Indonesia: Netcare of South Africa to build 120 houses in Banda Aceh

Johannesburg, Indonesia-Relief - Through its South Africa Tsunami Relief Fund, South African emergency medical service company Netcare 911 and retail company Pick 'N Pay collected R5.2 million ($763,000) to help tsunami survivors in Asia. Now, R4 million ($587,000) of the fund will be dedicated to build 120 houses in Banda Aceh.

Netcare 911 Chief Financial Office Fareed Chothia and representative from Pick 'N Pay on Tuesday fly to Indonesia on a fact-finding mission to make final arrangements for the project. As reported by Moneyweb today, Chothia will be exploring how the project can be most effectively implemented in Indonesia with the fund available.

One of the possibilities is to implement the housing project through South African NGO currently available in Aceh: Al Imdaad Foundation.

"The fact-finding mission will seek out further partners in Indonesia and work out the details of the construction plan. They will also check whether the site chosen for the community is the best one and finalize the work of the contractors. The project is expected to be completed by late September this year and South Africans will then be able to see what has been achieved," suggests Chothia.

In early tsunami, Netcare 911 donated an initial R1,2 million as well as thousands of tons of food, clothing and medical supplies to the International Red Cross for relief efforts. The organizations than looked carefully at how it could most effectively use its remaining R4 million. Later the organization decided that the money should be used to build homes for people who had lost everything to the tsunamis.

"A home is a basic need for all people - it provides shelter and protection for our families," points out Chothia. "The Fund therefore decided to concentrate on building homes. Once we have completed this project, we hope that life will start to return to some degree of normality for the families involved. We hope that we will have at least in some small way contributed to getting Indonesia and its people back on their feet." =A9 lan