Indonesia: More and more prosthesis for Aceh tsunami survivors

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Banda Aceh, Indonesia-Relief - Official from Jakarta based Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital already announced that there is oversupply of prosthesis for Aceh tsunami survivors. But another 'players' has come and offer more prosthesis: Nurani Dunia Foundation and Perdosri (Indonesian Medical Doctors Specializing in Rehabilitation).

According to Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Agency for Aceh and Nias (BRR) weekly report, the group has distributed the artificial limbs last week. Just like Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM) and Solo Orthopaedic Hospital (RSOS), they also delivered the prosthesis in Zainoel Abidin Hospital in Banda Aceh.

Perdosri coordinator Widjaja Laksmi emphasized that the beneficiaries are not only those injured by the tsunami, but also those with pre-existing conditions.

According to Said Faisal, BRR's Deputy of Health and Education, ''BRR supports this great initiative from Perdosri and their partners, and encourages affected Acehnese to make use of this great opportunity.''

Last week, Emir Soendoro, orthopedic expert from RSCM, told that along with RSOS, they have distributed 112 prosthesis: RSCM has installed 21 prosthesis last week, while RSOS has installed 91 prosthesis since February. Emir said totally they are ready to provide 300 prosthesis, but so far only 112 have been distributed, because of difficulties in finding people who should received it.

Non-health-related-NGOs has also provided prosthesis: Pan Eco of Switzerland, along with its long time partner in Indonesia, Yayasan Ekosistem Lestary (YEL). Totally, both environtmental NGOs has provided 17 units prosthesis, made by Teh Lin Prosthetic and Ortopaedic Co Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. While the receivers are Acehnese, they provided the prosthesis on their headquarters in Medan, North Sumatra.

Recently, Operation USA announced that it also would provide help two Indonesian surgeon to provide prosthesis for Acehnese. But it is unclear whether the iniative is part of Nurani Dunia prosthesis program. In its program to provide microcredit, Operation USA is working in cooperation with Nurani Dunia.