Indonesia: Flood & landslide in Kutacane

Flashflood and landslides destroyed several villages in Southeast Aceh Regency, on 18th October 2005, at 23.00 PM.The most destroyed area is Simpang Semadam village, Titi Pasir village, Kampung Baru village and Lawe Beringin Gayo village, Semadam subdistrict.
The disaster had tolled 8 people dead, more than 53 badly injured, 210 houses slightly damage, 127 houses heavy damage, 21 kilometers roads damage, and and public building are not function such as 2 unit mosque, 1 unit church, 2 unit school building because of the mud delivered by the flood. There are also 35 ha rice fields and 265 hectares are damage, and many material from the hill washed away left the fields. The flood forced 1500 people seek shelters at the city stadium nearby the city airport.

Lesser people managed to escape safely instead most of them were severely injured -from the landslides because when the disaster occurred people were sleeping. Up until the 5th day of the disaster the evacuation process of the victims were still done by local community members, NGOs, and local government officials.

YEU had conducted medical service on 20 October 2005 at the GOR (sport hall) Sepakat Segenep, on the next day YEU met 2 local nurses at the remaining HKBP Church, they complaint about the unavailability of medicines and adequate medical servuces, YEU team then conducted a medical service there at the church and handed over some medicines supply. Most of the cases treated by YEU are wounds because of nails and woods and stomachache and respiratory infections.

At Friday, October 21st 2005, another flood and landslide occurred after a heavy rain, people were getting panic and run to Lapangan Udara (airport) Kutacane besides Gedung Olah Raga (sport hall) and Balai Pertemuan (city hall) as the temporary shelter for the IDPs. The airport was their first place to flee, the place is not affected by the flood, but as it is difficult to coordinate and other technical reason, the IDPs were moving to sport hall and city hall. Due to the heavy rain today, there were about 200 people fled downward to Kutacane airport this afternoon by foot killed 13 people and displaced 576 households of 4 villages i.e. Titi Pasir village, Simpang Semadam village, Kebun Seri village and Kp. Baru village in Semadam district, Aceh Tenggara regency.

The sport hall accommodates for about 1.076 people and the city hall accommodates for about 700 people. The patients that suffer from major injury are treated in Kutacane Public Hospital where there is surgeon available, whereas for light injuries are treated in puskesmas. There are health post in sport hall and city hall, each served by approximately 2 doctors and nurses.

The YEU team conducted health service for the IDPs in the sport hall and city hall, and mobile to villages in Kecamatan Semadam. YEU also dropped first aid kit and medicine in HKBP church as they have doctor but lack of medicine. They are serving light injuries in HKBP church. Besides having medical service, YEU also provide food aid for IDPs such as liquid milk, drink water, biscuit, and noodles.