Indonesia: Jasa Marga rebuilds Islamic school in Lhoknga

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Banda Aceh, Indonesia-Relief -- PT Jasa Marga, an Indonesian highway and toll road company, is nearly completing construction of 3 classrooms in Pesantren Hidayatullah, an Islamic boarding school in Nusa village, Lhoknga.
Jasa Marga's HRD director AD Panjaitan, as reported by Aceh Province Infocom Office, visited the pesantren on Friday to check the progress, as well donates 1 unit of personal computer, 2,500 books, 200 stationery, 100 schools bags. The donation received by the pesantren head, Ustad Usman.

Pandjaitan said the schools construction, which currently 50 percent completed, funded entirely by donation collected by the company employees from 9 branch of Jasa Marga in Indonesia. The employees have raised Rp 458 million, of which Rp 155 million goes to reconstruction of Hidayatullah schools. ''All the money are from our employees. Jasa Marga only contribute their transportation cost to Aceh,'' Pandjaitan said.

The company itself so far provided Rp 3.4 billion, of which Rp 2.2 billion goes to BUMN Peduli (State owned companies alliance to help Aceh). Another Rp 772 million has been spent to pay volunteers tranportation cost to Aceh as well as their cost of living.

Panjaitan also visited Min Teladan in Banda Aceh, a state Islamic school that has cleared from tsunami mud and debris, as well as repainted, by volunteer from Jasa Marga. To the schools deputy, Hayaton Nufus, he presents 2 personal computers, 1 printer, and school kits.

Meanwhile, Head of Jasa Marga tsunami task force, Unggul Chairawan, distributed school kits to Taman Pendidikan Al-Qur'an Darul Hasani (a kindergarten) and state Islamic school (MIN Mireuk Taman) in village of Mireuk Taman, Baitussalam subdisrict, Aceh Besar, on Tuesday.

Unggul also visited a brick factory in Mireuk Taman, and donates Rp 16 million to enable the factory expand their production capacity. Later he visited a relief post managed by Aceh Student Association in Lambaro, Aceh Besar, and donated personal computer and office equipment. He hopes the office equipment could help the student provide better assistance to tsunami survivors in the areas. © lan