Indonesia - OCHA Consolidated Situation Report No. 112

18 January - 24 January 2003

A local newspaper, Serambi Indonesia, reported on Wednesday (22 Jan.) that an earthquake occurred in Banda Aceh with a magnitude of 5.0 on the Richter Scale. A report issued by the Geophysics and Meteorology Agency stated that the epicentre of the quake was in the Moluccas Strait, approximately 56km from the nearest town of Kota Langsa, with a depth of 23km. The tremors were felt in Langsa, East Aceh, Tamiang, Lhokseumawe, Bireun, Banda Aceh , Aceh Besar, Pidie and Nagan Raya. However, there were no reported damage or casualties.

On Thursday (24 Jan.), an earthquake occurred in Dompu District, Sumbawa, as stated in a report issued by the Geophysics and Meteorology Agency, in the Flores Seas approximately 40km north of Kota Bima in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). The magnitude of the earthquake was 5.0 on the Richter Scale. The Modified Mercalli Intensity (MMI) in Dompu was V-VI. The Regent of Dompu immediately assessed the damage and reported 250 homes with minor to heavy damage. However, the Antara news agency reported on Friday (25 Jan.) that 500 homes and buildings, including mosques and schools were damaged, leaving 2,000 people displaced and homeless. According to the District Government, two people were reported injured, but no fatalities.

The Jakarta Post reported on Friday (24 Jan.) that two Americans were killed in flash floods in Sekar Langit Waterfall, 600 km of east of Jakarta. Within seconds, a wave of water rushed down the waterfall and carried away the two victims. The victims' bodies were found among the rocks near Sekar Langit river, as reported by the local police, Sgt Agus Burhanudin from the Magelang Police Force.

Heavy rains over the past few weeks in Denpasar, Bali triggered a landslide in Bugbug village and killed one person, as reported by The Jakarta Post on Friday (25 Jan.) The five-meter wide landslide occurred on Wednesday (22 Jan.) evening and damaged few houses around the area of Petang District.

2. ACEH (Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam)

General Situation

According to local media, three GAM members were reported killed in the province during the week.

An Agreement on Activities within Peace Zones was signed on Saturday (18 Jan.) between senior envoy of HDC and senior representatives of GoRI and GAM. According to this agreement, GAM members and TNI/BRIMOB forces will not carry weapons within Peace Zones, outside of their respective posts and bases. Unarmed GAM members and TNI/BRIMOB forces may move freely throughout the Peace Zones. Both parties are also not allowed to carry out political or clandestine activities within the Peace Zones.

AFP reported on Tuesday (21 Jan.) that three male bodies were found in one grave in Aceh despite the ceasefire. According to a witness, the bodies with gunshot wounds and torture marks were dug up Monday (20 Jan.) at a palm oil plantation at Kuta Makmur in North Aceh district. A local GAM spokesperson confirmed the dead as GAM police who were arrested by the Indonesian military but were killed despite the agreement. However, the military denied perpetrating the incident.

The Provincial Government has agreed to establish a Sharia Court System that would imply Islamic Sharia Law in a couple of months time. Head of Sharia Department, Alyasa'Abubakar, stated on Monday (20 Jan.) that the New Saharia Law would be implemented as part of a Qanun (local law) passed in late 2002.

Food Security and Agriculture

WFP is travelling to Pidie district from 20 January to 1 February to complete its data collection for beneficiaries who will receive its food aid assistance within the province. WFP is also in the process of preparing the launch ceremony of this food aid distribution, which will take place on 28 January involving its Country Director and the Governor of Aceh.


WHO and the Provincial Health Department conducted a meeting on Friday (24 Jan.) in Jakarta to discuss its plans to treat scabies that spread out across the province.

A local newspaper, Serambi Indonesia, on Thursday (23 Jan.) quoted the Head of Health Department Cut Idawani that some 72,000 persons were infected with scabies within the past 6 months that affected 10 districts of the province. Cut Idawani has appealed for Rp. 1.5 billion to WHO to conduct a mass treatment for this wide spread disease.

OCHA signed an agreement for SC US' scabies treatment programme. The programme will start from 1 February and the funding will be provided from the DFID Emergency Recovery Fund from OCHA.

Water and Sanitation

A water and sanitation team from CARDI conducted a field trip to Nagan Raya and Barat Daya district from 20 to 24 January to select local partners and contractors for decontamination of wells and cleaning up of logging activities for its Floods Emergency Response programme. In addition, CARDI field monitors were also recruited at the district level.


CARDI conducted a field trip from 19 to 24 January to Bintang sub-district of Central Aceh district, and Peudada and Samalanga sub-districts of Bireuen district to monitor its ongoing project implementation. CARDI visited targeted communities and maintained meetings with the agricultural, fishing and home industry group beneficiaries, as well as with local partners, Muhammadyah, Sue Support Group and Gardamedina.

Economic Recovery and Infrastructure

CARDI introduced its Micro-Grants' programme documentation and guidelines to possible local partners from 20 to 24 January. The programme will cover at least four community development projects for income generation, rehabilitation of facilities, non-formal education and/or psychosocial activities, through local partners and communities in the fields.



CARE finished a one-week assessment for sanitation and agriculture programmes in South Pamona sub-district on Thursday (23 Jan.).

CARE conducted a one-week data collection for an emergency relief aid programme funded by European Commission Humanitarian Office (ECHO) in North Pamona sub-district from 20 to 24 January. The data collection was aimed at identifying basic needs required by the communities, such as flour, soap, sugar, salt etc.

A Civil Society Coordinator and a Consultant from Mercy Corps International (IMC) in Portland, Oregon, conducted a mission to Poso and Tentena from 23 to 24 January to meet six LNGOs and to discuss the civil society principles. They also met MCI's local partner that implements a livelihood project in Tentena.

Food Security and Agriculture

CARE distributed agriculture tools for some 200 household in North Pamona from 20 to 24 January.

CWS distributed some 36 tonnes of rice, 922 tins of vegetable oil, 3,671 packs of red beans in 7 villages of South Pamona sub-district and 13 villages of Mori Atas sub-district from 21 to 21 January.

CWS also distributed distributed 8,310 kg of rice, 817.56 liters of vegetable oil and 1,296.36 kg of red beans to 216 households in the villages of Pendolo and Uelene in Pamona Selatan sub-district from 13 to 18 January.

CWS and OCHA signed an agreement for CWS' Emergency Post-Conflict Recovery Programme through Agriculture Fisheries and Community Activities for Poso district. The program will start from 31 January for three months and the funding will be provided from the DFID Emergency Response Fund through OCHA.


IMC finished its one-week mobile clinic programme on Friday (24 Jan.), which was conducted in North Pamona sub-district (covering Tentena and Kuku villages), Kayamanya village of Poso Kota sub-district and Masamba village of Poso Pesisir sub-district. Activities included in this programme were: treatment for 480 patients; a health campaign that was attended by 316 peoples; and distribution of anti-worm tablets for 282 infants.

CARE conducted a scaling programme for some 200 infants in Poso Kota sub-district from 20 to 24 January. The programme was aimed at reviewing the results of the distribution of additional food in November 2002.

Water and Sanitation

CWS had a meeting with staff of Mapane Health Office on Monday (20 Jan.) to discuss training on development of latrines.

CWS distributed materials to build 15 water and sanitation facilities in Pamona sub-district from 13 to 15 January.

CWS transported some 1,491 bricks to Tentena of North Pamona sub-district from 20 to 21 January for construction of latrines in Posunga, Petirodongi, Kulinti villages.

Shelter and Non-food Items

CWS distributed 181 packages of non-food items consisting of blanket, mosquito net, mat, lantern, wok, plastic glass and plates to 181 households in Poso Pesisir and Malitu sub-districts on January 14.

CWS distributed materials to build 15 water and sanitation facilities in Pamona sub-district from 13 to 15 January.


CWS held a meeting with a local youth organization (Karang Taruna), community leaders and local government in Lage sub-district (covering Sepe, Silanca, Batugencu villages) on Tuesday (21 Jan.) to discuss provision of roof for the shelter construction.

Mercy Corps had two new staff, Mr. Firman Chandra as Programme Coordinator and Mr. Roy Brennen as Watsan Manager, started Thursday (23 Jan.).

Mercy Corps moved into a new office in Poso on Monday (20 Jan), located at Jl. Tabatoki No.91, Sayo Ph. 0452 21052.


General Situation

No security related incidents were reported during the week.

Population Movement

According to the local Department of Social Affairs (Dinas Sosial), a total of 266 displaced families (1,083 people) from Warigin, a suburb of Ambon city, and Bacan district of North Maluku province left their settlement camps on Ambon Island and Seram Island of Central Maluku district (covering Taniwel, Waraka and Kairatu towns) to return home from 20 to 21 January.


CARDI completed a school assessment programme in 20 elementary schools on Ambon Island, which covered: 11 schools in Tulehu village; 2 schools in Mamala village; 3 schools in Wayame village; 2 schools in Halong village; 1 school in Waiheru village; and 1 school in Passo village. The assessment was aimed at determining basic needs required by the schools, such as water and sanitation, teaching materials, furniture, recreational facilities and materials.

Food Security and Agriculture

WFP organized and chaired its first "Food Security Sector" meeting on Wednesday (22 Jan.), which was aimed at encouraging activities concerning the IDP population and "Food for Work" initiatives. The meeting was attended by 31 organizations, which were mainly LNGOs.


IMC conducted a total of 1,652 consultations at its health stations in Buru district (covering Wamsisi, Leksula and Waemulang villages) and Serum district (covering Taniwel, Wenama, Wahai, Kobisonta and Masohi towns), and by its floating clinic "The Srikandi" that visited a number of villages on the cost of West Serum sub-district. Most cases attended in Waemulang and Wahai villages were malaria, while in Masohi were Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI).

A mobile clinic team from MSF-B visited a number of puskesmas on Ambon Island and treated some 371 patients. The team also reported that there was an increased number of URTI case in the visited area.

UNFPA in collaboration with the National Family Planning Coordinating Board (BKKBN) reported that they were carrying out a "Reproductive Health (RH) Support in Emergency Situation Programme". The programme was aimed at achieving a well-being of psychological and physical RH of displaced women in emergency areas by providing services for clean/safe delivery, prevention and management of consequences of sexual violence, contraceptives and prevention of Reproductive Tract Infections (RTI)/HIV/AIDS transmission. The programme provides counselling on RH and Violence Against Women (VAW) issues in selected IDP camps that were located in Ambon City, Central Maluku and Southeast Maluku districts.

Water Sanitation

AcF supported construction of a spring catchment and its "Gravity Force System (GFC) Water Supply" project in West Seram Island. AcF also implemented its on-going "Well Cleaning" project in Buru Island and "Water Trucking" project in Wailiha village, a suburb in Ambon city.


CARDI and aN LNGO, Saniri, conducted a "Participatory Training for FacilitatorS" in Wayame village on Ambon Island from 20 to 24 January. The training was aimed at improving teaching and managing skills for effective education activities for non-formal education curriculum. A total of 18 participants came from Wayame, Hative, Rumah Tiga, Air Ali and Kota Jawa villages on Ambon Island.

SC UK started an English course for children and youth from both Christian and Muslim communities at its children's centre in Ambon city on Wednesday (22 Jan.). The course is part of a SC UK's "Engaging Activities (ENACT)" programme, which was developed for children and youth from different communities in the province. A total of 400 children and youth participated in the programme.

Economic Recovery and Infrastructure

Mercy Corps (MC) sponsored a "Credit Union Training" that was implemented by Ambonina Credit Union at its centre in Ambon city from 21 to 31 January. Twenty NGOs and five credit service union (KSU) participated in the training.

MC provided funds to a local NGO, Yayasan Pemerhati Lingkungan dan Masyarakat Mandiri, for construction of a water and sanitation facility in Nurue village of Kairatu sub-district on West Seram Island.


General Situation

The General Consultative Assembly of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR RI)I has approved the bill of creation of a new district of North Maluku Province. The ratification will be done by the DPR RI in Jakarta on 27 January. The bill will later be handed to the President for approval before implementation. Under this bill, North Maluku will be divided into 6 districts (North Halmahera, South Halmahera, West Halmahera, East Halmahera, Central Halmahera and Sula Island) and 2 cities (Ternate City and Tidore City) from previously 2 districts and 1 municipality. However, there has been an objection for making Tidore Island a city.

The Government of North Maluku has given two alternatives to the central government regarding the withdrawal of the civil emergency status of the province. The first alternative is to revoke the status gradually starting from the most conducive area, while the second alternative is that the civil emergency be revoked but the security personnel be kept until the permanent Regiment Command office is established.

Population Movement

A group of Bacan IDPs has returned to Bacan Island from Maluku. The exact number of the IDPs has not been confirmed yet.

Food Security and Agriculture

WVI conducted training for fishermen groups in South Morotai sub-district, which covered: Mamojiu and Totodoku villages from16 to 17 January; and Juanga and Sambiki villages on 20 January.

IRD distributed 1.7 tons of Breedlove to 33 elementary schools in Obi, Bacan, and West Gane sub-districts, and 2.6 tons to the community that suffered from food shortage in Boso and Durian villages of West Gane sub-district from 16 to 25 January.


AcF distributed hygiene kits, including mosquito nets, soaps, and detergents, in Loloda sub-district from 22 to 25 January.

Water and Sanitation

AcF monitored its additional water and sanitation project in Baja village, Loloda sub-district from 22 to 25 January.

Shelter and Non- Food Items

WVI monitored its roofing kit project in 12 villages in South Jailolo sub-district from 21 to 22 January.


WVI socialized its magazine programme at a number of elementary schools on 17 January, which consisted of: SD Togasa, SD Saluta, SD Pelita and SD Beringin Jaya in Galela sub-district; and SD Inpres Samad, SD Akisahu, SD Loigima in Kao sub-district. WVI also collected the data of students in SD Nurul Qura Igobula in Tobelo sub-district on 16 January, distributed magazine to SLTP 1 Kao on 16 January, and distributed textbook to SDN Tahane in Kao sub-district on 21 January.

SC UK conducted a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) from 20 to 27 January for teachers and masters from: SD I Togoliwa in South Tobelo sub-district; SDN Inpres Tolonua, SD Kalipittu, SD Woasia in Tobelo sub-district; and SD Muhammedia 01 Igobula, SD Muhammedia 02 Igobula and SDN Limau in Galela sub-districts.

Economic Recovery and Infrastructure

WVI monitored its Community Recovery Project (CRP) I in all WVI working villages in Malifut and Galela sub-districts from 16 to 17 January.

WVI distributed building materials for its infrastructure project in Galela, Malifut and Tobelo sub-district from 17 to 22 January. The project is for MCK Type 2 and Type 3, and a traditional market.


General Situation

Reuters reported on Thursday (23 Jan.) that the Minister of Foreign Affairs Hassan Wirajuda denied accusations made by a Christian rebel group in Papua that the military had armed and funded Islamic groups based in Papua. The Minister responded to a claim by Free Papua Organisation (OPM) spokesman in Sweden, Joseph Prai, that the military had helped establish bases for groups including Laskar Jihad. The claim was based on information collected by a human rights organization, Elsham.

Associated Press reported on Thursday (23 Jan.) that three FBI agents, at the invitation of the GoRI, have arrived in Indonesia to work with the Indonesian police on the investigation into the shooting incidents of two U.S. teachers and one Indonesian in August 2002. US Embassy Spokesman, Stanley Harsha, did not comment on the role or length of time of the agents in Indonesia (See OCHA Situation Report No. 111 Section Papua).

Laksmana Net reported on Monday (20 Jan.) that the main border crossing between the Indonesian province of Papua and neighbouring Papua New Guinea (PNG) have been shut down following Indonesian military operations against Papuan separatist rebels. The Government of Indonesia (GoRI) has now called for an extradition treaty with PNG, so that separatists escaping over the border can be handed back to the Indonesian authorities.

Population Movement

Papua New Guinea Post-Courier reported on Thursday (23 Jan.) that PNG troops have been reported to be waiting orders to remove border-crossers to Indonesia. The policemen and soldiers deployed on border duties have yet to receive operational orders, however, the deadline set for the Free Papua Movement (OPM) fighters to move out of Papua New Guinea is only seven days or latest by 29 January, as ordered by PNG Defence Force commander Brig-Gen Peter Ilau. A mobile squad from Lae has been in Vanimo (PNG borderline) since trouble began to flare up. Currently there is an army unit, which consists of some 100 people, permanently stationed in Vanimo to carry out routine border monitoring patrols.

Radio New Zealand International reported on Tuesday (21 Jan.) that the PNG Catholic Church conveyed its concerns on the safety of the Papuan border-crossers in the country for being forcibly sent back to Indonesia during a possible crackdown on OPM rebels by the PNG police. The Papua border-crossers have applied for refugee status, which the PNG government has refused to grant.

ACF Action Contre la Faim
Bakornas PBP National Coordinating Board for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees
Brimob Police Mobile Brigade
Bulog National Logistics Agency
CWS Church World Service
GAM Free Aceh Movement
GoRI Government of Indonesia
CARDI Consortium for Assistance to Refugees and the Displaced in Indonesia
CORDAID Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development
HDC Henry Dunant Center
ICMC International Catholic Migration Commission
IMC International Medical Corps
IDP Internally displaced person
IRD International Relief and Development
JRS Jesuit Refugee Service
JSC Joint Security Committee
Komnas HAM National Commission on Human Rights
Kopassus Army's Special Force
Kostrad Army's Strategic Reserve Command
MSF-B Medecins sans Frontieres Belgium
MCK Combined Bathing, Washing and Latrine Facility
OPM Free Papua Organisation
PMI Indonesian Red Cross
Poliandes Field Health Post
Posyandu Integrated health service
Puskesmas Primary health centre
Pustu Primary health unit
Satkorlak PBP Provincial Coordinating Unit for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees
Satlak PBP District Executing Unit for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees
SC US Save the Children US
TNI Indonesian Armed Forces
WVI World Vision International

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