Indonesia: Floods and landslides in Jember, East Java 4 Jan 2006 - Emergency Situation Report # 2


Reporting date and time

4 January 2006 (Wednesday), 15:00 hrs

Type of Emergency

Flash flood, followed by landslides.

Date of emergency incidence

1 January 2006 (Sunday), ± 23.30 local time, (Indonesian local time equals to + 7 hrs GMT)


Jember District, East Java Province, Indonesia. Jember district is located approximately 200 km South of Surabaya City. The floods affected 12 villages in 10 sub-districts; Panti, Rambipuji, Balung, Patrang, Kaliwates, Wuluhan, Puger, Tanggul, Sukorambi, and Arjasa.


- The area is prone to natural disasters, especially flood, flesh flood and landslides.

- Illegal logging has damaged water catchment areas and led to flooding and landslides.

Cause and affects

- Triggered by three days rains, the overflow of Diyono River has caused flash flood, followed by landslides.

- Heavy rains also contributed for more flash floods and a number of landslides, inundating some areas in 12 villages at 10 sub-districts, affected 910 persons who lived there.