Indonesia - OCHA Consolidated Situation Report No. 114

1 February - 7 February 2003

West Java

ABC Online reported on Saturday (1 Feb.) that ten people were killed by a landslide in Kuningan, West Java province on 31 January. In Cantilan village, Slamet Hermansyah of the Kuningan Government Information Bureau said that the local authorities recovered the last two of 10 bodies buried in the landslide that struck on 30 January. According to Kompas, the Directorate of Volcanology and the Mitigation of Geological Disasters in Bandung on Monday (3 Feb.) said that landslides would continue to occur in the West Java region.

East Java

The Jakarta Post reported on Thursday (6 Feb.) that the National Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMG) issued a warning that heavy rains would start from Tuesday (4 Feb.) night and last until at least 25 February. The Governor of Jakarta, Sutiyoso, has advised residents to prepare for floods. The city administration has allocated Rp 200 billion (USD22.72 million) from the 2003 budget for flood prevention and response. The city's Flood Crisis Center reported on Wednesday (5 Feb.) that the already affected areas included Petamburan in Central Jakarta, Papanggo and Kelapa Gading in North Jakarta, Grogol Petamburan in West Jakarta, and Cipinang Besar Utara and Kampung Melayu in East Jakarta. However, the Crisis Center reported that water levels had decreased in most of the affected areas by Thursday (6 Feb.).

Kompas reported on Monday (3 Feb.) that floods in the areas of Cilacap of Central Java, Tulanggung of East Java, and Riau have subsided. The floods in East Java destroyed at least 425 homes, some bridges and small dams. Floods in Cilacap, Central Java displaced a total of 8,250 people. They have been evacuated to public facilities, such as schools and mosques, in Wanareja sub-sub-district. The District Government of Cilacap has received assistance from private companies for food, amounting to Rp 15 million.


Cenderawasih Pos reported on Wednesday (5 Feb.) that serious landslides happened in Okbul village, Okbibab sub-district, Jayawijaya district of Wamena due to heavy rainfalls and earthquakes.

Cenderawasih Pos reported Tuesday (4 Feb.) that serious landslides occurred in Aitikima village, Jayawijaya district. The landslides continue to occur and go down along Baliem river. No victims or damages have been reported. However, it is forecasted that if no serious environment protection steps are taken, Wamena town will be in danger of flooding.

Local authorities held a meeting in Provincial Planning Board (Bappeda) office in Jayapura on Tuesday (4 Feb.) to discuss reconstruction programmes in Nabire affected by the earthquakes in October and December 2002. The meeting also discussed the impact of flood in Nabire in January 2003. Head of Bappeda Nabire briefed the audience on the current situation in the disaster areas. Field Assistant of OCHA Papua, Max Mirino, also attended the meeting.

2. ACEH (Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam)

General Situation

The Jakarta Post reported on Wednesday (5 Feb.) that the residents of Aceh Province were upset of being excluded from the peace process. Head of the Banda Aceh Legal Aid Foundation, Rufriadi, stated that civilians were just "spectators" and could not provide inputs to HDC or JSC. He criticised the JSC for comprising representatives of HDC, GAM and TNI, thus focusing only on covering incidents that affect their members, not civilians.

The first mass grave of 16 corps since the signing of the agreement, was uncovered in a well-known hideout of GAM in Manggamat sub-district, South Aceh district, on Sunday (2 Feb.). According to the local newspaper, Serambi Indonesia, on Monday (3 Feb.), the victims were killed during an incident that took place on 5 June 2001, after having been kidnapped by unknown armed groups.

The Governor of Aceh, Abdullah Puteh in a meeting with the Country Director of WFP, Mohammed Saleheen, and Head of UNRC Aceh, Enayet Madani, on Wednesday (Feb 5.) strongly supported the WFP's food distribution programme. However, considering sensitive political situation in the province, the Governor advised that UN agencies implement their programmes in a low profile manner.

According to various local press, Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare, Yusuf Kalla, stated in Lhokseumawe on Sunday (2 Feb.) that the Government would prepare Rp. 300 billion for humanitarian assistance programmes focused in areas of health, education and rehabilitation. He mentioned that the fund would be projected as an emergency response package for the next seven months to assist the victims of the conflict and the poor.


WFP Country Director and his Deputy visited Banda Aceh and Pidie districts to discuss the distribution of food assistance and had meetings with the Governor, Deputy Bupati of Pidie, and other officials of the districts.

Officials of the CIDA/Canadian Embassy travelled to Banda Aceh from 5 to 7 February to view the latest security and humanitarian situation, and assess needs for humanitarian peace building assistance for the province. The mission also had meetings with the Governor, Chief of Police, international and local NGOs, and UN agencies.

Population Movements

The Provincial Government reported on Thursday (5 Feb.) that 178 families (857 persons) of ex-transmigrant IDPs returned to North Aceh on Saturday (1 Feb.) after having been displaced in North Sumatra for nearly 2 years. The IDPs are currently accomodated at a warehouse in Lhokseumawe until they are resettled in their villages in Muara Dua sub-district. Emergency food supplies have been provided by the district authorities for nine days since Sunday (2 Feb.).

Food and Agriculture

WFP launched its food aid programme on Saturday (1 Feb.) in Pidie district. The programme is a response to the Government's request for humanitarian assistance. Based on the agreement between the Central Government and WFP, distribution of the aid will be carried out shortly in 13 sub-districts in cooperation with the authorities at the sub-district and the village level.

Water and Sanitation

CARDI travelled to Central Aceh, Bireuen and Pidie districts from 2 to 5 February to monitor sites of its previous programme and assess potential sites for its current programme.


UNICEF's Consultants for Psychosocial Activities travelled to Bireuen and North Aceh districts from 5 to 7 February to evaluate previous psychosocial training supported by UNICEF.

Economic Recovery and Infrastructure

A Livelihood Programme Team of CARDI travelled to Central Aceh and Bireuen districts from 4 to 7 February to monitor its project sites.

A Micro Grant Programme Team of CARDI went to East Aceh from 5 to 8 February to meet potential local partners for the programme.

Two teams of ICMC travelled to North and East Aceh districts from 5 to 11 February to meet partners and communities for monitoring its female-headed household assistance programme in Aceh.

Oxfam initiated an income generation and advocacy programme with selected local partners.


SC US and its partner, BKPSM, conducted the first phase of the vocational training on making wavy metal fences for 29 youths (14 boys and 15 girls) in Tangse sub-district, Pidie district, from 26 to 28 January. It is planned that a total of 108 youth will participate in the same training until end of February.

SC US, through BKPSM, conducted a leadership and management training for 98 youths (46 boys and 52 girls) from 27 villages from 28 to 31 January. The training was followed by the establishment of four youth groups in each village.


General Situation

The trial of the Christian leader and Head of The Crisis Centre of Tentena, Renaldy Damanik, started on Monday (3 Feb.). According to a local newspaper, Radar Sulteng, on Tuesday (4 Feb.), Damanik was charged with violating articles number 55 of the Criminal Code on the gun and ammunition possession.


A joint mission from UNDP and the GoRI (represented by the Coordinating Ministry of People's Welfare) arrived in Palu on Wednesday (5 Feb.) to undertake an assessment for implementation of "Preparatory Assistance Project for Central Sulawesi". The mission aims at identifying critical factors that affect conflict and peace building dynamics, and defining appropriate responses based on inputs for peaceful development. A second mission team will arrive on Sunday (9 Feb.) to assess needs, define priorities and select possible partners.


IMC held an Intensive Education Campaign (IEC) focusing on diarrhoea and Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI) for 251 children at two primary schools in Poso Kota sub-district from 4 to 5 February. During the campaign, IMC distributed anti worm tablets to 150 children.

Water and Sanitation

A team from Mercy Corps visited Silanca, Sepe, Ratolene, and Tankura villages from 4 to 7 February to review progress of its water projects. During the visit, the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WSaH) Manager and staff of Mercy Corps promoted the projects, provided advice and encouraged the communities and local partners on the progress of programme implementation.

CWS distributed materials for water and sanitation facilities in three villages in Mori Atas sub-district and dug wells in Kulinti, Posunga and Petirodongi villages from 27 January to 3 February.

Shelter and Non-food Items

On Wednesday (5 Feb.), CARE finished distribution of shelter construction material to 446 families in Poso Kota covering sub-sub-districts of Lawanga, Tegalrejo and Madale. The distribution started on 29 January.

Economic Recovery and Infrastructure

Mercy Corps staff met its partner, Yayasan YBR, to discuss implementation of economic empowerment activities in Poso Kota sub-district. The focus of the discussion was to determine a way of supporting livelihood activities through economic empowerment for vulnerable families.


General Situation

According to a local press, Ambon Ekspress, on Wednesday (5 Feb.), the Divisional Military Commander for Maluku, Major General Djoko Santoso was transferred to a new post in Jakarta. His replacement is Brigadier General Agustani, who was positioned in a military unit "Division II Kostrad" in Malang, East Java. Brig. Gen. Agustani will shortly take over the command in Maluku. The change was part of a routine military placement.

According to a local press, Ambon Ekspress, on Wednesday (5 Feb.), the Acting Governor of Maluku Drs. Sinyo Harry Sarundayang, promised to solve the IDP problem in Maluku in 2003. In the programme, the Local Government proposed a budget of Rp 284 billions (or about USD 31,555,556) for handling of the IDPs. The Acting Governor plans to set up a monitoring team to oversee the programme implementation. The team members will include the representatives from the military, journalists, NGOs and other relevant bodies.

Ms Karin Michote from the ECHO regional office in Bangkok, met international humanitarian organisations in Maluku on 6 and 7 February. The mission was hosted by the Chief of Education Programme, CARDI.

Population Movement

A local newspaper, Ambon Ekspress, reported on Thursday (6 Feb.) that 91 displaced families from Wainatu village, Nusaniwe sub-district, Ambon City have been forced to return to the IDP camp at THR Waihaong village, because of harassments including death threats at night by unknown people. The police and security forces have been informed.


ICMC Programme Officers and its local NGO partners (LAKPESDAM Tkt. 1, Diakonia, MODCA and ERIKAWAN) are continuing community assessments and facilitating contacts to improve integration between returnees and host communities on Seram island.

Food Security and Agriculture

An AcF team conducted "Food Security" activities in Buru island to register vulnerable groups in the community and prepare distribution of seed and tools.


IMC conducted a total of 1,817 medical consultations at its health stations on Buru and Seram islands.

IMC conducted rehabilitation of the health facilities on Seram and Buru islands.

A mobile clinic team from MSF-B made 399 medical consultations at health centres supported by the organisation on Ambon island.

MSF-B's outreach programme conducted a total of 233 medical consultations in Kelang island.

UNICEF, in cooperation with health authorities and a local NGO, Lembaga Partisipasi Pembangunan Masyarakat (LPPM), is sponsoring training on HIV/AIDS for youth, and members of the military and the police in Ambon.

UNICEF is supporting a trauma-counseling programme for children and women who suffer from psychological effects from the conflict. UNICEF is also using a new method called "Play Therapy" as a trial of its framework for posyandu cadres training.

Water and Sanitation

AcF continued implementation of its ongoing water and sanitation programmes in several villages in Buru Island. These programmes include connection of pipe line and tap stand in Tawiri village, and construction of two new wells, cleaning up wells and construction of rain catchments in Loun village. The rehabilitation of two wells in Waeselang village and installation of borehole in Air Sakula village are in progress. Meanwhile, rehabilitation of two wells connecting pipe from spring box to storage and construction of small drainage in Uhe village has been completed.

MSF-B outreach health projects continued to provide service at several locations on Ambon island. In Belakang Kota (a suburb of Ambon City), MSF-B continued construction of latrine. Meanwhile in Kampung Wara (a suburb of Ambon City), MSF-B continued several programmes, such as construction of rain catchments in THR IDP camp, repair of water tank in Mandala, construction of drainage in Rumah Tingkat and construction of water well at Wisma Atlit IDP camp in Karang panjang. The construction of showers in Rimba Raya (a suburb of Ambon City) has been completed.

Mercy Corps provided funds to a LNGO Yayasan Hanny for construction of two wells in Layeni, Teon Nila Serua (TNS) district of Seram island. The construction was aimed at providing a closer water resource for the community (the existing water resource is about 5 km from the community residences). The new construction is expected to benefit some 3,014 persons (659 families).

Shelter and Non-food Items

Mercy Corps funded Yayasan Eklesia Naulu Manusela in Masohi district to distribute non-food items to 742 IDPs (89 families) from Hunisi currently residing in Waipo camp (a suburb of Masohi) on Seram island.


A Community Rehabilitation Programme (CRP) team of CARDI concluded a training programme for its newly selected partners. Four days of formal sessions (last week) followed by informal sessions (this week) were organized for eight Ambon based NGOs and eight Community Based Organization (CBOs) from Ambon and Seram islands. The projects (small scale fishing, vegetable growing and food processing) are expected to start during the course of February.

CARDI and its LNGO partner Saniri organised participation training for youth in Mamala village. The first vocational training (sewing and cooking) have started in Wayame village.

Economic Recovery and Infrastructure

Mercy Corps and its partner, Amboina Credit Union, conducted a training on "Organization and Leadership of Credit Union Management" from 21 to 31 January. The training involved trainers from Credit Union Coordination of Indonesia (CUCO), Induk Koperasi Kredit Bali Artha Guna (Inkopdit BAG) and Sawiran Credit Union East Jawa.


An IDP Data Collector from MSF-B visited camps in Halong Navy Base, Paso Rimba Raya, Kebun Bunga of Ambon island.



CARDI conducted an assessment on livelihood security in Tutupa, Pigaraja, Akedabo, and Loleongusu villages of Bacan sub-district from 3 to 6 February.

Food Security and Agriculture

WVI conducted training for fishermen groups in Morotai island at all villages of WVI working area from 30 to 31 January in Pangeo, Lusuo, Tawakali, Korago, and Yao villages of North Morotai sub-district.


WHO and the Ministry of Health held a joint workshop on "Health Network Planning, Malaria Combat and Nutritional Situation" from 30 to 31 January at Arcadia Hotel in Jakarta. Thirty people from officials of the North Maluku Government, Provincial and Districts Health Offices, and WHO Emergency Health Action (EHA) participated in the workshop. The delegation from North Maluku was led by the Vice Governor, Prof. Drs. H. Madjid Abdullah, SH, SE, MBA.

AcF distributed hygiene kits including mosquito nets, body soaps, and laundry soaps in Loloda sub-district from 7 to 9 February.

UNICEF monitored the arrival of cold chain and refrigerator for vaccination, immunisation and sterilisation at the warehouses of Central Halmahera Health Office in Soa Siu city, Tidore island, Central Halmahera sub-district from 6 to 7 February.

Water and Sanitation

CARDI conducted capacity building training on "Project Design Process" for its water and sanitation project from 4 to 5 February. Seven LNOGs participated in the training.

Shelter and Non- Food Items

WVI monitored its Roofing Kit project in South Jailolo sub-district on Monday (3 Feb.).

WVI informed its Housing Kit programme to the Secretary of Head of Sub-district (Camat) of North Morotai and Camat of Galela, and identified beneficiaries in South Jailolo sub-district. WVI's Housing Kit programme aims at building 695 houses and complementing government's programme for self-initiatives returnees, who have returned during 2001 - 2002, but have not received government assistance in Morotai, Galela and South Jailolo sub-districts.


WVI conducted a training on magazine production in Tobelo sub-district for 73 schools. Nineteen people from Malifut sub-districts, 23 people from Galela sub-district, and 33 people from Tobelo sub-district participated in the training on 30 January. The same training was also conducted in Ternate city and attended by 45 people from Ternate and 16 people from Kao sub-district.

WVI monitored its Happy House programme in SD Inpres Gamhoku and SD GMIH Gamhoku in Tobelo sub-district from 31 January to 4 February. A Happy House is a special shelter for the displaced children where various activities specially designed for children are carried out.

WVI socialised its school events in SD GMIH 1, SD GMIH 4, SMP Negeri 1, and SMP Kristen in Tobelo sub-district on Tuesday (4 Feb.). Activities included are competitions in sport, art etc that aimed at supporting reconciliation and unity among the children.

Economic Recovery and Infrastructure

WVI distributed building materials for its infrastructure project in Galela, Malifut, South Jailolo, and Tobelo sub-districts.


General Situation

A local newspaper, Cenderawasih Pos, reported on Wednesday (5 Feb.) that a delegation of nine security officers from Papua New Guinea (PNG) had an official discussion recently with local authorities in Jayapura. The delegation will proceed to Jakarta to meet the Indonesian Foreign Minister and other relevant authorities. The PNG delegation's spokesman, Christopher Mero, stated that PNG would never tolerate TPN/OPM to use their territory as a hiding place.

Cenderawasih Pos reported on Wednesday (5 Feb.) that a team from local NGO Elsham Papua (Institute for Human Rights Studies And Advocay) met a bishop in Vanimo, PNG, for investigation concerning the clashes occurred in RI-PNG border last December - January.

Various local media reported about the debate on the Central Government's policy on the division of Papua province into two or more provinces. President Megawati has issued a Presidential Instruction (Inpres) No: 1 Year 2003 to declare a new province, West Papua on 27 January.

Various local media reported on Monday (3 Feb.) that the FBI team of the U.S.A arrived in Timika on Sunday (2 Feb.) from Jakarta to coordinate their programme with national police and other relevant authorities. The team will conduct field investigation for two weeks in Freeport, Timika. Two teams from the TNI and Police headquarters in Jakarta and Papua's Vice Chief of Police, Tommy Jacobus, have been in Timika to work with the FBI team.

Food Security And Agriculture

Cenderawasih Pos reported on Wednesday (5 Feb.) that due to serious landslides in the last three weeks, thousands of hectares of plantations and gardens in Okbul village, Oksibil sub-district, Jayawijaya district of Wamena, have been destroyed and even buried. Having lost plantations and gardens, people in the village are beginning to suffer from food shortage and diseases.


Cenderawasih Pos reported on Tuesday (4 Feb.) that an outbreak of malaria, amoebic dysentery, and URTI occurred in four villages (Waga, Abusa, Tulem, and Wadanku) of Kurulu sub-district, Jayawijaya district of Wamena. The Head of District Health Office, Dr. Maurits Rumsayor, said that treatment have been provided and so far no people died.

Cenderawasih Pos reported on Monday (3 Feb.) that an outbreak of measles, amoebic dysentery, and URTI occurred in five villages in Okbibab sub-district, Jayawijaya district (Wamena). 65 people were reported dead and 882 people affected. It was reported that no medicine has been available in the puskesmas since three months ago.

In cooperation with UNICEF Papua, Jayapura District Health Office is conducting a three day training on emergency radio telecommunication system from 6 to 8 February in Jayapura. Some 35 people, consisting of medical doctors, nurses, and village midwives from puskesmas and village health centres in the district, are participating. Up to December 2002, UNICEF has facilitated instalment of some 100 emergency (medic) radios in five priority districts.

Selected Abbreviations Key

ACF Action Contre la Faim
Bakornas PBP National Coordinating Board for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees
Brimob Police Mobile Brigade
Bulog National Logistics Agency
CWS Church World Service
GAM Free Aceh Movement
CARDI Consortium for Assistance to Refugees and the Displaced in Indonesia
CORDAID Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development
ICMC International Catholic Migration Commission
IMC International Medical Corps
IDP Internally displaced person
IRD International Relief and Development
JRS Jesuit Refugee Service
Komnas HAM National Commission on Human Rights
Kopassus Army's Special Force
Kostrad Army's Strategic Reserve Command
MSF-B Medecins sans Frontieres Belgium
MCK Combined Bathing, Washing and Latrine Facility
OPM Free Papua Organisation
PMI Indonesian Red Cross
Polindes Field Health Post
Posyandu Integrated health service
Puskesmas Primary health centre
Pustu Primary health unit
Satkorlak PBP Provincial Coordinating Unit for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees
Satlak PBP District Executing Unit for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees
SC US Save the Children US
TNI Indonesian Armed Forces
WVI World Vision International

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