Indonesia: Hundreds of houses submerged in floodwaters

JAKARTA: Hundreds of homes in Padang Pariaman regency and Pariaman city remained inundated by floods Friday after heavy rain the night before led to nearby rivers overflowing.

However, the local administration said the floodwaters, reportedly up to two meters high at some point, had begun receding by the end of the day, Antara news agency reported.

Although dozens of families fled their homes for refuge, there were no reports of casualties from the flooding.

Floodwaters from the Batang Ulakan and Batang Mangoi rivers swept hundreds of cattle away, submerged hundreds of hectares of farm lands and a bridge and triggered a landslide.

The floods began in Nagari Kurai Taji in Nan Sabaris district and expanded to Nagari Sunu and Nagari Padang Bintungan in the same district. - JP