Indonesia: Java eruption and Sumatra earthquake and Tsunami Preliminary Emergency appeal n° MDRID006


This preliminary Emergency Appeal seeks CHF 2,825,711 (USD 2,865,860 or EUR 2,052,300) in cash, kind, or services to support Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) (known in English, as the Indonesian Red Cross) to assist up to 25,000 beneficiaries in Merapi operation and 3,750 beneficiaries in the Mentawai operation. Based on the situation, this Preliminary Emergency Appeal responds to a request from Palang Merah Indonesia, and focuses on providing support to the national society for efficient response in delivering assistance in the following sectors: relief, emergency shelter, health, water and sanitation, and logistics.

If there is no further volcanic activity, earthquakes or tsunamis in the areas needing assistance then the activities under this appeal are expected to be implemented over six months; and are therefore expected to be completed by April 2011; with a Final Report made available by July 2011.

The situation

Two disasters struck Indonesia on the same day of 25 October: The eruption of Mount Merapi and the tsunami that hit the Mentawai Islands.

- Mount Merapi: Seismic activity developed into the eruption of the Mount (Mt.) Merapi volcano and was followed by an earthquake and tsunami approximately 70 km from the Mentawai Islands. The eruption has left 34 people dead, and has displaced more than 70,000 people. A further eruption happened on 1 November 2010.

- Mentawai Islands: The Mentawai Islands were hit by a tsunami initiated by an earthquake measuring 7.7 on the Richter scale. This tsunami wave penetrated 400 metres inland and wiped the beachfront clean at many locations. Bad weather and high sea journeys have hampered the initial stage of response in this operation. More than 15,000 of the total population of Mentawai Island have been affected