Indonesia: ILO provides canoes for villagers in Meunasah Tuha

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Jakarta, Indonesia-Relief - To clarify news published by Indonesia-Relief, International Labour Organization (ILO) said that the agency has already run livelihoods recovery programme in fishing community of Meunasah Tuha, subdistrict of Peukan Bada, Aceh Besar. ILO has provided fund to local association to build new canoes.

''ILO's staff has frequently monitored the programme. This is a first step towards a more comprehensive programme for job creation and economic development being prepared together with the local community,'' said Peter Rademaker, ILO's Officer-in-Charge in Jakarta, in a clarification statement.

Last week, Indonesia-Relief wrote: Before USAID, International Labor Organization (ILO) has come to the village. ILO asked people to draw new map of their village, including create a safe route to run away and evacuate when another tsunami strike the area. Even, as also asked by ILO, they already create a reconstruction plan for the village. Unfortunately, said Secretary of Meunasah Tuha village, Sabudin, ILO never return to Meunasah Tuha. ''Since ILO never came back here, we received whatever help other people give. We borrow the 17 hectares land from local people,'' said Sabudin.

Rademaker said that ILO started the recovery program during the village headed by Tarmizi, another villager. But ILO knows that Tarmizi recently replaced by Sabudin, and had no contact with Sabudin yet.

The ILO also never asked the villagers of Meunasah Tuha to draw new map of their village. It appears the map was created and initiated by the people of Meunasah Tuha upon the request of an NGO working in the same area.

In terms of the creation of a safe route to run away in case of another tsunami, this probably relates to a survey ILO has undertaken with the Public Works Department to rehabilitate rural roads. The team from the Public Works Department and the ILO did not make any promise to the representatives of Meunasah Tuha.

As a specialized agency of the United Nations with a mandate in social development, employment creation and work-related issues in general, the ILO has been working closely with communities and authorities in the Province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam since January to provide concrete support in rebuilding their lives.

ILO is working with the Manpower offices to provide employment services, has been organising a wide range of vocational training courses and supports people wishing to (re) start their own enterprises. The ILO further implements programmes for youth to acquire life skills and to prepare them for the job market and also promotes the use of labour-intensive approaches to infrastructure rehabilitation.

The ILO has established an office in Banda Aceh and supports employment services offices in Banda Aceh, Meulaboh, Lhok Seumawe and Calang, working closely with local authorities. © che/dil