Indonesia - Floods and landslides (DG ECHO, IFRC, BNPB, BMKG, HFI) (ECHO Daily Flash of 8 January 2020)

  • Flooding in Jakarta, West Java and Banten has receded but mud and debris are still a major issue.

  • The number of internally displaced people has decreased to 13,993, accommodated across 44 sites. 67 people died as a result of floods and landslides (16 in Jakarta, 31 in West Java and 20 in Banten).

  • The rainy season is expected to last until February and more rain is forecast up until 12 January.

  • The government, in collaboration with the police, army, private sector, NGOs and community-based organizations are responding. Helicopters were sent to two isolated villages in Bogor District to dispatch humanitarian assistance.

  • The national disaster management agency is working in collaboration with the World Food Program (WFP) on the National Logistics and Equipment Program (islogpalnas) which includes the mapping and identification of different modalities of humanitarian aid such as cash and voucher assistance, or food and non -food items.

  • Humanitarian Forum Indonesia (HFI) is preparing a joint needs assessment with support from the Emergency Capacity Building Consortium which is due to be finalized on 13 January.