Indonesia Food Security Monitoring Bulletin Special Focus: Extreme Weather, Volume 4, November 2016 [EN/ID]



The abnormally-high rainfall across Indonesia between August and October 2016 brought more floods and landslides, and consequently more casualties and damages. On the other hand, high rainfall has provided favorable conditions for timely planting of paddy.

The weather outlook for November and December 2016 shows a combination of below-normal and normal rains in central and western Indonesia, and above-normal in the east of the country. This can lead to more disasters and damage, but also provide good conditions for planting rice.


  • Continue monitoring weather patterns and related disasters, its impact on food production, livelihoods, and nutritional and health status in at-risk and affected areas
  • Intensify floods and landslides preparedness efforts
  • Share weather information and early warnings for floods and landslides to communities at risk
  • Provide services for communities at risk:
  • Improve irrigation system for management of excess water
  • Improve management of sanitation facilities