Indonesia: Flash Floods OCHA Situation Report No. 1

Ref: OCHA/GVA/2005/0077

OCHA Situation Report No. 1
Indonesia - Flash Floods
Occurred on 26 April 2005

This report is based on information provided by the OCHA Office in Indonesia, the National Coordinating Board for the Management of Disasters and IDPs/Refugees (BAKORNAS PBP), the Provincial Coordinating Unit for the Management of Disasters and IDPs/Refugees (SATKORLAK PBP) of Nanggroe Aceh Darrussalam (NAD), SATLAK PBP of Aceh Tenggara District, the Ministry of Social Affairs, the IFRC, the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), OCHA Banda Aceh, and media reports.


1. Two days of torrential rains caused the Lawe Alas River to overflow on 26 April at approximately 23:00 hrs local time, triggering flash floods in Aceh Tenggara District, Badar Sub-District.

2. According to SATKORLAK PBP on 29 April, the flash floods killed 15 people and injured 18 others. Twenty-nine people are still reported missing. (According to the IFRC/PMI, 15 people are dead, 28 others injured and 25 people still missing). The local authorities and PMI continue their search, rescue and evacuation activities.

3. The data provided by the SATLAK PBP of Aceh Tenggara on 29 April indicated that the flash floods carrying debris, stones and mud have swept away 59 houses and damaged 49 others (9 of which are heavily damaged). These houses were located in 4 villages, namely Jongar, Lawe Mengkudu, Lawe Penanggalan and Jambur Lak Lak. Based on the information provided by SATKORLAK PBP and confirmed by IFRC/PMI, 750 people have been displaced. These people are villagers from Lak Lak Village (300 people), Lawe Jerger Village (100 people) and Lawe Mengkudu Village (350 people).

4. Among the infrastructure damaged was an irrigation unit in Jongar Village and a bridge that connects Aceh Tenggara and Gayoh Luwes districts. Some roads continue to be blocked by landslides and the affected areas remain without electricity.

National Response

5. The SATLAK PBP Aceh Tenggara visited the affected areas on 27 to 28 April to assess the situation. Meanwhile, the Vice-Governor of NAD planned to visit the affected areas on 29 April.

6. The district government has provided temporary tents and basic emergency food for the affected people. On 28 April, heavy equipment was deployed to the location to clear mud and debris that blocked some of the roads. On 29 April, the Provincial Government planned to send 15 MT of rice, other basic foodstuffs, and clothing. Finally, a team from the Provincial Health Office will also be deployed to distribute pharmaceutical supplies.

7. SATKORLAK PBP NAD has deployed assessment and health teams.

8. BAKORNAS PBP continues to monitor the situation through contacts with SATKORLAK PBP NAD and SATLAK PBP Aceh Tenggara.

9. On 28 April, IFRC and PMI deployed a team from Banda Aceh to distribute 100 boxes of food, 20 boxes of canned food, 34 hygiene kits, 59 family kits, 100 pieces of tarpaulins and some pharmaceutical supplies. Further relief items, including rice, milk, mineral water, family tents and tarpaulins will be mobilized from Medan together with a team to assess the needs and ensure necessary coordination.

International Response

10. OCHA Indonesia will continue to be in close contact with relevant government institutions at the central, provincial and district levels, as well as with IFRC/PMI to monitor the situation.

Requirement for Assistance

11. Based on the information provided by SATKORLAK PBP NAD, additional tarpaulins and sleeping mats, as well as gensets (distributed generator systems) are needed. However, a formal request has not been made.

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