Indonesia: IOM grants contracts to fabricate 5,000 Aceh houses

Jakarta, Indonesia-Relief - International Organization for Migration (IOM) has awarded contracts to 6 Indonesian companies to produce 5,000 prefabricated houses that the organization want to build in Indonesia tsunami zone. The price of each house is Rp 12 million ($1,276) or only a half of the price IOM has pay to another Jakarta based contractor.

MoU on the projects signed on June 6 by Head of Ministry Public Works' Housing Research Center Nana Terangna Ginting with 6 contractors already appointed by IOM: PT Koalisi Bumi Agung, PT Kembang Tanjung Sari, PT Indobuana Nusantara, PT Ganis Mandiri, PT Bukit Kesumba Indah, dan PT Pase Perdana Engineering.

The signing ceremony attended by Indonesian Minister of Public Works Djoko Kirmanto, Head of the ministry Reseach and Development Center Basoeki Hadimoeljono, and IOM Chief of Mission in Indonesia Stephen Cook.

The prefabricated house will be made using Risha (short for Rumah Instant Sederhana, or instant modest house) technology developed by the ministry's Housing Research Center in Bandung. According to news released by the ministry, the modular house is only need 8 hours to be erected and the price of each unit of 36 square meters type is cheap, only Rp 12 million.

In May, another IOM contractor, Jakarta based PT Katama Suryabumi, which complained about IOM (International Organization for Migrants) lags on paying completed prefabricated houses, said the price of each unit is Rp 24 million ($ 2,553), including cost of transportation to bring the houses from Jakarta to Aceh.

The current contract ordered each contractor to complete the 5,000 houses in period of 4 months, or about 200 units per month. The house will be brought and installed in Banda Aceh, Meulaboh, and Lhoksemauwe, as part of IOM plan to build 11,000 houses for tsunami survivors. On previous contracts signed on May 4, IOM ordered three contractors to produce 4,500 units.

Head of Public Works Ministry's Reseach and Development Center, Basoeki Hadimoeljono, said so far IOM has finished construction of 200 houses in Aceh. In the future, IOM planned to complete 500 unit of house per week.

Minister of Public Works Djoko Kirmanto asked IOM not forget to take into account spatial planning guided by Aceh and Nias master plan in their reconstruction effort, as well as people access to locations of their work place or source of income.

Djoko also offers IOM to use another ministry's research center appropriate technology products, including Biofill Septic Tank and Water Treatmen Plan. © lan