Indonesia: French provides 5 million euros to strengthen Indonesia's disaster agency

Jakarta, Indonesia Relief -- The French Ambassador Rinald Vignal and Indonesian Minister for People's Welfare Alwi Shihab on Monday signed an agreement to strengthen the capacities of Indonesian disaster management agency (Bakornas PBP) in managing disaster. French will provide $5 million euros (Rp 55 billion) for training of Bakornas PBP personnel and establishment of 6 disaster emergency center in Indonesia.

''These agreement intended to Bakornas PBP, as well as its operating branch (Satkorlak PBP and Satlak PBP) in managing various disaster emergency,'' said Shihab, who also in charged as head of Bakornas PBP. All the program will be implemented in the next one year.

According to Shihab, there are five concrete program that will be implanted: development of National Disaster Management Center in Bakornas office in Jakarta; development and establishment of integrated emergency call center in Jakarta and Bali; establishment of six Regional Disaster Emergency Center in Aceh, Padang, Jambi, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Bali; training for disaster agency personnel from Bakornas, Satkorlak, and Satlak; and launch public campaign on disaster preparedness. © lan