Indonesia: Logistic support program in Aceh - 2005 progress report & 2006 perspectives

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2005 Progress Report

ATLAS LOGISTIQUE, French Non Governmental Organization, has been working in Aceh Province since January 2005, organizing logistic support for all humanitarian organizations, thanks to ECHO's funding.

We have progressively set-up a complete logistic network, implementing bases in Banda Aceh, Medan, Meulaboh, Calang, and Simeulue to facilitate transportation in Aceh Province, especially in areas directly affected by the tsunami but also areas where IDPs were located.

This logistic network has created a complete supply chain by mixing road and maritime transport as well as transit storage.

This free of charge and flexible service has allowed us to respond positively to 237 NGOs, adapting our support according to their needs, local constraints, size and nature of their programs, finally transporting 80.000 tons of goods by road, 12.000 tons by sea, and 62.000 people in 13 months.

(Data's on the 15/02/2006. ECHO pre final report).

2006 Perspectives

From the 16th March 2006, starting date of the new ECHO project, until the 15th January 2007, ATLAS LOGISTIQUE will continue its logistic support to other NGOs in similar intervention areas. However, a brutal ending of ATLAS LOGISTIQUE activities by mid January 2007 could place NGOs in a difficult situation. We therefore plan a progressive decrease of our support, combined with specific logistic trainings for NGOs field staff adapted to their needs and geographical locations. This will allow other NGOs to anticipate their autonomy and to reorganize themselves in logistical aspects. From June 2006, all organization will be informed about training session's details.

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