Indonesia: Flood cuts off Bandung-Majalaya main road

Incessant rains in the southern part of Bandung on Thursday brought flooding into some parts of Majalaya in West Java and cut off main road linking the capital of West Java and Majalaya.

Antara reported that as of Friday, flood water coming from overflowing Citarum river still covered many parts of Majalaya, including Cibodas, Majasetra and the town of Majalaya itself.

The main road linking Bandung and Majalaya was cut off in two points, i.e. at Sukasenang, around the bridge over Citarum river and at Cidawolong, at the border between Majalaya and Ciparay.

As a result, motorists use alternative routes, causing traffic jams at a number of places in Majalaya.

Majalaya police said that there were no reports of fatalities from the floods, and police personnel are now concentrating on directing traffics between Bandung and Majalaya.

Meanwhile, public work workers were seen cleaning mud covering a number of points in the main road linking Bandung and Majalaya.