children under five years during the operation. Four government staff from puskesmas and posyandu in these two sub-districts also assisted.

IMC Team at Tentena referred one patient to Hospital Tentena due to post-partum-haemorrhage. IMC midwife delivered the premature baby (6 month gestation) as there was no doctor at the hospital at that time. The mother is safe, but the baby remains in the hospital Intensive Care Unit.

Water and Sanitation

CWS distributed concrete to Uelene village, South Pamona sub-district, on Thursday (27 Feb.) for development of 15 water and sanitation units.

CWS monitored and documented progress of its water and sanitation project in Lage, Posunga, Kulinti and Petirodongi sub-district on Wednesday (26 Feb.).


CWS finished a joint evaluation of its "Food Aid Programme" on Saturday (22 Feb.). The evaluation team consisted of Government representatives (Satkorlak, Satlak and Social Department), local partners and CWS representatives.


General Situation

A local newspaper, Ambon Ekspress, quoted the Deputy Chief of Police Maluku on Monday and Tuesday (24 and 25 Feb.), saying that four Pakistani nationals were arrested in the province for visa violations and were deported on Tuesday (25 Feb.).

Four officials from Australian Agency for International Development (AusAid) at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta visited Ambon from 25 to 28 February. The purpose of the visit was to assess the humanitarian situation in the province and progress of activities funded by AusAid. The team met and held discussions with humanitarian organisations, community leaders, the Governor and several Government officials.

Population Movement

Ambon Ekspress reported on Monday (24 Feb.) quoting the Deputy Head of Buru district, Ir Bakri Lumbessy, that Maluku Provincial Government was responsible for returning all IDPs from Buru Island to their places of origin, especially those who came from Ambon. The Provincial Government will support the return process that includes preparation of funds and facilities.


On Seram island district, IMC conducted assessments in four newly rehabilitated health posts (Pustu Tihuana, Polindes Wahakain, Pustu Wailoping and Pustu Aketernate) in Kobisonta village, and two old centres in Wahai village (Polindes Pasahari and Pustu Bessy).

On Ambon Island, CARDI completed school assessments in Tulehu village (10 schools and 5 community buildings), and Waiheru village (4 schools and 1 community building). The purpose of the assessments was to identify basic needs of the schools.

Food Security and Agriculture

AcF finalised a compilation of reports on AcF activities covering 1999 - 2003 period.

AcF distributed booklets on subsistence agriculture together with seeds and tools in Buru Island.


A medical doctor from IMC participated in a training of Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) at Wamsisi Health Center in Buru Island from 22 to 24 February. The training was attended by 23 TBA and facilitated by three professionals from Provincial Health Department and IMC. Meanwhile, on Saturday (22 Feb.), another medical doctor from IMC finished a comprehensive basic health training at Al-Fattah Hospital in Ambon City. The programme was facilitated by Provincial Health authority.

UNICEF, IMC and Provincial Health authority held discussions on Wednesday (26 Feb.) to find the most uitable and effective process to implement training on Integrated Childhood Sickness Management (Manajemen Terpadu Balita Sakit or MTBS) that is expected to take place from 20 to 28 March. The training will be facilitated by Provincial Health authority and funded by UNICEF and IMC.

IMC this week conducted a total of 1,508 medical consultations at its health stations in Buru and Seram Island.

The IMC’s health facilities rehabilitation programme in Ambon, Seram and Buru Islands is still in progress.

Water and Sanitation

UNICEF supported rehabilitation of water and sanitation facilities in thirty schools and supported promotion of on-going hygiene programme in Buru Island.

AcF’s programme for cleaning well, connecting water pipe line and tap, and rehabilitation and construction of wells in some villages in Buru Island is in progress. (Also see Consolidated Situation Report No. 116 covering the period of 15-21 February 2003).


UNICEF conducted a two-day workshop from 24 to 26 February in Ambon City to introduce "Creating Learning Communities for Children (CLCC)" programme. The workshop is aimed at increasing the quality of primary school education through developing school-based management and increasing community participation in schools. Policy makers and education experts from Provincial and Local Government attended the workshop. The workshop will be followed by a training of trainers (TOT) for thirty selected master trainers from five districts. UNICEF is also providing school supplies (i.e text-books, blackboard, stationeries etc.) to more than 150 schools in Maluku province.

Mercy Corps funded an LNGO, Yayasan Bara Sehe, to distribute school supplies for 211 students in Ewiri village South Buru sub-district.

Economic Recovery and Infrastructure

Mercy Corps and its partners held a meeting on Monday (24 Feb.) to discuss progress and plans on the on-going economic empowerment activities.

Mercy Corps and 32 LNGOs held a general meeting on Tuesday (25 Feb.) to discuss an arrangement for shifting management responsibilities of the NGO Center from Mercy Corps to an LNGO.

Under its Community Rehabilitation Programme (CRP), CARDI selected eleven projects for which USD142,493 has been committed. The projects include school building rehabilitation, income generating activities, small-scale business enterprise. The projects will cover several villages on Ambon Island. CARDI has also considered another five new projects for Ambon.

A Mercy Corps official participated in a "Public Health in a Complex Emergency" workshop in Makasar, South Sulawesi on 21 February. At the workshop, the official also facilitated discussions on "Protection and Security". "The UN Guiding Principles on IDPs" booklets were distributed to the participants. Twenty participants from humanitarian organisations, IDPs and community leaders attended the workshop.

Mercy Corps provided funds, and distributed seeds and tools to two LNGOs, Yayasan El Badrik in Southeast Maluku for 34 displaced families (104 people) in Evu village of Kei Kecil Island, and Yayasan Kilkilun Loor for 350 families (1,637 people) in Elralang, Bombay, Wer Ohiker villages of Kei Besar Island. Mercy Corps also provided funds to another LNGO, Yayasan Ina Hasa Laut, to re-new a contract for a warehouse that is used for storing non-food items for future emergency needs.


Food Security and Agriculture

IRD distributed 7 MT (642 boxes) of breedlove (food supplement) to 2,823 students in 16 schools in Bacan sub-district from 18 to 24 February. In Obi sub-district, 4,6 MT (423 boxes) of breedlove was distributed to 1,943 students in nine primary schools in Galala, Anggai, Kampung Baru, Sum and Sambiki villages and 700 returnees in Air Mangga villages from 18 to 22 February. In Gane Barat sub-district, IRD distributed 7 MT of breedlove (647 boxes) to 904 students in eight primary schools in Paspalele, Yamli, Durian, Boso, Fulai, Doro and Cango villages and to 818 returnees in Boso and Durian villages from 8 to 21 February.


IMC continued its health services and mobile clinics in Kao-Malifut, Tobelo, Galela, Bere-Bere, and Daruba sub-districts and treated 837 patients.

IMC continued rehabilitation of seven polindes and three pustus in Tobelo and Galela sub-districts.

IMC conducted training for Community Health Workers (CHWs) and Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) that were delivered at special sessions in posyandu community in Kukumutuk, Kao, Gol Gol and Dim Dim villages. The communities in these villages also attended the training.

In Kao Malifut sub-district, IMC conducted Intensive Education Communication (IEC) Campaign on "Malaria" and "Reproductive Health for Youth" from 19 to 21 February.

Meanwhile, several TBA training sessions were also conducted by IMC in Daruba sub-district (covering Dehegila, Pilowo, Galo-Galo Island, Daeo, and Koloray Island villages) from 18 to 21 February.

In Kao-Malifut sub-district, IMC also conducted Participatory Learning Action (PLA) activities on "Health Live and Its Relation with Boards of Health Services" in Leleoto village on 18 February, and on "Immunization and Family Planning" in Wari village on Saturday (25 Feb.).

IMC donated and distributed TBA’s kit in Koloray Island village of Daruba sub-district on 21 February.

Water and Sanitation

CARDI conducted assessments on water, sanitation, health and hygiene condition in three area groups, which consist of villages in Ibu and Sahu sub-districts (area group 1), in North Oba, South Oba, and Jailolo sub-districts (area group 2), and in Bacan Island sub-district (area group 3).

Shelter and Non-Food Items

WVI monitored its Roofing Kit project in South Jailolo sub-district on 21 February.

WVI identified and selected the beneficiaries for its Housing Kit programme in nine villages in Galela sub-district from 21 to 25 February, eight villages in South Jailolo sub-district from 25 to 26 February, and four villages in Morotai Island sub-district from 24 to 26 February.

CORDAID reconstructed 60 houses (type 30 and 36) in South Jailolo, Jailolo, Sahu, Ibu, Kao, Malifut sub-districts. In cooperation with two construction engineers, CORDAID conducted an assessment on the damage of a maternity hospital in Ternate.

UNDP monitored construction of its "Supporting Government Housing Programme". Under this programme, UNDP provides stimulant for housing material assistance to develop thirty houses in Boso village of West Gane sub-district, 46 houses in Yaba village of East Bacan sub-district, 46 houses in Sambiki village of South Morotai sub-district, and 46 houses in Tawakali village of North Mototai sub-district.


WVI distributed text-books and snacks for its "School Event Programme" in Tobelo sub-district (covering SD GMIH Gamboku, SD Inpres Gamhoku, SD Inpres I, SD Inpres 2 Tobelo, SMP Kristen Tobelo, SMP Negeri 1 Tobelo, SD Inpres Popilo, SD Inpres Mede, SD Inpres Wari and SD GMIH Gorua) from 24 to 26 February.

WVI distributed "Harmonis" magazine developed through its "Magazine Production" programme to Galela sub-district (covering SD Madrasa Dokulamo, SD MI Toweka, and SD GMIH Roko) on 21 to 24 February, Tobelo sub-district (covering SD Akhaerat Kao, SD GMIH Din-Din, SD Negeri Gayok, SD Lap. Biang A, SD Negeri Ngoali, SD Inpres Ngaimadodera, SD Negeri Gulo, SD Inpres Dowongi Maiti, SD GMIH Bobale Gamhoku, SD Inpres Popilo and SD Inpres Mede) on 17 February, and Kao sub-district (covering SD Akhaerat Kao, SD GMIH Din Din, SD Negeri Goyak, SD Inp. Biang A, SD Negeri Ngoali, SD Inpres Ngaimadodera, SD Negeri Gulo, SD Inpres Dowongi Maiti, and SD GMIH Bobale) on 21 to 24 February.

WVI monitored its education activity and "Magazine Production" programme in Galela sub-district (covering SD Negeri Seki, SD Inpres Simau, SD Muhamadia 1, SD Muhamadia 2 Igobula, SD Inpres Mamuya, SD GMIH Mamuya, SD Inpres Ori Bale, Madrasa Ibtidaya Dokulamo, SD Inpres Gotalamo, and SD Inpres Gidiho) on 25 to 26 February, and Kao sub-district (covering SD Inpres Kao, SD Negeri Kao, SD Negeri Wangeotak) on 26 February.

SC UK continued supporting teachers in Tobelo and Galela sub-districts to implement a new teaching and learning method on a daily basis from 24 to 28 February.

Economic Recovery and Infrastructure

WVI distributed building materials for implementation of its infrastructure project in Pune and Igobula villages of Galela sub-district on Wednesday (26 Feb.).


General Situation

Various local media reported debates on establishment of new provinces in Papua. There has been no official procedure to legalize any new province and Papua still remains one province. The Provincial Secretary, Drs. Decky Asmuruf, said to the press on Wednesday (26 Feb.) that the Central Government would review the special autonomy law for Papua (No.21/2001).

The Cenderawasih Satgas (task force) of Kopassus withdrew on Monday (24 Feb.) after completing a one-year operation in Papua and returned to their Head-Quarters in Jakarta. The Provincial Chief of TNI, Major General (Mayjen) Mahidin Simbolon stated at the farewell ceremony that there would be no replacement of this team considering stable and conducive security situation in Papua.

Various local media reported from 21 to 24 February that twelve high explosive home-made bombs and some weapons were found in a house in Sorong town. The current district police investigation indicated that the owner is Mohammad Coya, a Pakistan businessman in Sorong. Chief of tribal council in Sorong, Semuel Mainolo, stated to the press on Wednesday (26 Feb.) that the relevant Government institutions should take significant and appropriate steps to investigate the case.

Food Security and Agriculture

Various local media reported that Kurima, Kurulu, Assologaima, Tiom, and Okbibab sub-districts of Jayawijaya district are suffering from food shortage since hectares of crops, gardens, and plantations had been destroyed by frequent natural disasters (heavy rainfalls, earthquakes, landslides, floods, and epidemic diseases). No humanitarian assistance has been distributed to these areas.


Various local media reported a dengue outbreak in Kurima sub-district. According to Cendrawasih Pos on 21 February, 43 people died in Tangma, Ukwa, Usere, and Ukha villages. No appropriate medical assessments or emergency actions have been taken so far.

In cooperation with the Local Government, UNICEF conducted a four-day training on HIV/AIDS prevention in Biak from 24 to 27 February. Some forty school teachers and head masters from Biak Numfor, Sorong, Manokwari, Jayapura, and Jayawijaya participated at the training.


A new College of Agriculture Development (Sekolah Tinggi Penyuluh Pertanian or STTP) was officially opened on Monday (24 Feb.) in Manokwari, Papua. Dr Sinis Munandar, who represented the Indonesian Minister of Agriculture, stated in the opening ceremony that the Department of Agriculture in Jakarta has established six colleges in Medan, Bogor, Magelang/Jogjakarta, Malang, Gowa, and Manokwari. This new college is expected to cover the eastern provinces of NTT (West Timor), Maluku, and North Maluku.

The Local Government of Yamagata Prefecture in Japan, donated IDR 500 million to fund the education sector in Papua. The President of Yamagata Papua Friendship Association, Yoshida Yoichi, stated in Jayapura that the fund would be distributed through local education organisations. He also invites cultural groups from Papua to take part in the international cultural exhibition that will take place in Yamagata in September 2003.


Papuan Tribal Chief Council (Dewan Adat Papua or DAP) held a four-day conference in Sentani, Jayapura, from 26 February to 1 March. Cendrawasih Pos on Wednesday and Thursday (26 and 27 Feb.) quoted the Chairman of the Council, Tom Beanal, saying that the conference was aimed at reviewing DAP’s annual programme and analysing current situation in the province.

Selected Abbreviations Key:

ACF Action Contre la Faim
Bakornas PBP National Coordinating Board for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees
Brimob Police Mobile Brigade
Bulog National Logistics Agency
CWS Church World Service
GAM Free Aceh Movement
GoRI Government of Indonesia
CARDI Consortium for Assistance to Refugees and the Displaced in Indonesia
CORDAID Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development
HDC Henry Dunant Center
ICMC International Catholic Migration Commission
IMC International Medical Corps
IDP Internally displaced person
IRD International Relief and Development
JRS Jesuit Refugee Service
JSC Joint Security Committee
Komnas HAM National Commission on Human Rights
Kopassus Army's Special Force
Kostrad Army's Strategic Reserve Command
MSF-B Medecins sans Frontieres Belgium
MCK Combined Bathing, Washing and Latrine Facility
OPM Free Papua Organisation
PMI Indonesian Red Cross
Poliandes Field Health Post
Posyandu Integrated health service
Puskesmas Primary health centre
Pustu Primary health unit
Satkorlak PBP Provincial Coordinating Unit for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees
Satlak PBP District Executing Unit for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees
SC US Save the Children US
TNI Indonesian Armed Forces
WVI World Vision International

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