Indonesia: KOICA donates mobile water treatment trucks

Banda Aceh, Indonesia-Relief -- The Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) has donated 2 water tank trucks and a mobile water treatment truck to Satkorlak or Aceh Disaster Management Agency. The trucks directly sent to Aceh, and not part of the stranded container in Belawan port of Medan, North Sumatra.

''The trucks sent directly to us, to be provided to Satkorlak,'' said Head of Aceh Transportation Office Muhammad Sidik, as quoted by Aceh Cominfo Office news release on Saturday. He handed over the trucks on Monday to Aceh Military's Chief of Staff Brigadier General Kuswa, on behalf of Satkorlak.

Sidik added that KOICA couldn't hand over the trucks directly because currently they have no representative in Aceh. KOICA asked his office to forward the trucks to Satkorlak.

Kuswa praised the KOICA donation and said the trucks will be used to bring water to several refugee camps that currently still lack of clean waters. But Satkorlak has to identify first which camps would be prioritized. © che