Indonesia: Flashflood in three areas of Central Java - Pati, Kudus and Jepara

News and Press Release
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Flashflood happened again in Pati, Kudus and Jepara on Monday (20 March 2006) at 12 to 5 PM. The areas that struck by the flood is Tayu sub district. 18 of its 21 vilages were affected by the flood, such as Tayu Wetan, Tayu Kulon, Keboromo, Sambiroto, Jepat Lor, Jepat Kidul, Margomulyo, Kedungsari, Pakis, Pondowan, Sendangrejo, Luwang, Dororejo and Kalikalong. The most severe damaged villages are Tayu Kulon, Tayu Wetan, Pondowan and Keboromo.

In Tayu Wetan village, the victims recorded at 4,387 persons with 1 person died because of the flood, 20 houses collapsed, and two were carried by the surge, while 1020 houses were flooded. In Tayu Kulon village,1769 persons are becoming the victims of the flood, 4 houses collapsed, and 1 house was drifted, while 605 houses were flooded. In Keboromo village, 1500 people are becoming the victim of this flood, 4 houses were collapsed and drifted. In Pondowan village, the most severe damaged village, 30 houses were drifted and 1 person is still missing, while the other material loss could not be counted yet. In this village, most of the houses drifted are made from bamboos and boards. In Tayu hospital, 8 units of computers were damaged and also medical equipments at the first floor are broken while only 30 % of its medicine supply could be saved from the flood. At the time of the flood happened, the patients were moved to the second floor.

The victims are handled slowly; therefore they find difficulties in obtaining food supply. Although in several villages, by the initiatives of the heads, public kitchen were set up, but the food supply is very limited. Aids only came from villagers' relatives and families that were not affected by the flood, and aids from the Pati government arrived on Tuesday (21 March) evening. The local government is still conducting a search for the missing persons and listing the victims.

The aids needed by the victims, are mainly food supply, clothing, house hold utensils and clean water because the villagers' wells are drowned, and also the material for fixing their houses. Medical services had not become a serious problem, because the Puskesmas (local community health centre) had conducted a mobile clinic to give medical services to those in needs.

At Tuesday, 21 March 2006, the people of Tayu are still cleaning their houses from mud at the height of adults' knees from their houses; some of the houses were still flooded. Public services are still limited, and generally the villagers who lost their houses still living on their neighbors' houses and some lived at the village hall.

While in Kudus, flashflood happened at Semliro hamlet, Rahtawu village, Gebog sub district on Monday (20 March 2006). The area is located in Rahtawu mountain area (about 1,522 meter above the sea).

3 people died of this flashflood, and 5 houses are severely damaged, 5 cows and 15 goats were carried away by the surge, two bridges were also carried away. From this flashflood, 100 people were isolated in the village, because of the broken roads and bridges, although the location is not far from the city.

Aids are still needed by the people of Semliro, such as medical aids, medicines, clothes and main food.

In Jepara area, there are no death victims but 4 houses near the Gilis riverbanks and bridges were drifted, and rice fields are also flooded. But the villagers of Tempur village in Keling sub district were isolated at the time, because two paths from Pati and Jepara were disconnected due to the flood, the bridges connecting to the village are broken and the roads to the village are also piled from landslides. Therefore, 4000 villagers from Muria could not have the access to go out from the village. Electricity is also out, because tenths of electricity poles were collapsed, therefore villagers only used oil lamps for their lightings. The villagers are also find difficulties in obtaining their main daily needs, they usually had to walk for 12 kilometers to Klet Keling market in Jepara city but the broken roads forced them to walk for more than 12 kilometers and walking through dangerous paths to Klet in accessing their main needs.

The victims in these three areas still needs aids in form of food supply, clothing and other daily basic needs, since the public services are still very limited and the access of the needs are still very limited also.

YEU sent three of its staff to conduct a rapid response in Pati area, in this area YEU will conduct medical services and distributing clothes to the victims of the flashflood in Tayu sub district. The medical services will be conducted starting from Thursday, 23 March 2006.