Indonesia flooding and quake: Rebuilding two years after the tsunami

News and Press Release
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In addition to the recent December 18 earthquake in Sumatra (where CWS continues to respond to the needs of quake-affected families), heavy rains are now causing flooding in the north, east, and central Aceh regions of Sumatra. Some 50,000 people are displaced from their homes, and fear of the floodwaters is keeping many from returning home. Food, water and sanitation, hygiene kits, and basic supplies are needed, and CWS and partners are currently assessing medical needs in the region. CWS is helping to provide much-needed supplies to those affected by the flooding with 400 CWS Baby Kits and 36 tarpaulins.

December 26 marked the somber two-year anniversary of the Indian Ocean tsunami. In Indonesia, India, Somalia, and Sri Lanka, CWS and fellow members of Action by Churches Together (ACT) have helped thousands of families work together to recover and rebuild from the aftermath of the devastating waves. Rebuilding communities shattered by the tsunami will take years, and CWS and our partners will be there with your continued support.

In Indonesia, CWS Indonesia and partners are working closely together to strengthen each other's recovery efforts. Some 150,000 people have benefited from various emergency food and non-food items; seeds, tools, and provision of bicycle taxis and fishing boats are helping some 2,400 people recover their livelihoods; over 200 permanent houses have been built and now house families who lost their homes; some 43,000 people are benefiting from water supplies, and construction/rehabilitation of latrines, wells, and boreholes; some 7,450 people are receiving nutrition education and help; and early childhood development and the CWS FEAT (fun and educational activities in tents) program has helped around 5,000 children receive vital psychosocial care to help them heal from the tragedy of the tsunami.