Indonesia: KADIN breaks ground for 250 Aceh houses

Banda Aceh, Indonesia Relief -- A ground breaking ceremony was held on Saturday to officially launch the construction of 250 houses for 634 Aceh tsunami survivors in the fishing community of Lambhada Lhok, Aceh Besar. The 45 meters square houses are donated by Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (KADIN).
Aceh Governor Azwar Abubakar and Head of Kadin Muhammad Hidayat together put the corner stone of the projects. The ceremony also attended by Head of Kadin Tsunami Task Force Rachmat Gobel, who also president director of Panasonic Indonesia, and head of Aceh Besar District Zaini Aziz.

Lambada Lhok used to have population of 2.200 people, but tsunami only left about 634 people. All building and houses in the area have swept away by tsunami, except the mosque of Tengku Chik. The villagers actually have return to their area and erecting hundreds of temporary tents, but recent fool moon flood forced them to be re-evacuated to the mosque.

''The people hope that the construction of houses could be completely as soon as possible, as condition of their tents have become worsen,'' said Head of Lambada Lhok village Khairul Amri during the ceremony, as quoted by Kompas. He also asked the donors to provide same houses for the people in order not to create jealousy.

Head of Aceh Besar District Zaini Aziz also asked the similar thing. He hopes KADIN could directly continue the groundbreaking ceremony with real construction. ''The people inspiration is we any parties want to help build houses for them, just build it immediately,'' said Zaini, referring to the phenomenon of so much groundbreaking ceremony that followed by long delayed of real construction.

Hidayat told reporters after the ceremony that Kadin wouldn't be one of such kind of organization. Kadin will follow the ceremony with direct construction of the 250 houses. The organization will also rebuild several public facilities in the areas.

''Kadin will provide Rp 10 billion for the construction of the 250 houses. The houses scheduled to be completed in one year period,'' Hidayat said, as quoted by Media Indonesia.

According to Rakhmat Gobel, Kadin has committed to provide up to 1,000 houses in areas devastated by last December tsunami. And in cooperation with related organization, Kadin will also provide business training for people in Aceh.

Deputy of Economic and Business Empowerment of BRR Iskand on his speech announced that in year of 2055 the government will provide 30,000 houses for tsunami survivors in Aceh. In 2006 the target is 90,000 houses. © cal