Indonesia, Flooding and Landslide in Mamasa Regency, West Sulawesi (4 Sep 2021)




Floods and Landslides in Kab. Mamasa, Prov. West Sulawesi

Chronology :

• Rain with high intensity overflows the Burana river causing Floods and Landslides on Saturday, 04 September 2021, Pkl. 16.00 WITA

Location :

Kec. Tabulahan

• Ds. Burana

• Ds. Pangandaran


• ± 127 HH displaced (in data collection)

Material Losses:

• 127 houses damaged (in data collection)

• 2 Bridge units damaged.

• Road access to the disaster area is covered by landslides.

• Hundreds of people's Livestock were swept away.

• Economic Sector :

- The community's rice fields/plantations were destroyed.

- The irrigation of the rice fields was destroyed.

• Clean water facilities were destroyed.

• Flood depth 5-6 Mater.

Effort :

• BPBD Kab. Mamasa visited the location, collected data and established refugee posts in Burana and Pangandaran villages.

• BPBD Kab. Mamasa mobilized the community to carry out the rescue of drifting community property.

• Elements involved : BPBD Kab. Mamasa, Social Service, Public Works Service, TNI-POLRI, Tagana, Jituratnata Team and local residents.

Obstacles in the field:

• Distribution of emergency handling logistics was hampered due to the cut off road access to the location.

Latest Condition:

• Light rain in the afternoon

• The flood has receded

Urgent needs:

• Home Improvement and Physical Recovery.

• Refugee needs (data collection)

Source :

• BPBD Kab. Mamasa

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