Indonesia: Japan starts construction of Meulaboh-Calang road

Jakarta, Indonesia-Relief -- Japan International Cooperation System (JICS) starts procurement and tender process for reconstruction of road connecting city of Meulaboh and Calang, west coast of Aceh. The 115 km road will be built using Rp 585 billion ($62 million) of grant provided by government of Japan.

Memorandum on ''The Procurement of Goods Under Japan's Non Project Grant Aid 2004'' signed today by General Secretary of Public Works Minister Roestam Syarif and JICS Program Manager Shoji Hasegawa in Jakarta. The MoU provides guideline on procurement of heavy equipment, road construction materials, consultant, and implementation of the road construction.

Of the $62 million grant, only $32 million will be used for the road construction. The remaining will be used to finance clean water project in Aceh. The ministry news release said the grant is pure of Japan government initiative to help Indonesia post tsunami reconstruction.

Head of Aceh Task of the ministry, Adi Sarwoko, said that the ministry wouldn't involve in the procurement and tender process. JICS will buy the heavy equipment, inviting and selecting contractors, etc, by itself. ''We only facilitate and help them in providing data about the area condition, as well as list of contractors that have capability to execute the projects,'' said Sarwoko. He added that several Japanese contractors and consultants would also get involved in the project.

Sarwoko said that Japan International Cooperation System would complete tender and selection process just in the next two weeks. ''If we have to do the similar jobs, we will need at least one month and a half,'' he said, adding that JICS will bring official to run the tender process, as well as creating all the tender rules.

The Meulaboh-Calang road scheduled for completion in February 2006, and one month later will be fully operational. The 115 km road includes existing 30 km road, 25 km new road and route already built by Indonesia military, and 60 kilometers of local district road.

The road will be connected with road from Banda Aceh to Calang that will be built by US government. © lan