Indonesia: Gamkonora Volcano OCHA Situation Report No. 3

Situation Report
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Indonesia - Gamkonora Volcano
OCHA Situation Report No. 3
13 July 2007

This report is developed by HC/RC Office in Indonesia based on information provided by the National Coordinating Board for the Management of Disaster (BAKORNAS PB), Provincial Executing Unit for the Management of Disaster (SATKORLAK PB) of North Maluku Province, District Executing Unit for the Management of Disaster (SATLAK PB) West Halmahera district, PMI, OXFAM GB, UNDP, UNICEF, and media reports.

Summary Analysis

- Volcanic activity on Mount Gamkonora has been decreasing since yesterday, but the alert level remains at the highest level (Level IV).

- 9,758 estimated IDPs are being supported by local Government at three sites. Oxfam and UNICEF are also providing some non-food items.

- There is an additional need for more tarpaulins, clean water, and emergency latrines.

- The Government has indicated that they have all the supplies they need and, therefore, do not anticipate any need for further international assistance at this stage of emergency.


1. Mount Gamkonora, located in South Ibu Sub-district, West Halmahera District, North Maluku Province, Indonesia erupted on 9 July at 14:50 hrs East Indonesian Time or 12:50 Jakarta time. Mount Gamkonora is located 3.5 hours from Ternate, capital of North Maluku Province. The mountain spewed cold lava and the dust is now piling up to 30 cm high with the radius of around 7.5 km from the epicenter. The level of alert remains at the highest level (Level IV).


2. BAKORNAS PB estimates that there are 9,758 IDPs in three locations coming from eleven vulnerable villages. The remainder of the people living around the volcano hillside are staying by evacuation areas.

3. The location of the IDP camps are quite remote and the road condition to the camps is also poor. Sea transportation is proving difficult due to high waves.

4. OXFAM GB and UNICEF have reported that the activity of Mount Gamkonora has started to decrease with only five small eruptions in the last 24 hours. Despite that, IDPs have been advised to stay in the camps for at least another week from today.

5. OXFAM GB has indicated the need for tarpaulines, clean water, and emergency latrines.


6. PMI reported that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono led a meeting today with related government institutions to discuss the latest situation and the responses needed including mitigation measures for mapping the affected areas. The Minister of Social Affairs reported that food stocks on the affected areas are sufficient for the IDPs.

7. Local government continues to distribute emergency relief to IDPs and mobilize trucks to help evacuate people. SATKORLAK North Maluku is providing 100 tons of rice and 1,000 boxes of instant noodles. SATLAK West Halmahera District activates POSKO (command post) in each IDP camp to ensure good communication with SATLAK office. The Office of Public Works continues to provide water trucking three times a day.

8. The Health Office of North Maluku deployed some health workers and provided sanitation facilities in each IDP location. The Department of Social Affairs is providing 20 tons rice, 2,000 canned sardine, 1,000 bottles ketchup, 500 boxes instant noodle, 500 sets kitchen utensils, 110 tents, and 100 packages of clothing.

9. PMI National Office is closely coordinating with PMI Maluku Branch and SATKORLAK PB North Maluku Province. In additional to masks, PMI is also providing medical supplies for 1,000 patients and an operational fund for emergency response. Thirty PMI volunteers were mobilized to assess the condition in the affected area and identify potential needs.

10. The local government, with the support from PMI, the Military, and the Police, are working together to provide field kitchens and medical services.

11. The cell phone number of Mr. Imam Barkah, the Secretary of SATLAK West Halmahera, is 0813 4003 1037.


12. Today's daily coordination meeting organized by SATLAK PB West Halmahera was attended by all sectors, including government, UN agencies and INGOs in the field (UNDP, UNICEF, OXFAM GB, MSF Belgium, Save the Children, CARDI, ACT).

13. Based on discussions with Save the Children, CARDI, and UNICEF on site, the OXFAM Emergency Response Team (ERT) will provide two water bladders of 6 M3 each and two water bladders of 10 M3, to be placed at the evacuation center. OXFAM ERT will distribute 10,000 dust masks, and will complement it with 2,000 tarpaulines of 4 x 6 m each, which are now being sent from Surabaya. These are expected to arrive tomorrow. UNICEF is sending 500 hygiene kits and 1,000 jerry cans today, based on requests from the local government.

14. The UN RC/HC Office in Jakarta is working closely with pertinent government and non government institutions, as well as with the Indonesian Red Cross to monitor the situation, and advise on unfolding needs and requirements as needed.

MAP - Indonesia: Volcanic Eruption Mt. Gamkonora - Location map

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