Indonesia: Muslim Aid to build $5,000-house in Aceh

London, Indonesia-Relief - London based Muslim Aid announced that the organization will build 200 units of $5,000-house in two villages in Aceh. Several organizations will involve in the construction project, including Muslim Aid Australia, Muslim Aid Asia, Yayasan Amal Malaysia and Global Peace will fund the project.

The houses intended for construction have been designed by a group of Acehnese tsunami survivors and have factored in earthquake-proof construction, as well as low cost per unit ($ 5,000), local availability of material and construction time per house of 10-14 days. The houses conform to traditional Aceh architectural concepts.

Muslim Aid will build 200 houses initially in two villages. The villagers will be employed in the construction. The project will last for six to eight months. To implement the project, Muslim Aid will cooperates with Panglima Laot a traditional fishing, non-political agency that unites the entire fishing community in Aceh

Once the housing program get going, Mulslim Aid would introduce the villagers to institutions that could become partners with Muslim Aid to carry out reconstruction and development program.