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Indonesia - OCHA Consolidated Situation Report No. 100

Situation Report
Originally published
26 October - 1 November 2002

Papua Earthquake

The Manokwari Satlak (District Executing Unit for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees) reported on Friday (25 Oct.) that 8 people had died and 632 people been injured, 6 of them seriously. In the 9 sub-districts affected, the Government recorded 1,000 homes as severely damaged, 690 homes as partially damaged, and 14 mosques, 46 churches, 44 office buildings, 21 schools, 7 halls, 2 markets, 30km of road, 5 bridges, and 71 other buildings as damaged.

The Satlak Coordinator of Manokwari District reported on Friday (25 Oct.) that the following was distributed to the victims of the earthquake in Manokwari, Oransbari and Ransiki sub-districts: 23 MT of rice; 6 packs of tea; 1 MT of sugar; 340 packs of food aid; 234 tents; 50 sacks of cement; and 5 bales of medicine.

Emergency assistance from the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) and IFRC reached Manokwari on Friday (25 Oct.). From 26 to 27 October, they distributed 84 family kits and 84 plastic sheets in Oransbari and 289 family kits in mainland Ransiki sub-district. On Monday (28 Oct.), 243 family kits and plastic sheets were distributed by boat in Isenebuai (45 family kits), Yumakan (61), Yanbekiri (87), Yari-Yari (25) and Kaprus (25) on Rumberpoen Island and other affected islands in Ransiki Sub-district. The ndistribution of 129 kits and 123 plastic sheets in Anggi District in the highland areas is yet to be carried out, as landslides limited access by road.

2. ACEH (Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam)

General Situation

At least 16 people - 8 civilians and 8 alleged GAM member- were killed in the province during the week, according to news media.

News Media reported Coordinating Minister for Security and Political Affairs, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, stating on Monday (28 Oct.) in Jakarta that the Government would not involve UN peacekeeping forces or any other nations to take part in the monitoring system once a truce has been signed for Aceh. He described that 90% of the draft document for a ceasefire agreement and its monitoring system was ready for signature by both parties. He implied that GAM was in consultation with religious figures regarding the document. [Latest news: in a press release, GAM have indicated that they will only sign the agreement after Ramadan (i.e. after 06 December)].

Local Serambi reported that six prominent figures from Acehnese civil society departed on Monday (28 Oct.) to attend talks in Geneva. Spokesperson of the group, Imam Syuja, mentioned that their attendance in the peace talks was to provide inputs to both parties regarding the latest situation in Aceh, and put pressure on them to end hostilities and restore peace in the province.

More than 1,000 citizens gathered at the Great Mosque of Baiturrahman in Banda Aceh on Thursday (31 Oct.) to take part in a mass prayer before the signing of the truce ending hostilities between the Government and GAM scheduled for 2 to 4 November in Geneva.

Population Movement

Waspada Daily reported that some 266 families of IDPs in Langkat district, North Sumatra received a total of Rp. 2,327,500 as compensation of their losses in Aceh after having been displaced for more than 2 years. The North Sumatra government announced that a total of 908 families would be receiving Rp. 8,750,000 each and that they would no longer be recognized as IDPs.


Nonviolence International (NVI) from 28 October to 3 November travelled to Pidie, Bireuen, North Aceh and East Aceh districts to visit schools, evaluate and monitor the Peace Education Programme sponsored by UNICEF.

Economic Recovery and Infrastructure

From 24 to 27 October, ICMC conducted a training session on small business management and community organising skills for 50 women from North and South Aceh in Sabang Island.


CARDI and its local partners, Panglima Laot, Muhammadyah and Sue Support Group held bi-lateral sessions throughout the week focused on a revision of the proposal for livelihood protection and income generation activities, prior to its final approval and implementation.


CARDI and its local partners, Paska and Birata held a four-day workshop focused on the revision of financial and procurement procedures, prior to a monitoring and evaluation field trip to the districts of Pidie, Biuren and Aceh Utara next week.


Peace Brigade International (PBI) travelled to West and South Aceh from 31 October to 4 November to provide protective accompaniment for their clients.


General situation

CARE reported that villagers in Gimpu and Kulawi villages in Kulawi subdistrict (Donggala District) attacked mosques with stones on Sunday (27 Oct). The situation is reported to be tense and neighbouring night guards have been put in place.


IMC conducted four mobile clinics in Tentena this week and treated a total of 718 patients consisting of 323 women under 15 years (18 pregnant) and 193 children under 5 years. A total of 12 government health staff also assisted the clinics. In addition, 135 children received anti-worm tablets. IMC also conducted 3 Intensive Educational Campaign (IEC) sessions for 761 participants and topics covered were immunization, diarrhoea and antenatal care.

Food security

Mercy Corps funded Yayasan Gema Kasih to distribute Seeds & Tools packages to 241 conflict affected households in Patiwunga in Poso Pesisir Subdistrict. It will allow them to have enough seeds to plant some small crops to supplement their food supply. This project will reach 894 individuals during the month of November.

Shelter and non-food

Mercy Corps funded Yayasan Sahabit Nurani to distribute Non Food Items (NFI) to 763 households in village of Tokorondo in Poso Pesisir. The NFI package consists of one 60 litres water container and one kerosene stove for each family, reaching 3,000 beneficiaries. It is hoped that the use of kerosene stoves will change household reliance on chopping firewood from the forest.


Chief of OCHA Indonesia visited Central Sulawesi from 29 October to 1 November. He had meetings with Provincial and District authorities, and visited IDP camps and return sites in Poso District.

Mercy Corps facilitated discussion forums between its partners on implementation issues and future plans. This will help develop proactive and routine networking among the LNGO partners, which should improve their working relationships.


General Situation

A local press Siwalima, Thursday (31 Oct.) reported that a new Chief of Police for Maluku was sworn in on Tuesday (29 Oct.). A ceremony to welcome the new chief Sutrisno and bid Brigadier General Soenarko Danu Ardianto farewell would be conducted on 4 November at the Police Headquarters in Ambon City.


SC UK conducted a school and community assessment in Kariu, Tinitihu and Naira villages, Haruku Island on Tuesday (29 Oct.). It also conducted an assessment at Ruko IDP Camp in Ambon town on 28 and 29 October for "Creating safe areas for children."

CARDI conducted an assessment from 30 October to 2 November in Waisala, Piru, and Kairatu sub district in Seram Island for their community rehabilitation programme.

Population movement

Approximately 300 Waai IDPs who had sought refuge in Sorong in Papua Province returned to Ambon on Monday (28 Oct), as reported by Koran Info on Tuesday (29 Oct.) and Ambon Ekspres on Thursday (31 Oct.). Vice Governor Paula Renyaan told reporters on Monday (28 Oct.) that the Provincial Government could not provide barracks (temporary accommodation) for the returnees due to funding constraints. She advised that the returnees should go to the location where Waai IDPs currently reside in Ambon, e.g. in Passo Area, Larier IDP Camp, Rimba Raya IDP Camp, Ambon Island.


MSF- B conducted 508 consultations through its mobile clinic programme for IDPs in Ambon Island throughout the week.

IMC conducted 116 consultations in Wamsisi Village in Buru Island. In Seram Island, IMC doctors conducted 236 consultations in Taniwel Village, 255 consultations in Tehoru Village, 18 consultations in Werinama Village, 110 consultations in Wahai Village, 664 consultations in Kobisonta Village, and 633 consultations in Masohi Town. Consultations in Buru and Seram Island were conducted throughout 24 to 30 October.


Mercy Corps with funding from UNDP funded a local partner to rehabilitate 10 classrooms at the mixed SMU 45 (school name) in Ambon this week. The NGO will do the exterior work, USAID/OCP will provide equipment for the interior of the school. It also funded a local NGO to rehabilitate three rooms of the school in Waetasi village in Kairatu Sub-district this week.

Economic Recovery and Infrastructure

From 22 to 25 October, Mercy Corps funded a consultant from Java to provide technical assistance to a group of 28 local NGOs that want to create an association of micro credit institution in Maluku.

UNDP Maluku Recovery Program has established a temporary office as of 1 November 2002 in Ambon City. Recruitment for program and administrative staff is on-going.


From 23 to 26 October, Mercy Corps conducted workshop to promote civil society principles through programming for local NGOs based in Masohi and Tual. It also conducted a two-day workshop on 28 and 29 October, on Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) methodology for its entire staff.

Mercy Corps supported the Boys and Girl Scouts of Maluku to participate in "a clean-up the city campaign" starting on 1 November. For this programme, it provided tools such as shovels, broom and baskets for over 500 scouts.

SC UK facilitated the meeting between children from both Muslim and Christian communities in its Children Resource Centre. The meeting was focused on planning joint activities in the coming school holidays.


General Situation

The Provincial DPRD held a special session on Monday (28 Oct.) to elect a new Governor and Vice Governor for 2002-2007. Thaib Armayan, the former Provincial Secretary emerged as the winner after the first ballot but with a majority by just one vote. The 3-day public consultation period was concluded on Thursday (31 Oct.) and the DPRD will send their recommendations to the Central Government.

Contrary to general expectations, there were little public reaction to the results of the election. Small crowds protested near the DPRD for three days following the election, but Ternate remained calm. Even the local media had little to comment on the results. The military, however, took very stringent precautionary measures by declaring a phase 1 security alert (Siaga I) in Ternate, taking over security measures in many public offices and installations, and maintained a very visible presence in the city throughout the week.

Population Movements

The Provincial Dinas Social office reported that 107 IDPs (19 families from Manokwari, Papua) arrived in Ternate on Thursday (31 Oct.). They will return to their villages of origin in North Morotai, Gane Barat, Oba, Tobelo, and Patani sub-districts in the next few weeks.

Food Security and Agriculture

WVI distributed seeds and tools to Roko and Soatabaru, Galela subdistricts.

AcF is finalising the mapping activity for Loloda, Gane Timur, Jailolo, Sahu and Ibu.

Water and Sanitation

CARDI carried out a post-assessment of projects and monitoring of water and sanitation projects in Gamici, Ibu sub-district, Gamnyia and Susupu, Sahu sub-district, Soakonora, Idademhe Gamsungi, Bukubualawa , Gamlenge, Tauro, Gulao, Togurachi, Jailolo sub-district. CARDI completed the Togurachi water provision project. An inauguration ceremony will be held on 4 November.

AcF continued monitoring its water and sanitation projects in Baja, Kailupa, Ngajam Tolofuo, and Kahatola.


The Provincial Health Department with funding from WHO/EHA (Emergency and Humanitarian Action) conducted a malaria and sanitation training course for Puskesmas health staff in North Maluku from 28 October to 2 November.

IMC continued its health services and mobile clinics in Kao, Malifut, Tobelo, Galela, Daruba, Bere-Bere and Posi-Posi Rao Island and treated over 1,627 patients. IMC also conducted training for 7 Traditional Birth Attendants in Totoduku, and provided dental health and diarrhoea information to two elementary schools in Daruba. IMC started distributing materials for its UNDP funded rehabilitation program for the Pustu in Igobula and the Polindes in Ngidiho, Galela sub-district.

An AcF team has left for East Gane this week to continue their health session for 'Link of Water Diseases' in Sawat, Luin, Tanjung Jere, and Kesayangan villages.

Shelter and Non- Food Items

WVI distributed roofing kit assistance in Morotai, Galela, Jailolo, South Jailolo sub-districts, implemented Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) approach in Pangeo, Loleo, and Leata and Tenga villages. WVI also continued monitoring Roofing Kit assistance in South Morotai, North Morotai and West South Morotai sub-district.

CORDAID through its local NGO partner BINTIM started its community reconciliation program in Goal, Jill sub-district in North Halmahera. CORDAID also shipped the materials for their reconstruction projects in Galao. The materials consist of 600 bags of cement and village construction toolkits. CORDAID will reconstruct 10 houses in each village.


WVI monitored and distributed material for its 'Happy House' projects to 2 Elementary Schools, prepared its 'event school' activities in 6 Elementary Schools and SMP Kristen in Tobelo sub-district. It also coordinated 'event school' activities and a Happy House project in Galela sub-district, prepared the Playback Theatre Shows in Galela and Kao, and distributed cookies to 2 elementary schools in Kao.

Economic Recovery and Infrastructure

WVI continued its monitoring of Community Rehabilitation Project (CRP) in Tobelo, Kao, Malifut and Galela, and socialisation of the implementation of its Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) in their CRP II projects in Galela and Tobelo sub-districts.



Between 23 October and 26 October, CWS did a second distribution to victims of the eruption of the Ruang volcano (25 Sep.). The eruption displaced over 1,000 people to the neighboring island of Tagulandang. Having previously distributed Non-Food Items to 295 households earlier this month, CWS distributed sugar, cooking oil, soap, and facemasks (against the ash) to 316 households.


Economic recovery and Infrastructure

IOM has provided 320 male and 45 female heads of household in Sumber Bahagia Rp500, 000 each to enable them to undertake agricultural activities aimed at increasing their incomes. Prior to loan disbursement, 65 IDP loan groups were formed and a series of capacity building activities were conducted to orient the IDPs on the concept of group lending. Agricultural study tours in neighbouring villages were organized to enhance the IDPs' knowledge and skills on farming techniques and provide opportunities to learn from local farmers.

Concurrently, IOM is establishing a cooperative comprised of IDPs and local residents to own and manage a riverboat to improve access to the relocation sites. The launch of the riverboat is expected in mid-November.


General Situation

Pos Kupang (26 Oct.) reported an explosion occurred at an illegal border market in Balibo, Bobonaro district, East Timor on 25 October around 8pm local time. Six people from Belu, West Timor were reported injured in the incident. Contacted by the press, Military Chief of Belu, Lt. Col, Tjuk Agus Minahasa said that the type of explosive material used was yet to be identified as the Police of East Timor was investigating the case. He informed that the explosion also injured a number of persons from East Timor.

Population Movement

UNHCR Dili reported 27 persons repatriated to East Timor during the month of October.

Food Security

Government officials of district of Alor stated on Wednesday (30 Oct.) that the Government is procuring green beans and subsidized rice for some 46 villages facing food shortage problems in Alor. Meanwhile, District Government of East Sumba reported on Wednesday (30 Oct.) that during the visit to villages of Waimbidi and Hukuwingir in Pandawai subdistrict, Deputy District head found that the villagers have been consuming wild tubers as alternative food. The villagers also reported that they had to sell their cattle to get cash. They are to face food problem following the attack of grasshoppers and wild boars that destroyed their farming lands.



The following work-in-progress matrix, provided by AusAID, indicates assistance provided and considered for Bali after the bomb explosion on 12 October from various organizations and donor agencies.

(As of 30 October)

Donor/Organisation Purpose/activities
Government of Indonesia
Satkorlak Bali (assisted by PMI Bali) - Cash assistance to victims (amount and distribution unclear)
- Coordination of assistance. External coordination assisted by PMI Bali chapter, main task coordinate GOI assistance
SATLAK Badung Posko Support at bomb site
RSUP Sanglah Denpasar - Treatment of victims
- Central management of medicines and medical supplies donation
Donor Agencies
AusAID - Immediate emergency support; medical supplies, hand surgeon through IMC
- Establishment of an office to support coordination of assistance from various organisations
- Support to PMI Bali Chapter in its coordination role
- Provision of Inventory and management of medical supplies expert, to manage the donation and establishment of donation protocols with the department of health provincial office and RSUP Sanglah
- Considering support to IMC in pyschosocial services area
- Assessment of further support to the health system in Bali
USAID/OCP USAID provided emergency support to IMC for medical supplies and psychosocial support
Considering support to:
(a) Yayasan Manikaya Kauci for support to victims' families & pluralism roadshow
(b) IMC proposal: Psychosocial services
(c) Overall coordination (if required)
DFID Considering support to:
(a) Overall coordination (if required)
(b) Yayasan Manikaya Kauci for support to victims' families
UNICEF Considering support to:
(a) IMC proposal: Psychosocial services
(b) Affected communities through SAMIGITHA and Yayasan Manikaya Kauci (eg skills training)
(c) EMS capacity building for health sector
Japan New package of support to help Indonesia recovery from Bali bombings - details not known.
Ongoing projects, including Emergency Hospital Upgrade Project
NZAID Medical supplies to Sanglah Hospital
Red Cross movement
Singapore Red Cross 800kg Medical Supplies
Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Immediate emergency assistance (volunteers, ambulances, morgue)
Tracing & messaging (with ICRC)
Overall coordination (with SATKORLAK)
Australian Red Cross (ARC) - Support to PMI Bali Chapter in its coordination role
- Long term support to PMI Bali Chapter to improve emergency response capacity
International Medical Corps (IMC) - Support in emergency phase: provision of doctors, hand surgeon, psychosocial support
Plans post-emergency:
-Coordination of sub-group of NGOs providing support to victims families etc
- (TBC) Psychosocial support and establishment of resource centre. Coordination of efforts in this area
Rotary (Southbank, Vic) - Support to Balinese families
- Possible support to hospital/medical infrastructure in Bali
Salvation Army (WA) General assistance
World Vision Possible: Trauma counselling, employment support
Interplast Australia Provision of specialist plastic surgery equipment for Sanglah Hospital
OPAL (Overseas Pharmaceuticals Aid for Life) - 4 pallets of medical supplies
- Cash donations (private)
Jodie O'Shea Memorial Fund Plans: improve facilities at Sanglah Hospital; establish doctors and nurses exchange
SAFD Adelaide New medical facility
BSS Help Fund 170 Norwegian students raising funds. Looking for organisations to donate to.
Indonesia-Australia Business Council Funds from private companies
Yayasan Ibu Peduli
(Jakarta based but part of JRKB)
Victim support. Established crisis centre in Seminyak.
Bali based NGOs/CSOs and others
Bali Disaster Relief - Coordinating storage and distribution of medical and non-medical supplies, largely from private donations in Australia
- Develop & manage information website
Crisis Centre - 1.3 tonnes of medical and non-medical supplies
- Information network through
Yayasan Bali Hati - Initial emergency support at Sanglah Hospital (hotline, victims' care, psychosocial support, logistics)
- Med/long term: support Yayasan Kemanusiaan to build burns and trauma facility
- Support to victims' families
Bali International Women's Association (BIWA) Support to victims' families and education for women
Rotary Bali Crisis Support to families and education
Yayasan Kemanusiaan Ibu Pertiwi Plan to renovate Melati ward at Sanglah Hospital. L/t - build burns and trauma centre
Lions Club Bali Surya Chapter Support to victims children education (scholarships) targeting poor families
Jaringan Relawan Kemanusiaan Bali (JRKB) Volunteers, hotline, media/information centre. Undertaking survey of social/economic impact and needs assessment of victims' families, livelihood data etc
Yayasan Manikaya Kauci Victim support services, pluralism road show to strengthen dialogue at village level, psychosocial support (working with Harvard Phd student - Sisa)
SAMIGITHA Providing support in Kuta, Legian and Seminyak areas.

Selected Abbreviations Key

ACF Action Contre la Faim
Bakornas PBP National Coordinating Board for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees
Brimob Police Mobile Brigade
Bulog National Logistics Agency
CWS Church World Service
GAM Free Aceh
UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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