Indonesia, Flooding in Murung Raya, Central Kalimantan (06:00 Jun 26 2020)

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High-intensity rainfall and overflow of Barito River caused flooding in Murung Raya Regency with 70 cm inundation. The flood inundated the following residence area:

1. Kec. Seribu Riam, Ds. Muara Joloi II Village

2. Kec. Permata intan, Kel. Tumbang Lahung Village

3. Kec. Murung, Ds. Danau Usung Village and Ds. Juking Pajang Village

4. Kec. Barito Tuhup Raya, Ds. Tumbang Bauh Village

Damage Figures:

• 30 houses inundated

• 5 bridges submerged

• 5 roads inaccessible

The Rapid Response Team (TRC), local disaster management authority (BPBD) are working closely with local authorities to monitor the situation. Latest conditions on Friday, 26 June 2020, 1900 WIB (GMT+7), moderate-light remains occur.

Additional Data

Country: Indonesia

Affected Area / Region: Murung Raya Region, Central Kalimantan


Affected Families: 30

Affected Persons: 150


Damaged houses: 30

Damaged infrastructure (e.g. road, water network): 5 roads, 5 bridges

Access to early warning: Yes