Indonesia: Kompas provides three-wheeler taxis for Banda Aceh

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Jakarta, Indonesia-Relief -- To help Acehnese generate daily income, Kompas daily provided 15 becak motor or three-wheeler taxis for people in Banda Aceh and bagan or fishing rigs for fishermen in Krueng Raya, Aceh Besar. The Rp 352 million ($37,000) donation funded by tsunami donation collected from the newspaper reader.
The exact total donation, as reported by Dana Kemanusiaan Kompas (DKK, Humanitarian Fund of Kompas) on Thursday, is Rp 351,935,000, of which Rp 216,285,000 spent to buy 15 becak motor, and the remaining Rp 135,650,000 for construction of fishing rigs.

Becak motor is a common motor cycle that provided with additional passenger cab on its left side. DKK buy the 15 motor cycles of Honda Win (100 cc) at Honda dealer in Banda Aceh, PT Lambarona Jaya. Each motor cycles cost Rp 11,419,000. Totally DKK spent Rp 171,285,000.

For the becak or cab, DKK spent Rp 45 million. The cab is currently in construction in a workshop belongs to Adnan, in Banda Aceh. He is scheduled to complete the 15 cabs in mid-August.

The becak motor wouldn't be provided for free to tsunami survivors in Banda Aceh. Instead it will be used as a 'revolving fund' to enable more people received the becak motor. Each people will receive the becak motor as credits that have to be paid monthly. To manage the scheme, DKK has sign agreement with two local NGOs: Yayasan Daur Ulang Aceh (Aceh Recycling Foundation) and Aceh Development Fund.

The fishing rigs donation comprise of rehabilitation of one fishing rig (Rp 10,650,000) and construction of one new fishing rig (Rp 125,000,000). Both works provided to Abdullah Basyah, a craftsmen from village of Meunasah Keudee, in subdistrict of Masjid Raya (Krueng Raya), Aceh Besar.

The rehabilitated rig will be provided to Panglima Laot in Jeulingke, while the new rig for Panglima Laot in Lhok Krueng Raya. © che