Indonesia: Heavy Ash Rain in Probolinggo

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PMI Probolinggo Crisis Center reported the condition of Mount Bromo is still producing volcanic ash. Even on Saturday (22/01/2011), volcanic ash rain fell very thick in the area of Sumber District, Probolinggo, East Java.

"Almost all day yesterday, Saturday (22/01/2011), a heavy ash rain fell and the wind direction towards the east. There are four villages that suffered heavy ash falls, the Wonokerso Village, Pandangan, Sumber Anon, and Ledo Ombo in Sumber District. Visibility was only 10 meters," said PMI Probolinggo Chief Executive, Sukarman, Monday afternoon (24/01/2011).

He added that some PMI Probolinggo personnel directly monitor the condition of the development of the thick ash rain there.

PMI Sumber District still has stock of masks and has been distributed to the residents of Sumber District. Residents there also has understand what to do if the thick ash falls like this. Not many vehicles on the streets because they fear of the short visibility, "said Sukarman.

In its development until today, Monday (01/24/2011), ash rain has stopped. Residents has been cleaning their houses, yards, and streets that was covered with ash. Now they live their activities as usual.

A few weeks earlier had been cold lava floods in Probolinggo. PMI Probolinggo Regency Crisis center reported, there have been floods on Wednesday (05/01/2011).

"At that time the flood occurred in the evening, at 16.00 WIB. Floods carry mud and volcanic material. PMI help evacuate residents. Some of the districts affected, among others, Kuripan District, Wonomerto, Bantaran, Sumberasih, and Dringu. About 340 people or 85 families have been displaced, "said Sukarman.

Based on data from local government, cold lava flood has caused 35 homes washed away, 20 houses were severely damaged, and 44 homes with minor damage. Flooding also caused damage to tens of hectares of farmland, three bridges and water dams.*

For more information, please contact: Disaster Management Division Staff PMI NHQ, Achmad Djaelani, Hp. 081384114454, Chief Executive of PMI Probolinggo, Sukarman, Hp. 0811354125