Indonesia: French Red Cross restores jermal business in Pidie

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Jakarta, Indonesia-Relief - The French Red Cross (CRF) and Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) have launched pilot project to restore business and economic activities in the village of Lancang, in the subdistrict of Bandar Baru, Pidie. The modest projects include rebuilding of jermal (off the coast fishing rigs), and revitalization of krupuk (chips) and tikar (straw carpet) small industries.
As the first step, last Sunday 16 fishermen received raw material to create fishing net and related equipment for their jermal. In the next two weeks, when they have completed the fishing nets, CRF will provide bamboo to create the jermal, 300 meter of the coast. Currently, a boat is being constructed to enable the fishermen go back and forth from their village to the jermal.

"Working on jermal is the only thing I know to make living. Since tsunami, I live only thank to the people assistance. Now I can start to go back on my foot. This is a really good day for me," said Lahmudin, on of the fishermen who received two large bags full of fishing net material, wire, and cords.

Lahmudin said he used to have a rig that he operates with his neighbor, Mukhtar. Before tsunami, they can generate and equally share Rp 100.000 daily income.

Head of CRF mission in Indonesia, Christophe Perruchot, said Red Cross will closely monitor progress of the project. "If the project bring good results, we will extend it to the neighboring villages," he said, in a statement.

The cost to enable the fishermen to rebuild their jermal is relatively cheap. "It's only need about Rp 11 million to build the rig. But for fishermen like Lahmuddin, it is still a big money as they didn't have any source of income since tsunami hit this area," said Christophe.

"This is a modest project, but with direct impacts," said Nadica Rinic, CRF's economic recovery coordinator. Rinic said CRF targeted to complete the program in the next three months period.

In the next two weeks, CRF will help the community restart the krupuk and tikar business. "These program also didn't require much investment in terms of human resources and financial, but in a few days the families will find a regular source of income," explains Christophe.

The krupuk project will provide kitchen equipments to more than 240 women of Mantak Raya and Peukan Tuha villages in subdistrict of Simpang Tiga. They will produce and market the krupuk or chips to local market.

For the tikar project, which currently under evaluation, CRF will use similar approach. "The assistance recipient will make a group of ten women, and CRF will help them in providing the straw material," said Christope.

Apart from the modest projects, CRF have an ambitious plan to start rehabilitation of 350,000 hectares aquaculture ponds that scheduled for July. "These programs are very awaited by the victims of the tsunami. They already have experience, but need fund to rebuild the ponds," Christophe said. =A9 che