Indonesia: M5.6 Earthquake in Cianjur Regency, Flash Update No. 01 (22 November 2022)


● OVERVIEW: On 21 November 2022 at 1321 UTC+7, a M5.6 Earthquake with a depth of 10 km occurred in the area of Sukalarang, Sukabumi, West Java. The earthquake’s epicentre is located at 6.86°S, 107.01°E.

● ANALYSIS: Preliminary analysis indicates that this is a moderate earthquake, and it is very shallow (shallower quakes tend to be more damaging than deeper quakes) (DMRS). The earthquake was identified to be due to the activity of the Cimandiri fault with a strike-slip mechanism (BMKG).


o Aftershocks – as of this reporting, 117 aftershocks have been recorded by BMKG.

o Intensity – at most Modified Mercalli Intensity (MMI) VI was reported in Cianjur City.

● IMPACTS: as of the latest report from BNPB (22 Nov, 0955 UTC+7)

o 103 dead, 31 missing, 377 injured have been confirmed

o More than 600 families affected

o More than 1,1K families (7K persons) internally displaced and preemptively evacuated

● DAMAGES: as of the latest report from BNPB (22 Nov, 0955 UTC+7)

o 3,167 damaged houses (3,075 lightly damaged, 33 moderately damaged, 59 heavily damaged)

o 47 public facilities affected (5 health, 7 government, 19 educational, 15 places of worship, 1 retail)

o 2 bridges and 2 roads damaged

● URGENT NEEDS: tarpaulins, shelter, medicine, blankets, food, clean water and drinking water, clothing, infant and elderly supplies, cots, clearing equipment/vehicle, fuel/gasoline

● EXPOSURE: Earthquakes of this depth and magnitude result in moderate to severe shaking within 80 km and within this distance, it is estimated that 3.29 Million people, 981.5K households, and $12.2 Billion (USD) worth of infrastructure (total replacement cost) have been exposed. Severe impact to lifelines (power, communication, transportation) is likely (DMRS).


o The local disaster management agency (BPBD) of Cianjur Regency has declared an Emergency Response Status for a duration of 30 days (21 Nov-20 Dec) and continues to conduct data collection, operations (emergency and SAR), and logistics needed by the affected people.

o BNPB together with the Minister of Coordinators for Human Development and Culture and members of the House of Representatives (DPR RI) handed over a total of 95.5K USD worth of ready-use fund and 31.8K USD worth of logistics to the Government of Cianjur Regency.

o The AHA Centre has sent a Letter of Sympathy with an offer of assistance to the Head of National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB) Indonesia expressing sympathy and affirming its willingness and readiness to support BNPB through the mobilisation of DELSA relief items and deployment of ASEAN-ERAT.

o The AHA Centre’s EOC Alert Level has been elevated to ORANGE (preparedness for response) in consideration of current developments related to the earthquake.

● The AHA Centre will continue to monitor and update relevant disaster data in ADINet with AHADID: AHA-EQ-2022-001369-IDN | GLIDE Number: EQ-2022-0003690-IDN and issue necessary updates once more information from official sources becomes available.