Indonesia: Flash Flood and Landslides OCHA Situation Report No. 3

Ref: OCHA/GVA - 2006/0004

OCHA Situation Report No. 3
Indonesia - Flash Flood and Landslides
Jember District - East Java Province and
Banjarnegara District - Central Java Province

This report is developed by the Office of the RC/HC in Jakarta - Indonesia and based on information provided by the National Coordinating Board for Disaster Management and IDPs/Refugees (BAKORNAS PBP), Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Health, Provincial Coordinating Board for Disaster Management and IDPs/Refugees (SATKORLAK PBP) of East Java, District Executing Unit for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees (SATLAK PBP) of Jember, SATLAK PBP of Banjarnegara, UNICEF, WFP, CRS, CWS, Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), and media reports.


Jember District, East Java Province

1. According to SATLAK PBP Jember, as of Monday (9 Jan.) afternoon, the number of people killed by flash floods and landslides reached 79 person and the number of displaced people stands at 7,781.

2. SATLAK PBP Jember reported that the Office of Public Works is still clearing the affected areas from mud and debris. Local Government plans to re-build the affected villages in the safe areas.

Banjarnegara District, Central Java

3. SATLAK PBP Banjarnegara (9 Jan.) reported that 75 dead bodies were found.

4. According to SATLAK PBP Banjarnegara and the Indonesian Red Cross (9 Jan), the latest number of displaced people registered is 523 persons.


Jember District, East Java Province

5. The President, Susilo B.Yudhoyono, visited the displaced people in Kemiri Village, Panti Sub-district, on 6 Jan.

6. SATLAK PBP Jember reported (9 Jan.) that a total of Rp. 835 million has been received and distributed for food, non-food items and renovation of infrastructure during emergency.

7. The Indonesian Red Cross and Department of Social Affairs are still continuing distribution of food, non-food items and hygiene kits for the displaced people.

8. Disaster Preparedness Brigades of Public Hospital Surabaya conducted epidemiological surveillance to the displaced people.

9. Latrines units are being built in Panti Sub-district in coordination with provincial and district Health Offices.

Banjarnegara District, East Java Province

10. SAR teams continue search and evacuation activities in the affected area.

11. The Health Office and Social Affairs Office with the assistance of the Indonesian Red Cross are continuing the distribution of foods, non-food items and medicines.


Jember District, East Java Province

12. WFP reported that as many people have lost their assets, access to food, particularly in the medium to longer term might be seriously affected. People will be depending on food assistance as long as they live in temporary location. An additional factor is the limited availability of work on the plantation as many have been heavily affected by the floods and/or are inaccessible .

13. CRS and CWS have provided family and health/hygiene kits as well as emergency grants. CWS's assessment also shows further needs for tents and blankets, particularly for displaced survivors in Sodong and Danchi hamlets.

Banjarnegara District, Central Java Province

14. UNICEF Central Java has been providing technical assistance to local SATLAK PBP and local NGO (LPA) for emergency preparedness and response.

15. UNICEF will conduct further in depth assessment for identifying trauma-counseling needs.

16. CRS is delivering family kits and provided Rp.50 million to the Church of St. Antonius in Banjarnegara. An emergency officer was sent to meet with the Church partners, local SATKORLAK, UN, and other INGO who may be operating and responding in the affected area.


17. Office of the RC/HC in Jakarta will continue to be in direct contact with SATLAK PBP Jember and Banjarnegara, pertinent Government institutions, NGOs, as well as with the Indonesian Red Cross and to continue monitoring the situation. No further immediate international assistance is required.

18. Heavy showers and thunderstorms continue across the region, with Indonesia's Meteorology and Geophysics Agency forecasting further strong winds and torrential downpours. Flood warnings have been issued for metropolitan Jakarta, which is prone to inundation as 40 per cent of the city is below sea level and 13 major rivers flow through the urban area.

19. This situation report and a SitMap, together with further information on ongoing emergencies, is also available on ReliefWeb at

MAP: Indonesia: Flash flood and landslide - Situation map

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