Indonesia: Jakarta flood disaster response project to fully accomplish 1000 houses repair

News and Press Release
Originally published
HFH Indonesia recently fully accomplished the Jakarta Flood Disaster Response Project by finishing a repair for 1000 houses within 3 month period until the third week of April 2007. This project was concentrated into three local areas; Tanjung Priok and Teluk Gong in North Jakarta as well as Sukakarya in North Bekasi. Those areas were some of the most damaged area caused by flood and where most of the low income families live. Mrs. Vereansisca (38), one of the home partners in Yonair, Cilincing, North Jakarta even put her sons at Orphanage because could not afford their live needs. She was very thankful with Habitat's help on her house.

Other home partner, Mrs. Jeni (56), in Kampung Wangkal, Sukakarya, North Bekasi joined "save and build program" two years ago. Her dream became reality when Habitat had partnered with her to build house for her family. However, her house was damaged again because of the recent flood and she could not meet the expense of repair. She was unable to hold her joy and excitement when she knew that Habitat was still willing to help for the second time by repairing her house. "I am so thankful because Habitat was not forgetting my family and was still willing to help me again", said Mrs. Jeni.