Indonesia Monthly Humanitarian Bulletin - Issue 09, 01 – 30 September 2012



  • The number of people affected by natural disasters in September 2012 decreased from the previous month.

  • Floods, landslides and whirlwind caused 10 fatalities and affected over 4,500 people.

  • The HRF approved two new projects to address the emergency and early recovery needs of some 4,000 people in Central Sulawesi.

The incidence and impact of natural disasters reduced in September 2012

Floods, landslides and whirlwinds affected 4,572 people

The National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB) reported 4,572 people affected by natural disasters in Indonesia during September 2012, a more than 50 per cent decrease over the number of people affected during the previous month. Nine disaster events were recorded in September, against 11 in August.

Whirlwinds, which claimed two fatalities, constituted more than half of all natural disaster events. They occurred in West Java, West and North Sumatra. Floods and landslides, despite occurring only four times, caused eight of the total 10 casualties and were responsible for all temporary displacements due to natural disasters. The floods and landslides were triggered by continuous rains in West Java, North and West Sumatra. West Sumatera was the hardest hit province and suffered four fatalities and damage to transport infrastructure and hundreds of houses. An estimated 598 households (2,392 people) in West Sumatera and 545 households (2,180 people) in North Sumatra were temporarily displaced by the natural disasters in September.


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