Indonesia, Flooding and Landslide in Balikpapan City, East Kalimantan (28 Aug 2021)




Chronology :
• Moderate - heavy rain accompanied by winds causing flooding and landslides on Saturday 28 August 2021 at 10.00 WITA

Location :
• Kec. Balikpapan Timur
- Kel. Manggar
• Kec. Balikpapan Kota
- Kel. Damai
- Kel. Prapatan
• Kec. Balikpapan Tengah
- Kawasan Gunung Sari Ulu
• Kec. Balikpapan utara
- Kel. Gunung Samarinda
- Kel. Muara Rapak

• ± 200 families / 800 people affected (data collection)

Material Losses:
• ± 200 units of submerged houses (data collection)
• Monitoring of Inundation/Flood with a water level of ± 30 s/d 50 Cm

Landslide: Landslide occurred en 6 points with the following details
• Damai Village Area ( Landslide Access Road ) Balikpapan City
• Prapatan village area, Balikpapan City district (Resident's House)
• Telagasarai Village Area (Resident's House) Central Balikpapan District
• Gunung Sari Ulu District, Central Balikpapan District
• Mount Steling Kec. Mount Samarinda, North Balikpapan District
• Jln Padat Karya RT 4 No 54 Kel Muara Rapak, North Balikpapan District

Effort :
• Balikpapan City BPBD together with a joint SAR team, TNI/Polri and Balikpapan City volunteers mobilized personnel and fleets to assist in handling flooding at the scene.
• BPBD Balikpapan City monitors, coordinates with the Village/Kelurahan/Sub-district and collects data on a number of flood points
• BPBD of East Kalimantan Province made an appeal to anticipate early warning and provided information to the public through RRI Samarinda radio broadcasts.

Latest Condition:
• Sunny weather
• The flood has receded

Source :
• BPBD Balikpapan City

Informed By:
Complaint Number / Call Center : 117 (Toll Free)
Instagram : pusdalops_bnpb
Twitter : @Bnpbpusdalops