Indonesia: HDC congratulates the conclusion of an agreement on a cessation of hostilities between the Government and GAM

Geneva, 9 December 2002

The Henry Dunant Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HDC) would like to confirm that an agreement on a cessation of hostilities has been signed by representatives of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (GoI) and the Free Aceh Movement (GAM).

The landmark agreement was signed at HDC's office in Geneva, Switzerland at 10.00am GMT by Mr S Wiryono and Dr Zaini Abdullah, the chief negotiators of both parties. It was witnessed by HDCs Director, Martin Griffiths, in the presence of delegations from both parties, international diplomats and the media.

HDC would like to congratulate both sides on this historic occasion for their commitment to resolving their differences through peaceful means and for their dedication to creating a peaceful environment for the people of Aceh.

A phased deployment of monitors in support of the agreement will begin on 10 December 2002. They will start by setting up district offices and continue with a gradual increase in their numbers and capacity to monitor incidents. The HDC Senior Envoy for the Joint Security Committee will arrive in Aceh on 16 December 2002. He will then be joined by representatives of the GoI and GAM.

With the encouragement and support of the international community, as expressed at the Tokyo conference, and the continued commitment of the GoI, the GAM and the people of Aceh, we are confident that the implementation of the agreement and the rehabilitation and reconstruction process will be successful.

HDC is encouraged that the cessation of hostilities is recognised by all participants as a necessary first step, and repeat that it can only be sustainable through all-inclusive dialogue, concrete actions towards fair and democratic elections and comprehensive programming aimed at addressing the root causes of conflict.

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